Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Field Trip to Vietnam in Orange County

This summer we are exploring Asia without leaving Southern California. I know it sounds a little weird but let me explain what I mean. Southern California is home to several different neighborhoods that offer international products, foods and experiences. There is Chinatown in Downtown Los Angeles, Little India in Artesia, Koreatown in Los Angeles and Little Saigon in Westminster OC. We live close to Westminster so on a regular day we visited Little Saigon with friends. Our first stop was the fruit market to experience Jack, Lychee, Rambutan and Dragon fruit.
 photo fruitstorewestminster2_zps66f151bc.jpg

Little Saigon in Westminster, CA is a neighborhood filled with shops, markets, restaurants and bakeries that bring the Vietnamese culture to Southern California. It is truly amazing that a little piece of Asia is right here in Orange County for all of us to enjoy and experience.

Fruit from around the world photo vietnamesefruittropical_zps2c03b0b5.jpg

We started our field trip to Little Saigon with the Fruit Market Trai-Cay Ngon located off Bolsa and Magnolia.  The shopping center has an Asian Supermarket,  (2) other fruit shops  and other Vietnamese stores.  A friend recommended Trai Cay Ngon Fruit Market because they offer a guarantee on all produce purchased.  The prices are a little high compared to other local markets, however the guarantee keeps regular customers coming back. We experienced long lines and lots of loyal customers shopping for Jack fruit, Lychee, Dragon Fruit and  Rambutan. 
 photo vietnamesefruitlychee3_zpsee40cd5d.jpg

Lychee and Rambutan Fruit was a new experience for us.  The texture for both was like nothing we had every seen in nature.  Lychee fruit has a leather like appearance.  Our first thought on the fruit was will it taste sweet or sour? rambutan fruit photo ramadanfruit2_zps8f36a081.jpg
As we peeled the fruit we noticed it looked like a grape with a large seed.  The taste was sweet and very delicious.  Rambutan is sweet, grape like and with a large seed.  It was just as delicious as Lychee.  The kids had fun calling it the hairy fruit and the dinosaur grape.

Jack fruit photo jackfruittropical_zps1f57a248.jpg

Jack Fruit is this large giant oval produce. It is one of the largest tree fruits in the world. The inside is yellow with  large seeds. The average cost of Jack fruit is around $30.00 dollars because they are so large. The fruit shop sells pre-cut and ready to eat containers for a lesser price. The texture is like an onion with layers of fruit with a sweet taste. It is an acquired tasted because it is a little stringy and a bit rubbery.

 photo tropicaldragonfruit_zpsd275ac57.jpg
Dragon Fruit tasted like a Kiwi. It was soft, juicy and sweet. The fruit is about 6.00 per pound and it is sold in most markets in Southern California. My family liked this fruit the most out of all the above. The price is a little high for it to be a regular item in our household, but we will eat for special occasions.

 photo 9d133818-59f6-46f8-8131-3221ca24a3c1_zpsf25d8dd8.jpg
The shop was full of tropical produce that we had never seen before or tasted. It was absolutely a learning experience for all of us. We can't wait to return and taste Rose Apples and Asian plums.

 photo 20140809_121047_zps10714506.jpg
The field trip to the Asian fruit market was a great experience for the entire family. It opened our eyes to other delicious healthy food choices as well as educated us about a country on the other side of the world. We experienced hearing a new language, tasting new foods and learning about Vietnamese culture through our visit.

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Don Roberto Jewelers and my birthday.

It’s my birthday month! Hooray! This year I celebrated with a jewelry purchase from Don Roberto Jewelers. I recently visited their Riverside store during a grand opening. I went to buy a watch that is sold at their store and online. What happened next was completely a surprise to me.

 Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts are all my own.
 photo jewelersdonroberto_zps5638730c.jpg

 I really wanted the watch, but ended up finding a great deal on a fabulous ring.
 photo donrobertojewelerhello_zps3680b916.jpg

My New Ring:
As I entered the store I ran to the women’s watch selection. I really wanted to get a trendy watch I had seen online. I spotted the watch right away and asked to try it on. The watch was exactly as I had seen it online. But as I looked down I noticed this unique silver ring. The design of  the ring caught my eye.  I knew that ring was for me and that I would wear it everyday.  Just like that I forgot how much I wanted the watch and purchased the ring.
 photo semanario_zps971a5535.jpg
On my wish list.
While I was paying for my ring, I noticed the “Semanario” bracelet. (Translation is the “Seven day bracelet”.)  The Semanario is usually worn by Mexican woman as way to bring good luck them all (7) seven days of the week. My cousins, friends and relatives own a set of these special bracelets, but I have not yet.  When the sales clerk came back with my purchase, I asked if he could let me try the bracelet. He did and I immediately knew I had to add this to my wish.
 photo 41bfd180-9ca2-408b-92be-3532af119bb8_zps3f16fb90.jpg
While I was there I noticed that Don Roberto Jewelers carries more than just everyday rings and bracelets. They also carry wedding rings and religious necklace. I had a great time trying many different things types of pieces. Their associates are very friendly and the whole experience was very enjoyable. I can't wait to go back and find another great piece of jewelry. Thank you Don Roberto Jewelers for my new ring that I love.
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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Crazy for Breakfast Sandwiches 101 Delicious meals. #Giveaway #cookbook

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Get organized for back to school with this informational cookbook, "Crazy for Breakfast Sandwiches." Recipes that help you create delicious meals with your sandwich maker. So dust off your sandwich maker and get cooking breakfast like a chef.
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 photo 85638a9f-1489-4efe-89b5-5206a8f72f24_zpsc6dc3e3f.jpg

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Food of the week: Elote via PBS Food

This week's favorite food is the ELOTE! It is a favorite of my family's and friends. Summer would not be complete without it. We grill the elote or steam it. We then add salt, Mayo, chill powder, lime juice, parmesan cheese and a little butter. The combination is delicious because the flavors dance together very well. If you get a chance to eat one, I highly recommend it. PBS featured the Elote this week on their food blog. Take a look at how beautiful they photographed this travel friendly food.  

 photo cornonthecobb_zps5b8bae86.jpg

PBS Food shares their recipe for their own Elote dish.

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Places to go with the family and friends in Southern California.

Southern California is full of fun things to do. This week my family is visiting from out of town. So naturally I had to come up with fun places to take them to visit. I have come up with a list of must do with family and friends before the summer is over. 

Knotts Berry Farm and Soak City - Great shows for the entire family and super fun rides for all ages. Camp Snoopy is a favorite of ours as well as Snoopy on Ice performances. The grilled turkey leg is a must for foodies along with the boysenberry punch. Soak City across the street has water fun! Here is a few of my stories about visiting the park.
Knott's Calico ride is better than new.
Best deal in town is an annual pass.  

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament - Knights, amour, museum and a baby dragon for dinner. Everyone should visit this place at least once in their life. It transports you back to the dark ages. The kids and adults become glued the minute the tournament begins. This is a no fork, spoon and knife foodie place. Find out how we did on our last visit: FieldTripMom

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles - Located inside Exposition Park. The location has a large Rose Garden and several other exciting museums all in one place.  There are (7) seven museums in the park which promise to offer an all day adventure. Wear comfortable shoes and get ready to explore museum row. There is a Mcdonald's inside the museum. Across the street there is other food places for you to choose from. It is best if you pack a small picnic basket and eat near the Rose Garden to save time and money. Street vendors selling ice cream, corn on the cob and trinkets roam the garden. I recommend not to shop with them, as there are signs posted asking you avoid unlicensed vendors.  
 Exposition Park

Discovery Science Center - Centrally located in Orange County. It is a fun educational museum that will make you explore science. My favorite exhibit is located on the second floor "Take the Eco Challenge".  It offers kids and adults to shop, discuss and see what Eco-friendly means. I enjoy my kids love to grocery shop together while they learn Eco-friendly choices. Here is a list of on-going exhibits. Read about our last adventure at the DSC here: FTM
South Coast Plaza - It is a shopping mall with many names like Burberry, Christian Louboutin, Disney, Sears and the Microsoft store. For the younger crowd there is the See's Candy store next to the Carousel ride. The mall has over 250 stores and 30 restaurants with two other shopping centers nearby. It is the mecca of shopping. The Plaza offers fun learning opportunities as well. Just visit the money exchange center and learn about the current money rates. The Microsoft store inside the plaza offers free play on ipads and other electronic devices. Plan your visit and they will help you host a small party for FREE! Here is the link for the free party information:

The Shops at Mission Viejo - Offers an enormous amount of shopping opportunities and food experiences as well as some unexpected surprises. Located in South Orange County and near San Diego, it is the perfect shopping destination for travelers wanting to experience Orange County under one roof. Park your car and find the latest fashions at the shops. Looking for a car then head on over to the Tesla store. The Tesla Motors store has a car on display for you to touch and feel. Kids love to see the automobile store, grown-ups just smile.  Capistrano Unified School District has an office in the shopping center for those who want to take independent studies. The shops is full of adventure and great deals. Did I forget to tell you Old Navy and Forever 21 are super stores at this location? Super Store means lots of selections and more discounts. They also have the Microsoft Store with the free events just like South Coast Plaza (read above).

Artisan and collectables - Want to find collectables, artisan items then visit OC swap-meets. This is for serious collectors and bargain shoppers who don't mind getting up before dawn. Find locations and more on this subject:
Swap-meet List
Orange County Market Place - Address 88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Coupons and discounts - Traveling is fun and exciting. It's more exciting when  you can stretch your budget. I look for bargain tickets, coupons and buy one get one free offers. I have found that most visitor centers post their discounts online for the public to use. Go to Anaheim/Orange County Visitors Center to find great deals.  The state of California deal website is Visit California.  Another place to find promo codes and discounts is your local fast food restaurants like Mcdonald's, Wendy's, Wahoos, Del Taco and Burger King. Look for these dollar saving coupons. Read my post on how to get LEGOLAND  and SeaWorld tickets and more at a discounted prices.

LEGOLAND offers a Kids go free coupon through Mcdonald's promo code 14026. Must purchase tickets online to receive the discount. It saves you lots of dollars. This offer expires 12/31/2014.

SeaWorld and SeaWorld Aquatica Waterpark coupons. The offer requires online purchasing to receive a discount. MUST PURCHASE ONLINE TO RECEIVE DISCOUNT: SeaworldMcDonaldsLA.COM

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are all my own. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tamales Tamales

Saturday, located at 22511 Auburn Dale Lake Forest CA, the Field Trip Mom family are selling Pork and Chicken Tamales at one of the largest Orange County community garage sales.  Profits go toward bring our readers more fun and original content supporting great family trips as well as additional giveaways and promotions funded directly by Field Trip Mom.

We are selling them also by the dozen after the sale by email request for a limited time.  Come on over and help support our fundraising event or email us for more information. 
P.S. We strive to provide very little sponsored posts.  Through selling handmade crafts and artisan food sells we are able to maintain this blog. Thank you for your support.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Disney Planes Fire and Rescue

Disney's Planes, Dusty Crophopper, is back for a second installment with Planes Fire and Rescue.  With many of the original movies characters and several new friends, Dusty takes in a whole new road to success.  Disclaimer, this is a sponsored post.  We were provided tickets to view the movie in exchange for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Download Print & Play Activities

Planes Fire and Rescue starts with Dusty practicing his racing near his home airport.  The brave little plane is pushing himself to the limits and redlining his engine.  Dusty performs an extreme maneuver by using his speed to race to one of the highest altitudes he has ever seen when he suddenly experiences engine trouble and stalls.  Dusty starts falling out of the sky, he lands but needs help.  After visiting the doctor, Dusty is told that he can no longer race and must keep his engine RPMs under the redline.

Dusty is depressed and scared because if he races, his engine could seize and the type of engine he has is discontinued.  After crashing and wrecking several buildings at his airport, Federal officials shut down his airport because his fire engine friend is old and the airport has no backup fire fighter.  Dusty decides he needs to become fire fighter trained as the backup and takes off for training.

After days of fierce training and trying to prove himself to the Chief Trainer, Dusty finds himself in the middle of a major forest fire.  Dusty and his new fire fighting friends need every ounce of help to avoid the destruction of a National Forest and a newly built Luxury Inn.  During the fierce battle, the fire fighting crew all find themselves in grave danger and ill prepared for a fire of this magnitude.  Can Dusty and team help save the National Forest, the Inn and all of the tourists in the park?  Can Dusty successfully finish his fire training certification and help get his airport reopen?  Go see Planes Fire and Rescue to find out!

The Field Trip Mom family was invited to a prescreening of Planes Fire and Rescue.  This movie was a great sequel to the original with completely new spin to Dusty's adventures.  Excellent new characters, great one liners and a heart warming story make this movie a great summer must see.  Now open in theaters, go out this weekend to see this excellent new Disney movie!  We know you and your family will enjoy it as much as we did.