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Orange Picking at La Verne Heritage Foundation

Nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Valley, you will find a little slice of the past.  A historical place host to the Weber House and the last acre and a half of working orange groves.  Every January since our boys were small, we have been been picking oranges fresh from the tree.  The oranges are the best kept secret in Southern California and we are sharing our love for the La Verne Heritage Foundation's events with our readers. Each year, the La Verne Heritage Foundation offers tours and events for the entire family.  From orange picking in January, to Spring Squeeze field trips in March, Hands on History in April and May, Summer Concerts in Heritage Park and don't forget the pumpkin patch field trips in October. The oranges are always sun kissed sweet and making this outing a family and friends event creates memories that will be remembered a lifetime.  As you walk through the iron gates at the entrance, the kind volunteers great you with 5 lb. mesh net bags for sal
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Thomas Dambo "Trail of a 1000 Trolls" at the South Coast Botanic Garden through Jan 14th

Thomas Dambo is a Danish artist and storyteller who creates beautiful and fun sculptures and installations out of recycled materials. His vision is to create art that inspires people to explore nature, have adventures, and demonstrate that trash can be turned into something beautiful.  Thomas's  project is called “Trail of a 1000 Trolls”.  Thomas began by creating a series of six massive wooden sculptures called “Northwest Trolls: Way of the Bird King” in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. The sculptures are made from recycled materials and are all different types of trolls. The project was years in the making and the trolls were installed at various points. The project became like a scavenger hunt to find them, experience them, and share photos of the giant installations on social media. The trolls have delighted adults and children alike and have become popular attractions. The project is part of his ongoing, whimsical folklore project that’s sprouted more than 10

Make Tough Cleaning a Cinch for your Holiday Prep

The holidays are here and the family is coming over.  If you are a busy family like us, larger chores have to be scheduled.  We cook at home a lot and those stovetop greases waft into the air with the steam of cooking, attaching to your range hood and surrounding kitchen cabinets.  To ensure a super clean kitchen when the guests arrive, we clean stubborn grease with Goo Gone, Kitchen Degreaser.    Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser is a powerful cleaning solution that can help you remove tough grease and grime from your kitchen surfaces. Here are some of the benefits, ingredients, surfaces safe to use the product on, and directions of use: Benefits: The powerful foaming action in Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser breaks down even the toughest gunk and grime, leaving your surfaces spotless. It is safe to use across your kitchen on most sealed stone (like countertops), glass (like cooktops), metals (like stove tops), and ceramic (like dishware). It is easy to use and can help you clean up your kitchen

Top Toy Recommendations for this Holiday Season

Here are some of the top toys for this holiday season based on age groups from 3 years old to 17 years old: For 3-5 year olds: Fisher-Price Little People Launch & Loop Raceway - This toy is perfect for kids who love cars and racing. It comes with two cars and a ramp that launches them into a loop. You can get it at Walmart  now for $39.97. LeapFrog LeapStart 3D Interactive Learning System - This toy is designed to help kids learn through interactive games and activities. It comes with a stylus and a library of books that teach reading, math, science, and more. You can get it at Amazon for $49.99 . For 6-8 year olds: LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Building Kits - T hese building kits are perfect for kids who love Harry Potter. Starting with 587 pieces, they are designed to look like all of your kids favorite locations at Hogwarts. You can get building sets at Target starting at $39.99 Nintendo Switch Lite - This game system is perfect for kids who love video games. It’s smaller and

Top Ten Gift Ideas for Women this Holiday Season

Black Friday is near and it is time to shop for the women in your life.  You can find amazing deals on a variety of products that will make them happy and show them how much you care this holiday season. These are the best gift ideas we recommend that are on sale this Black Friday. 1. Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask Price: Prices Vary Store: Amazon The Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask is a luxurious and nourishing lip care product that will make her lips soft, smooth, and plump. It is made from natural ingredients such as Japanese peach extract, camellia oil, and squalane that hydrate and heal the lips. It also has a subtle rose scent and a glossy finish that will enhance her natural beauty. It is a must-have for any woman who loves pampering herself. 2. I Phone 15 Pro and I Phone 15 Pro Max Price: Save $1,000 with qualified trade Store: Best Buy Meet the I Phone 15 Pro and Pro Max with dynamic island, a 48 MP main camera with up to 4X resolution and 2X telephoto, ceramic shield glass, splash, water and du

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Men on Black Friday

Black Friday is the perfect time to shop for the men in your life, whether they are your husband, boyfriend, father, brother, son, or friend. You can find great deals on a variety of products that will make them happy and show them how much you care. Here are some of the best gift ideas for men that are on sale this Black Friday.  1. Apple AirPods Pro Price: $190 (originally $249)  Store: Amazon The Apple AirPods Pro are the ultimate wireless earbuds for anyone who loves music, podcasts, or audiobooks. They have active noise cancellation, adaptive EQ, and spatial audio features that deliver immersive sound quality. They are also water-resistant, comfortable, and easy to use with Siri and other devices. They are a must-have for any man who wants to enjoy his favorite tunes without any distractions. 2. Solo Stove Bonfire + Stand Price: $259.99 (originally $419.99)  Store: Solo Stove The Solo Stove Bonfire is the ideal gift for anyone who loves camping, backyard parties, or cozy nights by

Protect Yourself - Install a Car Camera Today!

Societal politeness is becoming a rare event.  An increasing number of persons can be seen texting and driving, driving aggressively or making poor decisions with last minute lane changes.  Some drivers, with their high powered electric vehicles, are utilizing their vehicles' capacity to engage in more risky driving behaviors.  With technology advancing, it is important to protect yourself in the event of a crash or angry driver.  Installing a front and rear facing dash camera can make all the difference ensuring you are protected and made whole from another persons misjudgment. According to Forbes Advisor, in 2020, a total of 35,766 fatal car accidents occurred on roadways across the United States.  Another 1,593,390 crashes resulted in injuries and 3,621,681 caused property damage .    In 2021, 8% of fatal crashes were attributed to distracted driving, resulting in 3,522 deaths and an estimated 362,415 injuries. Road rage has become a serious issue that can lead to accidents, inj