Friday, June 26, 2015

Our Del Taco Story plus a giveaway.

Del Taco is one of the places that my family and I stop to eat when we go on a Field Trip.  Their menu offers a little bit of something for everyone in our family such as burritos with slow cooked beans, quesadillas with cheddar cheese that is grated fresh, made to order hamburgers with crinkle-cut fries and delicious Ice Tea made every day.  All the menu items are made to order with fresh ingredients.  This month, we tried their new menu items: Epic Grilled Chicken Avocado Burrito and a side of sliced Avocado. Disclaimer: Sponsored post. Giveaway and food product were made possible by the awesome people at Del Taco Headquarters. Continue to read to find out why my family and I enjoy eating at Del Taco so much. #EpicAvocado and #UnFreshingBelievable

A few years ago, we met the nicest people at our local, "Del Taco".  Where the cashiers, greet you with a "Hello! and How are you?"  This is huge news because in a large city everyone is moving fast, talking fast and ignoring the human connection.  Noemi and Carmen are two ladies that make all difference at Del Taco in Irvine.  Both of them are warm, friendly and quick workers.  They greet everyone with a smile and "Hello, how are you my friend?"  Sometimes people ignore the sweetness and kindness these ladies offer because they are going too fast.   It doesn't matter if you are kind or rude Noemi and Carmen both treat you as you are the only customer that matters. If you sit down in their dining area to enjoy a meal while Noemi and Carmen are working, you will see people come in just to say, "Hi" and order a taco or two.  Each food transaction is executed with kindness, thoughtfulness and a feeling of home cooking. It is an amazing thing to see in action. (If you are in the area you should stop by and experience it for yourself.)
We have been regular customers of "Del Taco" for several years because of the delicious food and the warm customer service.  It is our go to place when we need a breakfast burrito or a crinkle French fry fix. Now, our latest thing is to order the avocado.  Avocado is on their menu and can be ordered as a side dish, as slices or added to any menu item. The Del Taco menu has something for everyone. Please try the new menu items! Thank you for being a loyal reader!
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Monday, June 22, 2015

5 things to do with your dad to make him feel special.

June is the month that we spoil my husband as part of a month long Father's Day celebration.  The celebration began with a day spa at home with fresh mint cucumber infused water.  Then, we play dad's favorite music, eat at his favorite restaurant, nature to nurture dad's soul and finally give him a fun car experience with a rental.
We bought a face mask, new nail clippers, new scrubbing sponge, foot creme, cucumber soap and cucumber lotion.  All the ingredients for a pedicure and manicure you can imagine, in cucumber scent, were used to make spa day special for "Dad".  My kids helped pamper their dad by giving him a soft head massage and gently rubbing his arms.  It was totally cute and adorable to see the kids get involved with pampering their father.

HappyFathersDay photo spadayfordads3_zpszdwe5ysj.jpg

Play his favorite music week.
Music is a big part of our lives.  We listen to the radio in the morning. We play CD's at home and on long road trips.  For a week in the month of June, the entire family listens only to Dad's favorite music.  We purchase and rent CD's of dad's favorite bands and we listen to them together.  Along the way we find our own favorites from his sounds.  This helps us to bond together as a family because we have something in common. It's really adorable to hear small children try to understand the sounds of the past.  The kids enjoyed Bon Jovi and other bands I can't even pronounce.  Dad really loved the Rock and Roll from the 80's (AC/DC, Poison, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Kix and more.)

Eat at his favorite restaurant on a regular day. 
My husband loves sushi and steak.  His favorite place offers happy hour deals during the week when it's less crowded.  To help make happy memories, we almost never visit a restaurant during heavy times.  On a Thursday night, two weeks before Father's day, we surprised dad and took him to his favorite spot to eat Sushi.  The experience was relaxing because we did not have a crowded restaurant or long lines to wait through. We surprised him with presents after his favorite meal. It made for a very special day for dad aka husband. 
Nature to nurture the dad's soul.
We are very lucky and live 20 minutes away from Laguna Beach, Newport Beach and Corona Del Mar as well as gorgeous parks and nature centers.  For the month of June, we make every effort to visit the beach or a park at least once a week.  Time is set aside for our family to eat a picnic meal at some beautiful location like Laguna Beach, OC Great Park or Northwood Park aka Castle Park. During this time of nature to nurture, we engage in family conversation as well as play time.  The main focus is to get Dad back to playing and feeling active and re-energized.  Sometimes, it can be as simple as playing football at the park or walking around the park. 

This year, we had a unique opportunity and we rented a New Hyundai Santa Fe Sport vehicle from Budget rent a car for a week.  Dad got to have a new experience with a 2015 Santa Fe, Hyundai that offered hands-free Bluetooth connections and AM/FM/Sirius XM / CD/MP3 audio system with 6 speakers (features our current car doesn't offer).  The vehicle handled smooth and light. My husband aka Dad, drove the new car to San Diego and we all went on a small road trip in style. It was nice to experience something new together. 
Suggestion: For smaller budgets I recommend small acts of kindness. In the past we have had the car washed and the oil changed as well as making sure the gas tank was filled. 

The month is almost gone and Father's day has passed. I want to encourage you to continue doing small acts of love and kindness for your family and others. It is may hope that every home is filled with respect, love and understanding. Happy family field tripping!

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. All thoughts and ideas are all my own. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer Sounds World Music for Kids 2015 - Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl is ready for your family to come and experience great concerts. Dance to the sounds of New Orleans the first week, Second week bring your Polynesian moves, third week dance to the Middle East music and end the (4) week series with the sounds of Brazil.  The exciting bands playing are as followed:
WEEK 1: JUL 13-17 
WEEK 2: JUL 20-24
WEEK 3: JUL 27-31
WEEK 4: AUG 3-7
Keep reading to find out what we experienced last year at one of the events. 
Photo credit: Hollywood Bowl
Original written August 2014.
Summer Sounds at the Hollywood Bowl was an educational experience aka family field trip. The price of admission includes parking, a craft, storytelling and live music. Together they make for a great day out with kids. I took the family to experience Salsa Music.  The Louie Cruz Beltran Latin Jazz Ensemble was performing on the day we stopped by. We received a morning of crafting, listening to music and dancing along with great story telling. The band played Salsa, Latin Jazz and Afro-Cuban music. Our feet danced and our hearts sang along with the music. What an amazing day!!! Read more....

Summer Sounds Hollywood Bowl photo Hollywoodbowlstagekids_zps4dcfe23e.jpg

Summer Sounds is a program at the Hollywood Bowl that is offered during the summer months.  The invitation to join them begins in the month of May through their sales ticket office.

The tickets can be purchased in advance or at the box the day of the event. You will want to make sure to arrive early to ensure they don't sell out.  I highly recommend advance purchase. 

Latin Jazz photo LouieCruzBeltranJazz_zps3d448ed8.jpg

Our tickets were for the 11:00 AM show and a 10:00 AM craft time.  For our craft, we choose to make a sun out of Crayola Model Magic.  It was easy and lots of fun to do.  My kids got extremely creative with the beads and the  color markers.
 photo 31july2014742_zps41f42ec0.jpg

After the craft, we went to the 11:00 AM  show, which is located next to the Hollywood Bowl Museum.  The kids sat down on an open floor where there is a lot of room to dance and move around.  The show begin with two actors telling the story of traditions and how the music plays a big part in loving music. 

 photo 00f8c3c2-e72a-4c1a-a156-5d9a5fda17b2_zpsedf4bd0a.jpg

The story-line was about a man not wanting to listen to Latin Music because it was not his tradition.  In the end, he decides to embrace the strange music called Salsa because it spoke to his heart and soul.  He embraced a new tradition even though it was not his traditional style of music.  The theme throughout the story was to make your own traditions.  Traditions were described as something you do over and over again bringing you joy. 

The actors engaged the audience by pretending they had never listened to Latin Music before.  Their energy was so inspiring and child-like that you couldn't help feel attracted to the stage.  One actor ran from the music while the other chased the music and embraced it.  Both characters were funny to watch and experience. 

My favorite part was when one character couldn't stop dancing.  He was dancing uncontrollably every time Latin Music played.  The band would tease him and play short songs to get him dancing.  His stone like personality had broken and now his hips were shimmying on stage. 

Best way to describe our experience is learning made fun.  The kids learned in a high spirit, loving and refreshing environment.  I highly recommend going this summer, next summer and the all the summers that follow.  It will make your heart sing.  Thank you Hollywood Bowl for hosting such educational and fun programs.  See you soon!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Discovery Science Center. NEW exhibits and a giveaway!

Discovery Science Center, also known as the Cube, offers a NEW wing and NEWLY added exhibits!  Oh, My, Goodness!  What fun!  Yeah for learning!  The new expansion and exhibits at the Cube are absolutely amazing!  Keep reading to find DSC offers as well as a chance to enter a giveaway for an annual pass to the DSC!  Photo courtesy of DSC.

The new addition gives families hands-on permanent exhibits, themed science adventures, interactive programs and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning spaces.  They focus on cultivating an appreciation for the smallest ecosystems on earth to the largest exploration of the cosmos. 

Discovery Cube Orange County will also feature a new 10,000 square-foot Julianne Argyros Showcase Theater and Exhibition Hall.  It will provide the ability to transform an exhibition space into a 500-seat theater for greater flexibility in giving the families of Orange County an ever-changing destination for entertainment and education. 

Details on Public Opening:
Doors open to the public on June 11, 2015 beginning at 11:00 a.m. Tickets are available on-site or online at General admission prices are as follows: adult ($17.95), senior ($14.95), and children ages 3-14 ($12.95). Entrance to The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes is an additional $10 per person, with discounts available for a limited time. 

New Exhibit Information:
Sherlock Holmes - The first exhibit on display in the Julianne Argyros Showcase Theater and Exhibition Hall will be The International Exhibit of Sherlock Holmes, a “who done it” mystery geared toward youth-sleuths in training.  This was SO COOL!   It is an additional $10 admission for this special exhibit, which will only be here until September.  Some of the original 1880’s manuscripts from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his first Sherlock Holmes mysteries are on display.   Visitors are given a booklet upon entering.  There is a mystery to be solved and they must find the clues.  They visit certain stations and can get their booklets stamped as they find the clues.  Actual props from the old movies to more recent and TV show “Elementary” are on display.  What I really liked was that the display talks about the science involved in solving the crime/mystery. 

For example, to find out if the seed pods Mr. Persano supposedly ingested, they are mixed with reagents to check for a reaction.  At the end of the display, a video about real crime labs and the science involved is shown.  The kids (and I) were so overwhelmed with the displays, that at first we didn’t take the time to read the instructions to make it an interactive experience.  Once we did that, we had even more fun, trying to find all the clues and solve the mystery.  The displays are as near authentic replicas of the Sherlock Holmes and Baker Street apartment as possible.

Helicopter Tour – Guests will hop inside a virtual helicopter and fly from the mountains to the sea, over the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks, a biodiversity hot spot located in the heart of Orange County.  Guests will learn about this collection of public parks and protected wildlands that serve as a valuable resource to many rare and endangered species of plants and animals that call Orange County “home.”  This is kind of like Disney California Adventure’s Soaring Over California.  The seats even rumble to give you the feel of riding in a helicopter.  The scenery flies over the Irvine Wilderness and is breathtaking. 

Inspector Training Course – This immersive exhibit, presented by the Orange County Vector Control District, has guests go on an adventure in their own backyard to find and eliminate invading vectors.  Using a touch-screen tablet, guests will make their way through the Inspector Training Course to learn how to coexist with and keep their home free from mosquitos, fleas, and rodents in this competitive scavenger-hunt styled game.  It took a few minutes to figure out what we needed to do with the tablets, but once we read the directions and visited each station, the kids earned points and finished the course.  Interactive in English with Spanish subtitles.  Follow hashtag #NewAtTheCube to find more information. 

Petersonville Healthy Kitchen – Expanding on Discovery Cube’s emphasis on teaching guests how their bodies function, this full, working demonstration kitchen, presented by Sheila and Jim Peterson, will let children become chefs creating good-for-them recipes.  In addition, they will learn valuable kitchen safety tips as part of this health and wellness exhibit.  This won’t open until September, but it will be a lot of fun for kids and grownups.   We sampled fruit pizza - watermelon slices with strawberry, kiwi fruit and coconut.  Yum! 

Water Gallery – With Californians experiencing one of the worst droughts in history, the Water Gallery and Water Lab, presented by Pacific Life, will give families the opportunity to learn about one of nature’s most nourishing elements: water.  From salt water to fresh water, frozen water to water vapor, guests will be exposed to the scientific side of the H20 chemical formula in a fun and engaging manner.  A short video talks about the various sources of water and the different pipelines, etc.  There were various hands on stations to experiment with as well. 

As part of DCOC’s healthy living initiative, a new onsite Bean Sprouts Café is debuting at the grand opening.  Bean Sprouts Café, a kid-friendly café and cooking school, specializes in healthy foods for visitors of all ages, supplements its regular menu with vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, casein-free, nut-free and egg-free options.  Visitors can order pizzas, soups, salads, sandwiches and desserts as well as “Imaginibbles,” a signature line of themed, hand-held foods designed to make eating healthy fun.  You have got to try the Crocomole!  It’s a mix of avocado and hummus, and it has a whipped texture that is very light and delicious. 

Welcome Center and Launch Pad Science Store – Presented by Janet and Walkie Ray, the all-new Welcome Center will be a bustling hub that provides visitor information and hosts lost and found, baby care, first aid, and a retrospective chronicling of Discovery Cube’s history.  The Launch Pad Science Store is triple the size of the original and will feature promotional and educational merchandise.  

Schools First Teacher Resource Center – This special area is dedicated for teachers to check out science kits, lesson plans, and discuss school topics with Discovery Cube trained staff.  We ran out of time and didn’t get to visit the gift shop or the teacher resource center.  Oh darn, we just might have to go back!! Follow hashtag #NewAtTheCube to find more information. 

Contributor: Beth Vance visited the Discovery Science and experienced first-hand the NEW Cube.  Beth runs a great library at a public school in Irvine. She loves God, kids and field tripping.  Her unique sense of words makes her the perfect contributor. 

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post.  Contributor attended a media night.  All thoughts and opinions belong to the writer / contributor.  Photographs credit Beth Vance.

Promotions and Deals
Credentialed teachers who are members of our Teacher Education Network get free general admission every day! Simply log on to to register and download your teacher admission ticket. Please note that valid credentials (ID/badge or pay stub and valid ID) are required to verify current teacher status. Identification must have current year listed. Benefits do not apply to school visits or sleepovers.

Santa Ana Waste Free Days
Santa Ana residents receive up to 4 free admissions per address with valid ID (proof of residency) on the first Tuesday of every month. Cannot be combined with any other discount or offer. Excludes special events and ticketed exhibitions or shows.
Bank of America Free Day
Bank of America cardholders receive free admission on the first Sunday of each month. Photo ID and any valid Bank of America/Merrill Lynch credit or debit card must be presented. One free general admission limited to cardholder only. Cannot be combined with any other discount or offer. Excludes special events and ticketed exhibitions or shows.
Military Discount
Members of the Military receive 10% off for up to 6 general admission tickets. Valid Military ID is required for discount. Cannot be combined with any other discount or offer. Excludes special events and ticketed exhibitions or shows.
Corporate Discounts
Corporate discount coupons are a great addition to any corporate benefits package. Please call (714) 913-5030 if you would like to receive corporate discount coupons.
ASTC Passport Program
Members of ASTC participating museums receive free general admission for 2 named adult members and 2 children (ages 3-17) or 1 named adult member and up to 3 children (ages 3-17). Membership card w/ASTC logo and photo ID are required for discount. We do not accept payment receipts as proof of membership. Restrictions do apply according to the Residency Rule and 90-mile radius rule; please check to see if your membership is eligible.
Humboldt State University Natural History Museum, Arcata (707) 826-4479
Placer Nature Center, Auburn (530) 878-6053
Kern County Museum, Bakersfield (661) 437-3330
The Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley (510) 642-5132
Gateway Science Museum, Chico (530) 898-4121
Explorit Science Center, Davis (530) 756-0191
World of Wonders Science Museum, Lodi (209) 368-0969
Lick Observatory, Mt Hamilton (831) 459-5939
Chabot Space & Science Center, Oakland (510) 336-7300
Petaluma Wildlife Museum, Petaluma (707) 778-4787
Turtle Bay Exploration Park, Redding (530) 243-8850
Discovery Museum, Sacramento (916) 808-3942
Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, San Diego (619) 238-1233
San Diego Natural History Museum, San Diego (619) 232-3821
Children's Creativity Museum, San Francisco (415) 820-3320
Randall Museum, San Francisco (415) 554-9600
Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, San Jose (408) 794-7596
The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose (408) 294-TECH
CuriOdyssey, San Mateo (650) 342-7755
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Santa Barbara (805) 682-4711
Bay Area Discovery Museum, Sausalito (415) 339-3900
Bay Model Visitor Center, Sausalito (415) 332-3871
Lindsay Wildlife Museum, Walnut Creek (925) 935-1978

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Boom Chicka Bites by Angie's - Giveaway

I received a box of Angie's Boom Chicka Bites delicious Popcorn a few weeks ago to review and share. I began sharing them with my local elementary school friends. I also gave some of the delicious snacks for a school project that rewarded students for good behavior. I then shared a few more snack bags with the school bus drivers that pick-up and drop-off at my local elementary school.  Each time that I gave away bags of Angie’s Boom Chicka Bites it was followed by smiles and thank- yous.  I felt like a fairy, sprinkling joy and happiness.  
My next adventure with Boom Chicka Bites was the travel test. I took them with us to the park, the beach, field trips to the museums and playdates.   What I found was that the popcorn stays fresh because of their re-sealable bag feature.  This means that food is not wasted and there’s a potential to save money.  Another great thing about the snack is their bright color bags. The bags are easy to find and access when they are inside a moving car with hungry kids. 
The snack has many great ingredients and flavors that are Cholesterol Free, Whole grain and Certified Gluten Free.  My personal favorite is their new flavor Mixed Berry.  The Mixed Berry bag has the following ingredients: Dried Cane Sugar, Tapioca Syrup, Popcorn Sorghum, Blueberries, Raspberries, Cranberries, Amaranth, Sea Salt, Natural Flavors, Sunflower Lecithin and Baking Soda.  
Other Flavors that you may find delicious are: Sea Salt, Lightly Sweet, Sweet &Salty Kettle, White Cheddar, Caramel Cheddar Mix, Salted Caramel, Sweet & Spicy, Maple Sea Salt, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Tropical Mix and more. 
Thank you Angie's for helping me make someone's day special. Angie's Boom Chicka Bites wants you to try a bag or two and they are sponsoring a giveaway for one $50.00 Target gift card.
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Knott's Berry Farm's new ride: Voyage to the Iron Reef

Knott’s Berry Farm has a new ride! Voyage to the Iron Reef is an astonishing new 4-D interactive ride made for all ages.  Height requirement for this ride is 48 inches and taller.  Riders must be able to aim and shoot with a ray gun to freeze (3-D) Iron Sea Monsters.  Continue reading and find out how to save on your next visit to Knott's.
Start practicing your target shooting skills, as the ride tracks your progress through points collected for destroying sea monsters.  There are some secret surprises along the ride so look out for them to rack up big points.  Freeze the Queen of Kraken and her army of Iron Sea Monsters to make it out to the main land.  There are six scenes using a combined total of eleven screens varying from 20 ft. up to 70 ft. in length.
Voyage to the Iron Reef is great family fun allowing for four riders per submarine.  Our family exited the ride dropping us into the newly redesigned video arcade for a game or two then ran back to get in line for another voyage.  We rode five times and each of us found something new every time.  I suggest you take the entire family on a fun date to Knott’s to relax and play together.

Knott's has several promotional offers to help you save. 1.) Mcdonald's promotional coupon to save $25.00 of ticket purchase. 2.) Costco in-store locations in Southern California offer package deals for Knott's Soak City. 3.) Show your AAA card and save.
Disclaimer: We were invited to attend a media event. All thoughts and opinions are all my own.

Alma Bosek's Slidely by Slidely Slideshow

Secret clues: Look for Snoopy Icon's throughout the game. Find hidden Knott's Historical moments in the cliffs. Sssssssssssssssssh don't tell anyone I told you.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Inspirational Monday - Remember to say,"thank you."

It's the beginning of the week and I want to help you get inspired! 
Let's begin with inspirational quotes that have helped to lift me in the past. I hope you find them helpful as well. 

“With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.”  Wayne W. Dyer

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” Lao Tzu

"Dear God, Please heal my fear-based thoughts, so that I may find kindness, compassion and love." unknown

This week remember to say, "thank you", when you feel grateful for all your blessings. Watch how the week will unfold with great ease. 

I wish you a great week. 


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Medieval Times special Mother's day offer. Plus a giveaway!

It's Mother's day this weekend.  Surprise her with dinner and a show by taking her to Medieval Times in Buena Park, CA.  If you have never been to the castle, you will want to read my post on our past experience.

See Field TripMom trip goes to Medieval times at:

Want more? Be sure to enter our giveaway and see the discount codes for the Medieval Times, Buena Park.

Mom is FREE for all shows from Monday, May 4, through Sunday, May 10, 2015, when accompanied by one full-paid adult admission at Medieval Times Buena Park.

* Be sure to mention code: MOMWEB


7662 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620
(866) 543-9637

Connect to our sponsor:
Twitter: @MedievalTimesCA
Instagram: @Medieval_TimesCA
Hashtags: #MTFan #MedievalTimesCA 

Disclaimer: The giveaway is sponsored by Medieval Times. All thoughts and opinions are all our own. Must be 18 years old to enter for a chance to win. Please visit our sponsor to find more deals and coupons. 

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Field Trip Mom - Sharing my story with you.

My name is Alma and I live in sunny Southern California with my two kids and husband. Together we are field tripping our way through life. Along the way, we want to share our adventures with our community and hope that it inspires others to field trip more. We want to make educational travel a common activity as well as affordable. When possible I share deals on different upcoming events. Our goal, to help make family units a tighter bond, to learn together through hands on experience and to help develop lifestyles within those families and our communities.

My background started right here in Southern California. I grew up in Los Angeles near 4th and Bixel cast in the shadows of the downtown buildings. I was raised by two very traditional Mexican parents with the help of the California public school system.  My upbringing is a combination of indigenous Mexican values and Middle class American Organic values and  I have a unique outlook on life.  

Growing up, I had no after school babysitter so I depended on our TV to keep me company. The “I love Lucy Show,” re-runs were my usual companion after school. I would laugh for that half of an hour each day and smile at all the crazy stunts Lucy pulled.  I also watched cartoons like "The Flintstones and Bugs Bunny", they were funny as well.  I remember those years with great fondness.

Fast forwarding to getting married and becoming a parent and things get more amazing. Having a child changed both my husband and my life for the better. It made us realize that sitting on the couch was not how we would raise our kids.  Having a balance of school work, play and field tripping would be our family plan for making memories and creating a family life with intention. 

Things are not perfect in the field trip mom household, but there is love. A lot of love to heal, protect, guide, nurture and forgive. These past years have taught us that love can heal past injuries and make family life better.   As in Corinthians love is patient and kind. Always keep those words in mind when you think of your family.

Corinthians 13:4-8
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres.

I hope you will continue to follows us on our journey. 

Best regards,

Alma - Field Trip Mom 

Monday, April 27, 2015

How to make a succulent terrarium. #giftidea

Mother's Day is just around the corner and a homemade terrarium will be the perfect gift for her.  First, you will have to buy a few items that can be found at a local gardening store or you can look at your local Target store.  Let's start with the tools and materials you will need.

Materials needed: 
Glass Container
Potting Soil for Succulents
Gardening Charcoal
Small Rocks 
Various Succulent Plant Clippings
Dry Moss 
Small Decorations 

How to get started:
1. Start with a medium size glass container. You can use a recycled pickle jar similar to the kind you find at Costco or even a clear vase.  I found the most popular jar for this craft is a medium size fish bowl.  I suggest you look around your kitchen cabinet first and recycle instead of buy.  Really any medium size glass jar will do. 

2. Once you have your glass container, you will need to add small pebbles or rocks.  The rocks will help with drainage preventing the roots from rotting.  The rocks can be found at your local gardening center or in nature.  You will need enough small rocks to cover 1 to 2 inch layer of the bottom of your glass container. 

3. Use the charcoal to help with odor, control moisture and improve drainage. Use enough to cover about 1/2" above the rocks.  Please see the picture below to see what it should like when you are done. 

4. Buy Potting Soil for succulents.  Use enough to cover the bottom of the container so that half of the container is filled.  By now, you should have three layers inside the container. One layer was small rocks, second layer was charcoal and third is the potting soil. 

5. Use various succulent clippings or buy small containers of the different types to add to the soil.  Choose the plants based on your tastes and what appeals to your eye.  Make sure that you place the plant approximately 1/2" into the soil making sure it can take root.  Tip: Colorful plants make a terrarium more attractive. 

5. Moss is used to decorate the terrarium and as decor to cover the soil.  It also acts as protection for the plants.  Now, you can start decorating the terrarium with decorative rocks, shells, ceramic animals or  plastic bugs.  Use your imagination and enjoy.

Photo Credit: NASA
Something to think about:
Quote directly from the NASA Kids page: "A terrarium has its own mini-climate. The container has just a small opening or sometimes even a lid to completely enclose the container. That makes a terrarium like a greenhouse. Sunlight enters through the glass and warms the air, soil and plants the same way that sunlight coming through the atmosphere warms Earth’s surface. The glass holds in some of the warmth, just as Earth’s atmosphere does."