Field Trip to Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament - Buena Park

My family and I were invited to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament for an afternoon of entertainment. I want to tell you about our journey into the Middle Ages via Medieval Times. It began at the will-call window with the kind clerk suggesting we visit their museum for a small fee. We said yes immediately to exploring their Middle Ages Museum called “The Museum of Torture”. It sounded interesting and educational to see Medieval exhibits. As we headed to the museum, a women dressed in traditional Middle Ages attire adorned all of us with blue crowns.

We were assigned Don Alberto Del Mau as our Knight for the tournament. This meant we would have to cheer and support our Knight into battle. Don Alberto Del Mau is a young squire who is renowned as a champion of the defenseless.  Armed with this knowledge, we set out to visit the Museum of Torture.   Inside the museum, we realized that living in the Middle ages was a terrible time for all who crossed Royalty.  We saw all sorts of weapons, punishment tools and a not so beautiful side of history.  The museum was very entertaining and brought a vast reality to the Middle Ages for us.  We quickly went to the court yard to enjoy the sun and the art on the walls. For a few moments we wandered through the castle where there are full suits of armor, weaponry and textiles lining the interior.  The castle had a gift shop, beverage counters, armor shop and windows to admire the horses in the stable...  Quickly; we were seated to see the Knights begin their tournament.  The trumpets sounded and the announcements began.  The servers began their journey to feed us a royal feast.   The King and Queen beckoned the staff to bring on the feast.  We were made to feel as though we were real royal guests attending a royal event. We felt welcomed by all of the details.  (Keep reading for a chance to win your very own tickets.)
Promptly served and hot from the oven was Oven Roasted Chicken, Garlic Bread, Tomato Bisque Soup, Herb-Roasted Potato, Spare Rib, a Pastry of the Castle for desert.  Drinks were Pepsi Ice Tea or water with the option of buying an alcoholic beverage.  (Vegetarian Menu available)
As the tournament continued on we are served a baby dragon (aka oven roasted chicken) and all of the fixings per person.  All of the food is to be eaten with your own bare hands as they did in the Middle Ages.  While we are eating, there is a great show happening.  White angelic horses dance and jump on command.  Music plays in the background and the audience cheers.  The Middle Ages comes to life before our eyes as the King’s army entertains the Royals. The tournament had so many details that when the Knights started to Joust, pieces of the wooden jousts flew through the air. Sparks flew through the air as swords clashed with one another in thunderous might.  The sound of the horses running made your heart pound because it felt as though they were going to land on your lap. Those knights had total control of the horses and not once did anyone make a mistake.  Throughout the show there was cheering for our knight and clapping, which made our afternoon full of excitement and adrenaline. Every section of the arena was a different color, eight in all, allowing for even more competition and excitement.  The combination of the tournament, the setting, food and atmosphere brought great enjoyment to all of us.  We left feeling as though we traveled through time and experienced Medieval history.  We had a great time.
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