The Book of Life Movie inspired me.

This week a new fun and exciting movie is coming to theatre's near you, "The Book of Life."  Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. We had the opportunity to review it.
The Story:
Rated PG and Starring: Channing Tatum, Zoe Saldana, Diego Luna, Ron Perlman, Ice Cube, Danny Trejo, and more. Directed by: Jorge Gutierrez and Produced by: Guillermo Del Toro.

A fairy tale about a boy named Manolo, who faces his fears and is forced to travel between three worlds.   The worlds he is forced to travel through are: here and now, the land of remembering and the land of the forgotten.  His goal was to be with his true love “Maria”.    In the end, Manolo realized that his biggest challenge in life was to be true to himself.  The twists and turns the movie takes open your heart to looking inside of oneself and finding forgiveness and love.  The movie has incredible vibrant colors and art that fill the movie screen with happiness and joy.  This love story celebrates life and the afterlife in a bright upbeat setting while promoting forgiveness. 
Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
My Opinion: The most incredible and inspiring movie for all ages is now showing, "The Book of Life."  This fictional story brings to life a Mexican tradition, "The Day of the Dead."  The subject of death is handled very carefully and with the sense that the spirit is always with us. The movie is filled with folk art that is bright and lively. The characters are wooden looking and fun to watch. The movie sound track is a blend of American and Mexican music like nothing I have ever heard before. The movie teaches, inspires and reminds us to forgive and love more. It is a must see with the entire family.  
You can find more information on the movie by visiting Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and the official website.

Music:  The soundtrack to the movie is a mixture of American and Mexican music.  The music and art made this movie into an amazing piece work of art.  Our favorite song from this movie was “The Apology Song”, because it was inspiring.  Let me share with you a few of the songs that appear on the Track listing:
1.            Live Life – Jesse & Joy
2.            The Apology Song – La Santa Cecilia
3.            No Matter Where You Are – Us the Duo
4.            I Love You Too Much – Diego Luna and Gustavo Santaolalla
5.            I Will Wait – Joe Matthews, Diego Luna and Gustavo Santaolalla
6.            Mas – Kinky 
7.            Cielito Lindo – Plácido Domingo
8.            Creep – Diego Luna and Gustavo Santaolalla
9.            Can't Help Falling In Love With You – Diego Luna and Gustavo Santaolalla
10.          Ecstasy Of Gold – Gustavo Santaolalla
11.          Do Ya Think I'm Sexy – Gabriel Iglesias and Gustavo Santaolalla
12.          Just A Friend – Cheech Marin and Biz Markie
13.          El Aparato /Land of the Remembering – Gustavo Santaolalla  Café Tacvba
14.          Visiting Mother – Gustavo Santaolalla
15.          The Apology Song – Diego Luna and Gustavo Santaolalla
16.          No Matter Where You Are – Diego Luna, Zoë Saldana and Plácido Domingo
17.          Te Amo y Mas – Diego Luna and Gustavo Santaolalla
18.          Si Puedes Perdonar – Diego Luna and Gustavo Santaolalla


Del Taco Fresca Bowl * Giveaway alert

Del Taco is introducing its brand new menu items the Fresca Bowl.  The fine people at Del Taco invited the Field Trip Mom family to their local restaurant to try their new cuisine.  Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post.  We were given food items from Del Taco's restaurant in exchange for this post; we were not paid for these services but were provided food free of charge.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Del Taco is offering three new Fresca Bowls, the Fire Roasted Veggie, the Pollo Asado Grilled Chicken Bowl and the Southwest Chicken and Veggie Bowl.  All of these bowls are full of incredibly fresh ingredients.  Imagine seasoned black beans, fresh Pico de Gallo salsa, freshly cooked grilled chicken, fresh grilled veggies all over a Fresca Lime Rice.

These delicious new bowls have amazing flavor in every bite.  Portioned correctly for a single serving, they range in calorie counts from 450 to 530 calories.  A great meal that fits into everyone's dietary restrictions.  The flavors are delicious with a hint of lime flavor in the rice that isn't overpowering but enough to give a fresh flavor flare.  Served piping hot with amazing black beans and your choice of veggie, chicken or chicken and veggie then all topped with a mild Pico de Gallo salsa.

These new Fresca bowls are only $4.00 and perfect for anytime day or night.  A filling meal that will keep you going through the busiest of days.  Head over to your local Del Taco and try the new Fresca bowls for yourself.  I am positive you will enjoy them as much as we did.

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Written by: Tim Bosek, Contributor and COO, Fieldtripmom.com
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Knott's Camp Spooky

It's that time again....Head over to Knott's Berry Farms' Camp Spooky.  Whether your kids decide to dress up as a pirate, Dracula or a cowboy, the fall daytime, non-scare celebration is perfect for family members of all ages.  Let the kids take part in Snoopy's Costume Party and Parade and visit the always famous Camp Spooky with all of the new rides recently added this past summer.  This celebration is all cheer and with no fear. Disclaimer: We were invited to participate as part of media day. We did not receive any compensation for attending. All thoughts and opinions are all my own.  

Once the sunlight fades, the ghouls and goblins Un-Earth themselves into the darkness under the moonlight.  The bigger kids in the family can then get their chills from the ever so creepy Knott's Scary Farm.  The evening hours are not for the faint of heart...beware of what hides in the fog....Starting September 25th and continuing until November 1st.  Tickets are limited and typically sell out so secure your date now.

Additionally, Knott's daytime celebration is host to several great events such as Charlie Brown's NEW Halloween show where the entire family will be singing and dancing.  Next, your family can run over to the Potion Station to concoct a fun Kool Aid mixture in their very own test tube.  Head over to the Mini Monster Maze where the kids can experience an obstacle maze finding candy along the way.  Ready to enjoy the fun....pre-order your tickets online at knotts.com.  What a great way to enjoy a safe Halloween celebration allowing your children to dress up as their favorite Ninja Turtle and enjoy fabulous rides and shows.  Come on down and join the Field Trip Mom family for a day of fantastic fun at Knott's Berry Farm.

Follow the fun and post your own pictures on Instagram using the hashtag #campsnoopy! Have a great weekend!