Summer Shoes perfect for Water and Sand - Crocs Shoes


During the summer we live in our Crocs. We consider them lucky. They keep us moving and in style that is why we call them our lucky shoes. They allow us to play in the mud, water or sand, without damaging them. They are very fashionable and are perfect with our summer clothing. We wear them with shorts and blue jeans. We absolutely love them and have been wearing them for years. We love the fact that they are easy to put on (no shoe laces) and take off. They come in many styles that support arches or flat feet. Most important is that our feet are happy wearing these fun shoes. This summer we recommend that you buy a pair and give your other shoes a break. Be ready to fall in love with these comfy shoes. Find great deals on them at your local Nordstrom Rack. One warning is that you may want to have more than one pair. Let me know how you like your Crocs. 
Disclaimer: Not a sponsor post. Sharing my must have item for summer.
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