Happy Holidays with love from Field Trip Mom and family.

Fun things to do in Southern California.

Southern California is filled with great, fun entertainment. This December proved to be no exception. Our adventure began with Dave and Buster’s and a few friends. There, we played video games and ate American Cuisine.
dave and busters
The evening was filled with laughter and sportsmanship. Their purple shaved ice with gummy worms was a hit with everyone. It was so delicious that we might go back just for drinks and a few more video games. It was a great way to relieve stress and enjoy the week. 
birthday celebration
We also visited Knott’s Berry Farm this holiday season as our family holiday party. Spending a whole day on roller coasters was great for family bonding. We spent our lunch hour at the Ghost Town Grill where we usually have the special of the day. This year, the entire room was celebrating birthdays and we ended up singing, “Happy Birthday” three different times.  The whole dining experience was fun and like a big giant family affair. The evening ended with one last roller coaster ride on the Sierra Sidewinder. Our bodies were filled with so much joy and happiness that we slept in the next day. Knott’s never disappoints. 
Irvine Museum kids

Pretend City Children’s Museum – Winter break is a time to have fun and disconnect from devices. We spent one morning building, creating and painting as well as playing at Pretend City. We laughed the entire time remembering our previous visits to the museum. It went something like this, “remember the time we came and you ran around in the car like you were on the 405 freeway?” The kids have visited the museum from a very young age and now they look back on those visits with great joy.  This visit was filled with non-stop laughter because we had so many fond memories of the place. It was a very successful day.
center for art
Segerstrom Center for the Arts - The Fiesta Navidad Mariachi Los Camperos concert was a cultural experience for all of us. Three great reasons we decided to attend this fun event. (1.) My youngest son plays the violin and this experience would greatly encourage his music education. (2.) We wanted to connect with our Hispanic roots. (3.) Evening out with the family is good for the soul.  After the show, we were so impressed that we decided we wanted to see the band next year because their performance was so electric.
Tijuana, Mexico - We traveled to the border town of Tijuana, Mexico to visit family.  It was the first time our kids had visited another country. The family trip proved to be fun, educational and eye-opening. On the drive down, we discussed currency, language and culture.  The kids had many questions about their visit that we decided that in 2017 there will be more travels to foreign countries. We want to encourage you to seek adventure and joy in 2017. 

We want to wish you a great 2017!!!  Happy New Year!

Disclaimer:  All thoughts and ideas are all my own. We received free admission only and no other forms of compensation.


Denny's Diner is a favorite nostalgic eatery.

Denny's Diner is our favorite place to fill our bellies with delicious traditional American breakfast foods. My husband and I have been eating at Denny's since we were small kids. Now, we are passing that tradition to our kids. Saturday morning, we stopped by our local Denny's Diner to load up on family favorites. Pancakes, eggs, toast, bacon, oatmeal and hash browns along with biscuit and gravy usually end-up being on our breakfast order. Of course, the menu is filled with lots more delicious American dishes that will delight foodies like omelets, sandwiches, hamburgers and desserts. The kids menu offers variety and healthy options. 
Denny's Diner has been a staple to Southern California because it is open 24 hours a day. It is the perfect eatery for our city that never sleeps. Their food is made to order so, you can customize your meal. This is great for people that have dietary restrictions. The folks at Denny's aim to make each experience happy and filling. 

The bottomless coffee cup is waiting for you at Denny's. Yes, they have decaf for those of us that can't drink caffeine. If you enjoy having dessert then try their milk shakes, banana split or a piece of cheesecake. Check with your local Denny's to make sure of the pies and cakes they offer because they might vary from location. 

If you visit the Irvine Denny's you will meet Jorge and Tony. They are the nicest people and will make you feel welcomed every time. Tell them we sent you. 

Hope you have a great holiday season. 

Bosek Family


ZooLAbration and Reindeers at the Los Angeles Zoo.

The Los Angeles Zoo is glowing with holiday season cheer!!!  Come see the zoo glow in the dark as they have decorated their 113 acres with thousands of LED lights to bring in the holiday spirit.  This year, the Zoo is celebrating their 50th anniversary.  This means that everything will be bigger and better than previous years.  If you arrive before dark, you can visit with classic zoo animals, endangered species and even some new residents.  Otherwise, you will find that most of the animals have gone to bed when the LED lights come on. The LAIR's amphibians, invertebrates and reptiles exhibit is open for viewing as well as the reindeer exhibit.  Take a photo with glittering snow and Santa Claus for a small fee.  Every evening, the Carousel will be open and there will be lots of yummy treats available for purchase.  Some of these goodies include holiday favorites like hot chocolate and churros.  Last year, the Zoo sold over 10,000 gallons of hot chocolate and over 30,000 churros during the holiday season.  These are the hottest snacks Angelinos must try this holiday season.  Keep reading to find out how you can get "VIP" tickets to the Los Angeles Zoo. 
la zoo
Photo credit: LA Zoo 
This year, the Zoo is offering two VIP Holiday Happy Hour events for those adults 21 and over.  This would make the perfect holiday party for your office, friends or just you and your loved ones.  Consider how much fun the Ugly Sweater themed happy hour or the 60's cocktail night could bring will walking through these beautiful lights.  This would make the holidays special by giving you a place to share your love for both, the Ugly holiday sweater or the 1960 retro fashions. 
VIP HOLIDAY HAPPY HOUR tickets are $75 per person. Tickets for all “VIP Experiences” have limited availability, early purchase is strongly suggested.
Thursday, December 8 with an “Ugly Sweater” theme.
Thursday, December 15 with a “60s-Style Cocktail Party” theme.
Photo Credit: LA Zoo
Family VIP LA Zoo - "FAMILY NEW YEAR’S EVE on Saturday, December 31, 6 pm, provides an opportunity to celebrate the coming of 2017 in style with “skip-the-line” express entry to L.A. Zoo Lights, dinner buffet, soft drinks, complimentary champagne for adults, sparkling apple cider for kids, dessert, a ride on the conservation carousel, games, DJ dance party, cash bar and live broadcast of New York’s Times Square ball drop at 9 pm, after which guests are welcome to experience L.A. Zoo Lights until closing."

FAMILY NEW YEAR’S EVE tickets are $69 for adults and $45 for children, or $64 (adults) and $40 (children) for GLAZA members.

Admission to L.A. Zoo Lights is $9 with online purchase for all ages and times during the Early-Bird admission period from November 18 to 23 and November 28 to December 1.  Thereafter, admission prices vary and start at $14 for adults and $11 for children ages 2 to 12.

This year’s new unlimited-access L.A. Zoo Lights Season Pass, with express entry privileges nightly, is $49 for adults and $44 for children ages 2 to 12 (Holiday Happy Hour and Family New Year’s Eve benefits require a separate ticket).

Address: 5333 Zoo Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027, (323) 644-4200.
Visit http://www.lazoolights.org for details and to purchase tickets. 

Disclaimer: Los Angeles Zoo provided admission fee only. All thoughts and opinions are all my own. 


Gourd Farm in Southern California.

Southern California offers different types of farms. Just a few hours from Los Angeles in San Diego County you can find Welburn Gourd Farm.  They have been growing gourds for many years. 
San Diego
Driving to this destination is quiet and full of canyons and hills. San Diego County is beautiful. The air was clean and the ride was peaceful.
welburn gourd farm
Arriving at the farm was like discovering a treasure. We could see gourds growing in the fields. Baby gourds and grown-up gourds were sun bathing in the farm. We were amazed at the beauty of the plants and gourds. 
welburn farm
Close inspection of the gourds proved to be exciting. Look it really grows on a vine like plant. 
Hundreds of gourds for sale at the farm. Just pick and choose the one that will decorate your house. As we toured the farm we could hear birds singing and the wind rustling the leaves. 
Gourd Farm
These beautiful gourds are ready for painting and decorating. 
crafts gourds
The farm offers decorative gourds for purchase as well as other materials for craft making. 
painted gourds
Halloween gourds decorated the store at Welburn Gourd Farm. The entire experience was very peaceful. 

Welburn Farms 40635 De Luz Rd, Fallbrook, CA 92028

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. All thoughts and Ideas are all my own. 


A family field trip to a camel farm in Southern California.

A month ago, we drove to Julian for a family field trip to go apple picking. As we drove away from our field trip and pie eating, we saw a large sign that read, ”Oasis Camel Farm.” Camels in Southern California are extremely rare. My husband and I looked at each other and decided we would return for the open house scheduled in October. It was only a few weeks away and the Julian pie store was near the camel farm so a great reason to attend both. The trip seemed to promise a fun family day. A few weeks later, we returned to San Diego County and the weather was hot. Traffic was horrendous on our way to the farm and we arrive a little late to the Camel open house. The farm presentation had just started as we walked in. Camels could be seen in the distance. One young camel was being walked by his trainer towards the crowd. This camel was a little shy. He did not want to do the show and tell so stopped firmly and would not move. With a little help from another trainer and some treats, the camel finally began to cooperate and show us all of his tricks. He had many tricks to show us but what stood out the most was that he was a gentle animal and a little shy. It was a hands-on moment for all of us.
After the presentation ended, visitors were invited to purchase sliced apples to feed the camels. My family ran to feed the camels. We were second in line and quickly purchased our apples. The kids were happy to feed the gentle giants. They smiled the entire time they fed apples to the friendly residents of Oasis Camel Farm. The moment was so comfortable that I decided to join in and feed a camel too. That is until I turned from one camel to feed another. As I turned, he could see our happiness and began to put his chin on my shoulder. He was so close that I got camel saliva on my shoulder and arm. It was so incredibly uncomfortable for me that I screamed and ran way. The crowd that was behind me began to laugh while video-taping my escape from my new friend. Looking back, I can now say it was funny to be face to face with a camel. My kids teased me and said that the camel blessed me with his kisses. Camel rides were next on the schedule. The kids rode the camel together, laughing and hanging on. My husband felt like he was on top of the world. The ride was short however it was long enough for the kids and my husband to get a hands-on experience. They said that with it being so hot that it was easy to image riding in the Sahara Desert. For a few moments all of us were transported to a different country. While I did not ride the camels because my back and legs were hurting, the experience was not lost on me. I took pictures and enjoyed watching my family have fun. It was something we will never forget. We ended our family field trip by going to the gift shop and purchasing lip balm made with camel milk and a few post cards. The whole day was great for us. Family field trips are an important part of our lives and it helps to bring us closer together.

NEXT OPEN FARM DAYS: October 29 & 30, 2016
Animal Show starts at 1:30... don't miss it!
(2:15 to 3:00: extra apple feeding available with the camels.)

POMEGRANTE DAYS: November 25 - 27, 2016

Contact information: http://www.cameldairy.com/
Telephone: 760-787-0983
Email: contactus@cameldairy.com

Location: 26757 CA-78, Ramona, CA 92065

$10 KIDS 4 - 14 Toddlers and babies are not able to ride the camels for their safety. Camel Ride weight limit: 200 lbs.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and ideas are all my own. Make sure to call ahead to confirm times and dates.


Los Angeles Zoo is hosting spooktacular events in October.

Tigers, bears and snow cones, oh my goodness. October in Southern California is usually hot and snow cones are very much needed when visiting Boo at the Los Angeles Zoo spooktacular. The 133-acre Zoo is filled with wild animals and plants. During October, expect to find the corn stalk maze, pumpkin carving demonstrations, spooky caves, Mad Science fire and Ice show and so much more. We visited the LA Zoo this past weekend to get the scoop on the activities. 
Boo LA Zoo
The park has many wonderful creatures. We got a chance to see the giraffes gracefully walking around posing for pictures. It felt as though they knew where to stand and when to turn their heads. They are like the super models of the zoo, extremely well dressed and amazingly tall. The hippos were a different story. It looked like the hippo family was just relaxing by cuddling together. They did not move or look our way, sleeping lazily in their pond. Both wild animals were fun to visit and photograph.  
Pink flamingos, black bears and giant insects were all part of our experience when we visited the Los Angeles Zoo. Our entire family enjoyed mapping out which zoo resident to discover next. The journey was filled with jungle noises and birds singing. As we looked for the tiger exhibit something interesting occurred. The monkeys could be heard talking to one another. We all laughed and giggled when we heard them because it was so surreal.  Their voices could be heard near the tiger exhibit. The kids were fascinated with the monkey chatter so we sat down to listen them carefully while enjoying a snow cone. All of us were happy to sit for a minute and rest our feet. 
Boo LA Zoo
After visiting with the zoo residents we stopped by the weekend Boo adventures. Pumpkin Carving by Gene from Masterpiece Pumpkins was engaging. The Corn Maze was a great photo opportunity for fun pictures with the family. Finally, we enjoyed the "Mad Science fire and ice show".  Spending the day with the family at the zoo was memorable.   This fall make time to visit the LA Zoo with family and friends. 
LA Zoo
List of Weekend Boo Adventures offered at the Los Angeles Zoo. These activities are included with the price of admission. Address: 5333 Zoo Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027
  • Spooky Crafts – Create bat and spider web masterpieces from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Musical Monster Mash-Up – Laugh and sing along with Swazzle’s sweet-and-spooky Halloween puppet show at 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.
  • Fire & Ice Science Show – Enter a mad scientists lab and witness jaw-dropping demonstrations at 2:30 p.m.
  • Halloween Dance Party with the GEC Street Team – Dance and play fun family games (with prizes!) from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Masterpiece Pumpkins – Marvel at expert carving demonstrations from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Strolling Characters – Meet and take pictures with spooky and fanciful characters from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Fearsome Feedings & Creature Treats – Watch as our animal residents enjoy seasonal treats all their own. See schedule below. Warning: Includes carcass feedings. Parental discretion is advised.

  • *** Dinosaurs Unextinct at the LA Zoo is offered for an additional $5.00. Prepare to get sprayed by one of the dinosaurs as you walk through the exhibit. It is being offered for a limited time. 

Dinosaurs at the L.A. Zoo
General Admission Prices

Rates and fees are subject to change at any time.

Adults (age 13 and up): $20
Seniors (age 62 and up): $17
Children (ages 2 to 12): $15
Children (under 2): FREE
LA Zoo
Disclaimer: Media event. All thoughts and opinions are all my own.


Fun things to do with kids in Southern California.

California is beautiful during the month of October. We see pumpkin patches, corn mazes and festivals popping up in the community. Outdoor activities become more popular in the summer time because of the weather. San Diego County offers discounted or free admission to museums, park and the zoo. You could say October is California resident month to celebrate all of the wonderful things we have to offer in entertainment and culture. Keep reading to find out more....
This week we have lots of fun opportunities for you and your family to experience. Just go to our Fieldtripmom Facebook page to get a list of fun festivals, rodeo's, and science activities for everyone in the family. 

Best regards,



Apple picking in San Diego County.

Apple Season in Southern California is from August to September. Our family has been apple picking for almost (6) years.  We usually drive to Oak Glen, California to pick our apples.  This year, we changed our family field trip and visited Volcan Valley Apple Farm in the city of Julian.  The drive seemed shorter and we tried something new as a family.  It was a success with everyone in our family.  Let me share with you our family experience and our family photos. 
We arrived in the afternoon, just in time to pick the best apples of the season. We were a little surprised that the apples were small.  We asked the farmer about the apples and he told us that it was because of the drought.  As you know, California agriculture is going through hard times as a result of the water shortage.  It was very evident on the drive to the orchard.  The hills are brown and the roads have little or no plants at all.  The farmer made lots of sense in explaining the crop size.  The size of the apples did not matter to us because they still tasted delicious.  We still found joy in picking and eating fresh apples.  
The farm was full of families picking apples and enjoying the day.  It was great to see so many people with their families field tripping.  After apple picking we headed to Julian Apple Pie Shop down the road.  Picking apple was hard work and all of us were super hungry. Carmel apple pie was with a small cup of coffee was the cure for this problem. Mmmmmmmmmm. The kids had milk instead of the coffee with their slice of pie.  Our pie was gone before we arrived home.  The pies are small...(wink, wink).  OK, really our slices were quite generous.

The family field trip adventure was full of delicious treats and new finds.  As we exited out of town, we noticed a sign for Camel Farm offering an open house next month.  Camel farm, huh?  We are coming back to Julian to see the camels.  Can't say no to an open house with camels. 
Now, let's get back to the family field trip.  The pick was very fruitful and tasty.  We highly recommend that you plan a trip to the apple orchards next year because this year the season is just about over in Julian.  We called around to find out who was still open for picking in the Julian area and everyone that we contacted was closed.  The Chamber of Commerce for Julian responded by saying that one or two orchards are still open by appointment only.  They did not offer any contact information or links to apple farms.  It is safe to say that the best pick for apples in Julian will be next August or September.  Fresh fruit doesn't keep a long schedule.  Keep that in mind when planning a trip to the local farms.

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are all my own. 


Rafflecopter giveaway, "The I heart naptime cookbook."

A few weeks ago, I received "The I Heart Naptime" cookbook, for review.  It is filled with bright, colorful pictures that invite you to make a meal.  The book offers over 200 pages of inspiring and helpful meal ideas.  Our family put it to the test the other day with great results.  Keep reading to find out how this cookbook inspired a great family moment. 

There is truth in the saying, "We eat with our eyes first."  When I shared "The I Heart Naptime" cookbook with the kids, their first reaction was go to the most delicious picture in the book.  What they found was this delicious hamburger recipe that made their little tummies growl as soon as they saw it.  The directions looked easy and we were all inspire to make our dinner look just like the picture in the cookbook.  (See Below - Right side shows our homemade hamburger.)

The adventure began at the local grocery store while shopping for hamburger ingredients.  First, we headed to the meat isle.  Standing there, the kids decided turkey meat was better for the burger recipe instead of the recommended beef.  The discussion over the type of meat to use for the burgers was funny because I would point to the recipe and remind them it called for beef.  After several minutes of going back and forth, we agreed to substitute turkey for the beef.

Then, we headed toward the bread isle to pick-up hamburger buns.  Picking-up the sesame seed bun package would present another decision crossroad for my young chefs.  Sesame seed bun or NO sesame seeds for our burger?  The answer would be, "No".  Plain hamburger buns were immediately put in our shopping cart.  The final stop for this shopping trip would be the produce isle. Here we would all grab one ingredient that would help make the hamburger tasty.  By the time we got to the check out line all of us were starving and eager to get home to cook our burgers.
Thank goodness we all agreed to work together to quickly put dinner on the table.  We spent more time shopping for the ingredients than actually cooking dinner.  The experience taught us that dinner is easier with all hands on deck. 

This cookbook was easy to explore for both myself and my young kids. The recipes do not require special ingredients or special machines. Overall, this cookbook screams happy, colorful and very uplifting. 

Disclosure: Received book for review only. All thoughts and ideas are all my own. 


Graber Olive canning family field trip.

Family field trip alert: We are regular visitors to the Graber Olive House in Ontario. Their canning season is coming up soon and they open their doors to the public. We wanted to give you a heads-up. Mid-October is the best time to schedule a family field trip. Stay tune for best times and dates to visit Graber House. 

Location: 315 E 4th St, Ontario, CA 91764

Happiness is an important part of education.

Education is an important part of life. Kids learn from their surroundings and the people that care for them. Happiness is something that can be cultivated and taught through love and compassion. Remember that happiness is more important than things you can buy. 


Salvation Mountain off Highway 111

Salvation Mountain - Leonard Knight created this art piece as a tribute to God and his gift to the world with the powerful message: "God Is Love."  The message is clear throughout the man made mountain area that God is the way. The heart below reads, "Say, Jesus I am a sinner, please come upon my body and into my heart." This art piece is bright and colorful. 
palm springs
Salvation Mountain is located in Imperial County, in the city of Niland. The drive is very interesting as you will see the Salton Sea and Date farms on your road trip. 


Drivers beware kids are watching you text and drive.

My kids love to play video games as they sit in the back of our car while we run errands.   One day, I decided that the kids needed to leave their video games at home to be more present.  I wanted them to enjoy the view outside.  I asked them to look for plants, birds and just everyday life.   All of this in the hopes to get them engaged and thinking creatively.  What I would find out is that my kids are super funny and my parenting skills would be tested.
do not text

As soon as the observation began, the kids noticed that drivers seemed to forget that other people could see inside their cars. The first thing they noticed was a driver picking her nose and eating her boogers. “Mom! Mom! Mom! That driver just ate her boogers!”, said my son.  I responded by saying, “Aaugh, WHAT? Please tell me that you are trying to be funny!”  My son replied, “No mom, it really happened!”  I stated, “Okay, let’s look away and not make a big deal.”  I wanted to laugh but I couldn’t. With a straight face I tried to change the subject by asking them to look for specific street signs.
Of course, now they were very interested in looking out the windows with eager excitement to find more wrong doings.  On our trip, the kids saw people texting and driving, people falling asleep at the wheel, feet on the dashboard, and fellow drivers weaving in and out of traffic as though we were on a racetrack. We were even witness to an Angry Bird moment, yes, the flipping of the bird!  The worst was a pedestrian stumbling across a crosswalk with his eyes rolling back, most likely from taking drugs.  Each time they saw something out of the ordinary, there were more questions.  Some of their questions were hard to answer.  My response was usually, “Adults are responsible for their own actions.”  Another answer I gave was, “People make mistakes all the time.” When I couldn't answer their question, like the guy on drugs, I said, “Let’s pray for him.”

That day, we had many open conversations about adults making bad decisions and being unsafe on the road. One of the biggest questions they had was regarding people driving and texting. It was clear to the kids, those drivers who texted, drove erratically and were being very unsafe.  I explained to them that sometimes people break the law because they think nothing bad will happen and no one is watching. 

It goes without saying, I am now happy to let the kids use their video games on our car trips.  It’s less stressful for me while I avoid drivers who text.  By the way, texting and driving looks just like a drunk driver behind the wheel.  Please stay safe and do not text while you drive.


Aquarium of the Pacific Whale watching!

Whale watching with Aquarium of the Pacific staff and Harbor Breeze Cruises is always an adventure that you won't soon forget. We have been whale watching for almost (3) three years now. Every year we secretly wish the whales come closer to the boat. This year our wish came true. 
We weren’t prepared for the encounter. As we sat on left side of the boat just enjoying the ocean breeze, when we saw the blow hole and spray come up alongside the boat what seemed only feet away. Of course, I screamed the kids just laughed. Okay, the whale was way to close for comfort. 
Long Beach
The other passengers did not see this happen because they were all at the front end of the boat looking for whales. The truth is the boat was surrounded by them on the day we traveled. We saw whales near the Palos Verdes Peninsula as a baby whale and her mother made their presence known on another side of the boat.  There were several moments we did not know which whale to follow with our eyes. The kids and I had a great time enjoying the search for the giant of the ocean.  It was an experience we won’t soon forget. 
field trip

Whale watching has been part of our yearly family field trip since 2013 and let me tell you that it is a must do. The kids now look forward to doing some whale spotting while discussing what the ocean means to us. It’s a fun family time just hanging in the middle of the ocean for a few hours. The memories we have shared and created through this field trip is out of this world. 
harbor breeze whale

We are so thankful for the educational opportunities the Aquarium of the Pacific and Harbor Breeze Cruises has opened to us. Their programs and events have been instrumental in educating us on ocean life and loving the ocean.
visit california
The Aquarium is offering Job Shadow classes this summer and fall. This includes interacting with animals and the staff who cares for them. It is a unique learning opportunity for young adults. Classes start August 6th, 2016 at 9am.  To attend the class advance purchase is required.  Please go to their website for more details.


Disclaimer: Sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are all my own. 


Folk Art and Mexican food at Tio's Tacos in Riverside.

Tio's Tacos Restaurant in Riverside, CA offers great Mexican food and Folk Art. The combination of the two makes for a great family field trip. The owner, Martin Sanchez, has created a unique place for locals to come eat and enjoy art made from recycled bottles, wire, dishes, toys and other unwanted trash. We had heard about the place through a friend who recommended their tacos. 
Tios Tacos
We parked in the back and entered through the Art path. Immediately we were met by several pieces of recycled bottles made into walls. There was so much to see that it was impactful the minute we started the self-guided tour.  The art pieces outside share a common theme of "trash is in the eye of the beholder". 

riverside tios tacos
Tio's Tacos patio is a look into the mind of a creative person who sees possibilities and second chances.  As we walked through the place it was evident that the love of art lives here. Recycled bottles were turned into walls and hundreds of cans became large statues with the help of metal and wire. Broken tiles were repurposed and made into a church dome and so on. It was incredible to imagine that all of the materials were once on their way to the city dump?
folk art
We recommend that you visit with your family. Please be careful with the glass and do not touch any of the pieces, please. 


Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, King of the Missions.

Travel to San Diego and experience a piece of history. California is home to 21 Spanish Missions that were instrumental in changing history. One of them is Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, which is considered the king mission. Between 1769 and 1833, Spain established Catholic outposts known as Missions to introduce Christianity to the Native Americans. Today, we can visit this historical place and take a peek into the past.

Mission San Luis Rey de Francia is located 4050 Mission Avenue, Oceanside, CA 92057.

Catholic San Luis Rey

What you should know before you visit.

History: Mission San Luis Rey de Francia in Oceanside (San Diego) -SECULARIZATION IN THEORY AND PRACTICE. The first Spanish Franciscans to enter Upper California had intended to turn the local hunter-gatherer people into farmers, ranchers, craftsmen, and faithful practicing Catholic Christians. From the Franciscan point of view, mission lands and other secular properties were being held in trust until such time as the Indians became “people of reason” and full citizens of the Spanish Empire. The promise that mission lands would be returned to the Indians was codified by decree of the Spanish Cortes in 1813. That promise was also implied in a number of laws passed by the Mexican government in the 1820s and 1830s. 
early california
Walking through this holy site you can feel the past wanting to be uncovered. The cemetery is located next door to the church. As you walk inside the cemetery, you can see the names of the past residents who once cared for the mission. The dates on some of the headstones date back to 1830. Among the buried are many Native Americans who lived inside the mission. It is a beautiful place, yet you could feel the sadness. Downhill from the Mission, you will find the Lavanderia. Native Americans would use this station for laundry washing, and watering the fields and gardens. They hosted a water system that sustained the entire mission.
Mission San Luis
Within the Lavanderia, there remains many reminders of the early California's. We found fruit trees, cactus and other plants that might have been used as a food source for the Native Americans and the Catholic priests / Franciscan. 
Mission San Diego
The Native American tribes that lived in the area were the Shoshone/ Luiseño & Diegueño Mission Indians / Native Americans. In the museum, you will find many artifacts that remain as reminders of the work these Native Americans were tasked to do. Building, cooking and maintaining the grounds was the responsibility of the Native Americans. They were also instrumental in keep outsiders from invading the area. 
Mission San Luis Rey

The mission serves as great reminder of our California history. Today, you can visit the mission and even go on retreat. The mission hosts many events including a Pow Wow. It is a great place to spend a Saturday wondering the grounds and remembering the people that made history. If you visit remember to pack a picnic lunch and bring cash for the museum. Enjoy your adventure and travel often. 

Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Last self-guided tour begins at 4:30 p.m. 

Adults $7
Seniors (65+) $5
Youth (ages 6-18) $3
Active Military and dependents, free of charge
Ages 5 & under, free of charge 
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Anaheim Packing District near Disneyland.

Anaheim Packing District offers food experiences like no other in Orange County. Here, you can find Grill Cheese sandwiches, Comfort Foods, Vietnamese Summer Rolls and Mexican street tacos. It reminded us of vintage Los Angeles because of the boutique style eateries. Walking through the  Anaheim Packing District, we could see large seating areas filled with people eating and socializing. Locals come to find bites that remind them of home cooking. Others visit to try fancy drinks and gelato.  The Snow Monster offers teas and lemonades with cotton candy. Pop Bar offers gelato on a stick which reminds me of Mexican Paletas covered in chocolate and other toppings. These two places are very popular with the young at heart. 
near Disneyland

Located: 440 South Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, CA 92805.
We suggest that you walk around and take a peek before choosing a place to eat. Try several places, we suggest that you order family style and share. We did on our visit and it proved to be a very good experience. There were no leftovers and the entire family had a unique foodie adventure.

Anaheim eateries
The OC Register says:"The Anaheim Packing District is an open, airy culinary marketplace with soaring ceilings and suspended air plants. The renovated citrus processing plant is 42,000-square-feet. The building was restored using $9 million in redevelopment funds."

Restaurants at the Packing House and their website to help plan your visit. 
History: In 1915, there were over 20,000 acres of orange groves in Orange County. By 1936, Orange County supplied approximately one-six of the nation's Oranges - Valencia crop. Orange County once hosted over five million citrus trees that included Lemons, grapefruit, and limes. When you visit Anaheim Packing District look for the railroad tracks that carried citrus gold. Have fun on your travels!!!