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Sonic Gift Card Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway ****Updated: The winner has been notified. Once they respond I will post the name. Our Sponsor is Sonic a fast food Car hop drive-in restaurant. They have many  ways you can enjoy your meal. You can eat in your car, go through the drive through or dine alfresco(outside).  It serves classic car hop American food, drinks and desserts. Their servers use roller skates to bring you your meal as part of their presentation.  Most recent Sonic is rolling out their new Green Tea drinks. Enter the giveaway  and win a $25.00 gift card. S tay cool this summer with Green Ice Tea or try their other 398,929 Fountain or Slush drink combinations.  Have a large family? No problem! You can save 50% off drinks during happy hour or save on shakes after 8pm. Check with your local Sonic for more details. We started our summer with Sonic..... My kids loved all the choices on the menu. We had a hard time choosing our food and drinks, because of their large selection of

Wordless Wednesday - #Supermarket #newproducts #adventure

    Disclaimer: Wordless Wednesday is made to inspire you to tell your own story.  Are you trying these products already? Leave a comment or email me your thoughts or opinions. Always love to hear from you. Happy Wednesday.

12 ways to save this summer

Summer is here! What will you do this summer? Deals and coupons may help you do more with your loved ones this year. In this post, I will share with you websites, fast-food restaurants and public places where you may find great deals and coupons. Every summer these places host different deals and offers. It is important to check with the retailer or source before planning your field trip/travel plans. Originally written in 2013 and updated June 2015. (1.) My library offers a small section where they place coupons for buy one get one free deals or free offers. I have often found them helpful during the summer months.  Some libraries hold these offers behind the counter. You may have to ask a librarian about offers they are currently offering. (Discounts to the local Fair, Local food chains, free food and free pintable’s.) (2.) Follow Field Trip Mom on Facebook for updates on deals and coupons to local farms, restaurants and malls.

Knott's Berry Farm New Boardwalk Ride - #Boardwalk

  Knott’s Berry Farm has added new rides to the Boardwalk making the park more exciting. Along with new rides, they have also made large improvements to the Timber Mountain Log ride.  My family and I visited Knott’s Berry Farm during the Father’s Day weekend.  We were all excited to try the new rides and watch the new shows Snoopy had to offer.   Here is what we saw and enjoyed while we were there celebrating the Father's Day weekend. The Boardwalk was so much fun because we rode on the new rides: Coast Rider, Pacific Scrambler, and Surfside Gliders. My oldest son wanted to go on them again and again. We went a total of three times until the lines started to get long.  These rides are totally worth waiting in line for and having fun with the family.  Warning these rides will give the Don King hairdo or in other words Crazy all over the place hair.  We love crazy hair because it is proof of the fun we had on the rides.   We rode the Timber Mountain log ride.   It was n

Warm Welcome Home from Crabtree & Evelyn

Call me a rough around the edges guy or an old horse set in its ways...I don't get very excited about products.  I especially am not one to spend handfuls of money on items that, in my narrow minded opinion, I can purchase at Target or Wal-Mart for $1.99.  Call me cheap, thrifty, a typical man...whatever it may be; I am far from the stigma "Metro Sexual!"  You know the strapping young lad who must remove every ounce of hair on his body, has his eyebrows waxed, tans at a salon and spends $60 on a haircut every 2 weeks whether he needs it or not!  NO, NO!  I am not that guy nor are any of my buddies even though I am a middle executive for a Fortune 500 company.  Now, I am not saying those guys are bad nor throwing stones at expensive products, I am simply stating....I am a simple every day guy with not too many worries.  I enjoy time with my family and friends, in a t-shirt and shorts, a beer in one hand and at BBQ chicken leg in the other.  Don't get me wrong,

Summer Shoes perfect for Water and Sand - Crocs Shoes

  During the summer we live in our Crocs . We consider them lucky. They keep us moving and in style that is why we call them our lucky shoes. They allow us to play in the mud, water or sand, without damaging them. They are very fashionable and are perfect with our summer clothing. We wear them with shorts and blue jeans. We absolutely love them and have been wearing them for years. We love the fact that they are easy to put on (no shoe laces) and take off. They come in many styles that support arches or flat feet. Most important is that our feet are happy wearing these fun shoes. This summer we recommend that you buy a pair and give your other shoes a break. Be ready to fall in love with these comfy shoes. Find great deals on them at your local Nordstrom Rack . One warning is that you may want to have more than one pair. Let me know how you like your Crocs.     Disclaimer: Not a sponsor post. Sharing my must have item for summer.

Kung Fu Panda - Legends of Awesomeness DVD Release Good Croc, Bad Croc

Today, June 18 th , 2013, DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness “Good Croc, Bad Croc” DVD goes on sale. This is a (2) two hour fun and action packed adventure movie that will keep you glued to the TV.  The movie has great messages that teach what good behavior looks like.   The Furious Five: Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Crane and Viper help Po the Dragon Warrior defeat the Croc Bandits.  The movie is broken into (7) stories that bring awareness to bad behavior and how to deal with them.  The titles included are:   ·   Good Croc Bad Croc ·   The Princess and the Po ·   Chain Reaction ·   Bad Po ·   Jailhouse Panda ·    Father Crime ·    Po Fans Out   The family and I watched the entire DVD and I have to say it was a great family moment.   We had an open dialogue about what good behavior looks like and why it is important. One of the episodes that brought lots of questions was the episode “Father Crime”.   Both kids were shocked that a grown-up

Happy Father's Day - Miss you Dad.

This Sunday is Father’s Day.   I want to share my father’s day story. I tried to write it sooner, but each time the memories would bring me to tears.   This time I will push through it and be brave. Here we go. I am the youngest of (6) kids. I grew up living mostly with my mom and dad, because my family was separated for the first nine years of my life. (My siblings lived in Mexico with relatives.) My main caregiver was my dad due to my mother being ill; therefore I was closer to my dad than anyone else.   If I needed compassion or advice I would go to him.   My dad was the calmer of the two parents.   He was the one that would take me to kindergarten and talk to the teacher about my progress. My most fond memory is when he would take me to McDonald’s for a happy meal as a fun thing to do.     It was usually right before we both went grocery shopping at the Grand Central Market in Los Angeles. He and I were responsible for groceries.   At home we would watch re-runs of The Lawrence

Museum of the American West - Wordless Wednesday

  Disclosure: Please when visiting a museum read the rules before taking photographs. On this visit we were invited to participate in a special filming of Family Travel with Colleen Kelly . The Autry National Center 4700 Western Heritage Way  Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323) 667-2000

Tortilla Factory Field Trip at the local Mexican Market - Wordless Wednesday