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Summer Concert on the Green: Rangoli Dance Company | Fowler Museum at UCLA

Art, Music and dance is an essential part of education. There is a great opportunity for Southern California residents and visitors to experience the Arts this Sunday at the Fowler Museum located at UCLA .  Admission is free to the museum. However you must pay for parking per hour or by day. Twelve $12.00 dollars for all day parking is the best deal. Bring a picnic lunch and dress for the weather. Don't forget your dancing shoes.  Disclaimer:This event is for all who enjoy getting out and exploring life.   Summer Concert on the Green: Rangoli Dance Company | Fowler Museum at UCLA When: Sunday August 30th, 2015 Where: Fowler Museum  308 Charles E Young Dr N, Los Angeles, CA 90024 Time: 2pm - 4pm A free concert for our community. Malathi Lyengar, UCLA Alumni, began the Rangoli Dance Company along with Rangoli Foundation. Both were established to bring art, music, dance and visual arts of India to the community. This program will be filled with storytelling and dance

The Beauty of Black Star Canyon, Silverado, CA

Black Star Canyon is located a few miles from Disneyland and Irvine Spectrum. It is hidden gem and can only be accessed through walking or biking. It is a place that feels as though you have traveled back in time when California was young and unexplored. Some say that this canyon may be haunted or worse a home base for aliens. Who knows? We did not encounter anything of that sort. In the spirit of Harvest and Halloween, we thought you might enjoy this field trip because of the stories that follow this canyon.  The canyon is beautiful and inspiring. There is no city lights or noise. The air is clean and crisp in the mornings. There is a hiking path that takes through beautiful trees. Birds are abundant throughout the canyon. Bugs can be seen and heard as you walk on the path. One recommendation: We  highly recommend that you stay on the walking path because there is one strange thing we found.  As you walk further into the canyon you will see an eerie place to the left. It can

How to make slime!

It's hot and the kids are bored! What to do? Make slime and have fun is the answer. Homemade slime is so much fun to make and play with. Just take a peek at our home video. Most of the ingredients are already in your cabinet. Glue, liquid starch, food coloring and water is all that you need. The key to success is to mix the Starch a little at a time. Do not put all the ingredients in at once because it will turn to liquid goo. We made that mistake the first time around. You may have some Starch left over. Watch the video before attempting to make the slime.  Ingredients: 5 oz of Clear Glue (We used Elmer's Glue) 1/2 cup Liquid Starch (found in the detergent isle in the grocery store.) 3 to 4 drops of food coloring 1/2  of the Clear glue bottle filled with water 1 large bowl 1 plastic spatula This was fun for all of us. We hope that you try it and enjoy it! Disclaimer: No pens or pencils were hurt in the making of this video and craft. This project may cause e


Now out on DVD is Teen Titans Go Season 2, House Pests.  This amazing collection includes over 4 Hours of content on 2 DVD discs! Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  We were provided a free copy of this DVD set in exchange for this blog post.  All opinions in this post are our own. Our boys love Teen Titans, from Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, to Starfire, they can't get enough of their wacky adventures fighting crime in search of justice.  This amazing 2 disc set is host to an amazing 26 episodes and 284 fun filled minutes of entertainment.  Even I, who have never been a huge super hero fan is deeply amused by this cartoon series. Released on August 18th by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE), Teen Titans Go! is ranked the #1 show on Cartoon Network for Boys 6-11 and #2 show for Kids 6-11. Join the DC Comics characters in their never-ending quest for silliness, justice and always a little couch time. Things kick off with a backwards battle as Robin faces off agai

Factory Tours and Museums in Southern California.

Southern California has many great hidden treasures / field trips for travelers and local residents to explore. Factory Tours and Museums are a great way to experience them.  In this post, we share our most recent factory tours and museum visits. We hope that you find this information fun, helpful and exciting. Included in this post you will see suggestions to make your experience more enjoyable. Start exploring Southern California today! Continue reading to find out more.... (1.) Learn how traditional hand-crafted mattresses are assembled by visiting the  Custom Comfort factory .  It takes approximately 14 hours for a mattress to be completed from beginning to end. Each step of the way human hands give it the special touch to make it the most comfortable bed.  Custom Comfort Corporate office is located in Orange, CA. The small business welcomes all who want to learn about the process of making quality mattresses. Their website encourages tours of their facility. You must

Date Night with Two Broke Girls Season 4 DVD

Grab the one you love, a bottle of wine, some sweet treats and the Two Broke Girls Season 4 on DVD. The hit CBS show is now available on DVD.  Classy, funny, sexy, bold are the words for this epic Season 4 collection. You will laugh, giggle and shake your head while watching, "Two Broke Girls." They have very little filter and their comedy keeps you guessing the entire time. Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored posting.  We were given a free copy of this DVD in exchange for this posting.  All opinions and comments are our own. All of you favorite characters including Max, Caroline, Earl, Oleg, Han and Sophie for 22 episodes on 3 discs.  This amazing set includes unaired scenes and gag reel for even more fun.  The disc includes subtitles in English, Spanish and French.  Original air dates between Oct 2014 and May 2015, revisit all of those hilarious moments over and over. My wife and I curled up together on the couch with a great bottle of wine and laughed our way thro