Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tamales Tamales

Saturday, located at 22511 Auburn Dale Lake Forest CA, the Field Trip Mom family are selling Pork and Chicken Tamales at one of the largest Orange County community garage sales.  Profits go toward bring our readers more fun and original content supporting great family trips as well as additional giveaways and promotions funded directly by Field Trip Mom.

We are selling them also by the dozen after the sale by email request for a limited time.  Come on over and help support our fundraising event or email us for more information. 
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Disney Planes Fire and Rescue

Disney's Planes, Dusty Crophopper, is back for a second installment with Planes Fire and Rescue.  With many of the original movies characters and several new friends, Dusty takes in a whole new road to success.  Disclaimer, this is a sponsored post.  We were provided tickets to view the movie in exchange for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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Planes Fire and Rescue starts with Dusty practicing his racing near his home airport.  The brave little plane is pushing himself to the limits and redlining his engine.  Dusty performs an extreme maneuver by using his speed to race to one of the highest altitudes he has ever seen when he suddenly experiences engine trouble and stalls.  Dusty starts falling out of the sky, he lands but needs help.  After visiting the doctor, Dusty is told that he can no longer race and must keep his engine RPMs under the redline.

Dusty is depressed and scared because if he races, his engine could seize and the type of engine he has is discontinued.  After crashing and wrecking several buildings at his airport, Federal officials shut down his airport because his fire engine friend is old and the airport has no backup fire fighter.  Dusty decides he needs to become fire fighter trained as the backup and takes off for training.

After days of fierce training and trying to prove himself to the Chief Trainer, Dusty finds himself in the middle of a major forest fire.  Dusty and his new fire fighting friends need every ounce of help to avoid the destruction of a National Forest and a newly built Luxury Inn.  During the fierce battle, the fire fighting crew all find themselves in grave danger and ill prepared for a fire of this magnitude.  Can Dusty and team help save the National Forest, the Inn and all of the tourists in the park?  Can Dusty successfully finish his fire training certification and help get his airport reopen?  Go see Planes Fire and Rescue to find out!

The Field Trip Mom family was invited to a prescreening of Planes Fire and Rescue.  This movie was a great sequel to the original with completely new spin to Dusty's adventures.  Excellent new characters, great one liners and a heart warming story make this movie a great summer must see.  Now open in theaters, go out this weekend to see this excellent new Disney movie!  We know you and your family will enjoy it as much as we did.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Knott's Berry Farm Camp Snoopy Parody.

We recently visited Knott's Berry Farm with friends and family. The day was full of fun moments and comfort food. It truly was a fun day. There were so many silly moments that it reminded me of our favorite book, "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie." One of Southern California’s best amusement parks and the most popular book make for a fun post that will make you smile and laugh. I hope you enjoy the parody. My intent is to make you fall in love with two of my favorite things. Disclaimer: FTM received complimentary tickets to the park. No compensation of cash was received. All thoughts and opinions are all my own.

 photo knottsberryfarmlogo_zpsc85355da.jpg
When you go to visit Knott’s Berry Farm chances are that you will want to go to Camp Snoopy. There, you will go on (3) new rides, Charlie Brown’s Kite, Linus Launcher and Pig Pen Mud Buggies.  As you get off Charlie Brown’s ride, you will notice your stomach is hungry, so you will walk over to the fruit stand.  There you will buy a pickle and a drink.

 photo CharlieBrownsKiteFlyer_zps11b29499.jpg
This will remind you that you purchased a dining plan for $29.99 and you can eat all day at Knott’s.  So, you will check your pocket to make sure you still have your voucher.  Just then, your friend will tap you on the shoulder.  That will remind you that you were supposed to meet him and others on the other side of the park.  
playing at Knotts photo playingatknotts_zps60d28a86.jpg
You rush to the Churro Factory with him to find your friends.  Standing there, you will smell the freshly made churros.  Your friend will buy one for himself; this will make you hungry for one.  As a good friend, you will buy churros for all of your friends.  Your friends will arrive and all of you will enjoy boysenberry churros together.  Standing there, someone will scream "Let’s go to the Snoopy Unleashed Show."  Everyone will rush over to the theatre to watch Snoopy. 
Churro photo churrosatknotts_zpsdec071a4.jpg
After the show, you and your friends will want to get some lunch.  You will go over to Sutter’s Fine Fare for some cheeseburgers and fries.  Finishing up your cheeseburger, you will notice it’s time to go to the Big Foot Rapids.  So you will put your cellphone in a safe waterproof container and put your poncho on to avoid getting wet.  Your friends will think you are nuts but get on with you. 
Snoopy Unleashed photo snoopyunleashed_zps11e1ca54.jpg
On the way to the ride, you will see the Calico Mine Ride and decided to go there first.  Standing in line, you will want to take a selfie.  So you will remove your cellphone out of the waterproof container to take the picture.  Chances are that if you take a selfie then your friends will want to take one too.  Inside the Calico Mine ride the flames will scare you but the thought of finding gold in the mine will make you curious.  As the ride comes to an end, you will wonder more about finding gold.
 photo knottslogride_zps5173645f.jpg
Just then, you will remember that the park has a Geode Store that sells rocks, gems and minerals.  This will make you want to take in one last ride and head for the store.  You look across the walkway and see the Timber Mountain Log Ride.  So you will grab your friends and run to get in line.  Standing there you will remember to put your cellphone back in the waterproof plastic to keep it from getting wet.  Before you put your cellphone away, you take a selfie. Chances are if you take a selfie your friends will want to take one too.
FTM photo ftmselfie_zpsa6d4ac96.jpg
The Timber Mountain Log Ride is wild, fast, fun and exciting.  So much excitement will remind you that you are hungry for Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner.  Walking over to the restaurant you will see the Geode Store and stop in to see the beautiful rocks.  Just then, the shop clerk starts to cut a geode in half that he just sold to another customer.  Looking at all the rocks and minerals in the store will remind you that you have room for one more geode on your shelf. So you buy one right on the spot and ask the clerk to cut it in half for you. 
Geode Shop photo geodeshopminerals_zpsfc7b75c7.jpg
As you and your friends head to Mrs. Knott’s restaurant, you will remember that you forgot to go on the Big Foot Rapids, the Hat Dance and so many other rides.  This will remind you to buy an annual pass so you can come back and ride all the other rides you might have missed.  If you buy an annual pass, chances are that your friends will want to join you and buy and annual pass too.  
Chicken Dinner photo KnottsBerryFarmfriedchicken_zps5ed2954c.jpg
If you buy an annual pass, chance are that you will come back to visit Camp Snoopy with your friends.
Disclaimer: FTM received complimentary tickets to the park. No compensation of cash was received. All thoughts and opinions are all my own.

Knott's Berry Farm is located at 8039 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620. Laura Numeroff is an award winning and New York bestselling author, who lives in Los Angeles, CA. You can find her through her publisher HarperCollins.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

GigaSavvy and Wahoo's Taco Truck "Eat and Greet" Field Trip.

Friday July 11, 2014, we attended an Eat and Greet at GigaSavvy.  They are a local digital marketing & PR company who opened it is doors to meet their community.  They invited the Wahoo’s Taco Truck to sell lunch to the public, adding to the fun.  They offered two lunch combos including one taco with rice and beans for only $5.00 and a two taco plate with rice, beans, chips and salsa for $7.00.  Both combos were delicious and freshly made on site.  After lunch, Lala Castro surprised us with a tour of GigaSavvy headquarters.  Lunch, meeting great new people and a tour of an amazing company made it a great way for our next field trip adventure. 

 photo be8d6506-2f23-4398-b44b-216cc229d691_zps5832e844.jpg

GigaSavvy is located in Irvine, CA near the Irvine Spectrum shopping center. They partner with local companies as well as large well-known brands for all digital marketing and public relations campaigns.  True to their core family values, they offer great opportunities to come and visit with staff, learn and become part of something greater in life.

 photo 23728623-eba3-4568-84f2-ea72461b0635_zps07777d16.jpg

The Wahoo’s taco truck was a great idea to fuel our hungry bodies.  My kids and I enjoyed the food and talking to new friends during this special luncheon. One new friend we made was a cute little dog named Henry.  This 13 year old doggie joined in our lunch event from one of the neighboring businesses.  His owner worked nearby and stopped to buy some tacos for lunch.  The bonus was that my kids spoiled Henry by feeding him grilled chicken from their plates.  Both boys made a pal in no time with Henry.  They enjoyed sharing their lunch and playing with him.  Henry was a little shy at first but soon thereafter, he refused to leave our side.  With a little love and a lot more food, he eventually walked back to his own office next door.  We then walked into the GigaSavvy doors to mingle with more people making more friends.

Henry the dog photo fieldtriptravel_zps7c8272f5.jpg

We then had the opportunity to sit with Alyson Ben-Yehuda and Lala Castro to discuss social media.  After a brief talk, we were invited to see the rest of the GigaSavvy inner workings.  We started with the Orange Room and the boys had a small mock interview, receiving feedback on their interview skills for the future.  Before we entered the room; Sarah, one of the staff members, handed us each an ice cream cone for dessert.  This made the kids happy beyond belief.  We sat down with ice cream cones in hand while Ms. Lala shared her company’s motto and explained digital marketing to us.  She tied in the importance of having a well-rounded education for holding a job in digital marketing and PR.  

 photo e09f3572-8f3d-4d6b-90c4-9ef41f93f5f5_zps469ee36d.jpg

She then walked us through the office introducing us to their staff.  Each introduction included a little information about their assignment and job duties.  The entire staff was very friendly and welcoming providing lots of information about digital marketing.  As we were on our way out, the kids were introduced to Corey Mangold, a principal of the company.  He engaged the kids with questions about their future.  One such question was “Do you want to own your business someday?”  What a great question for my kids.  It opened a window into a world of possibilities.  Finally, we said our good-byes and thanked Ms. Lala and her staff for being so generous with their time.

 photo fieldtripdigitalPr_zpsf3fad3d3.jpg

Overall, the day started as a lunch date and quickly turned into a fun field trip for all of us thanks to the warm hearts of the GigaSavvy team.  On the way home, we discussed what we learned about the day.  According to our boys, here are the (7) things they learned from the day:
  1. GigaSavvy employees are very friendly and creative.
  2. Digital Marketing is a fun profession.
  3. An Eat and Greet is a great way to meet the community.
  4. Treat everyone like family. 
  5. Toys in the work place promote fun and creativity.
  6. Ice Cream Fridays are a must for the office. 
  7. The Orange room is the interview room. 
We had such a great experience visiting and learning that we want to say thank you to everyone at GigaSavvy for opening your doors to us!
Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are all my own. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sender One Funtopia Indoor Rock Climbing

Centrally located in Orange County, get ready for some amazing fun.  A great entertainment facility for kids, amazing exercise for adults and an excellent venue with tons of fun for birthday parties and corporate events.  Welcome to Funtopia & Sender One, indoor rock climbing, yoga and fitness center.  Strap yourself up to the harnesses and get ready to climb and race others to the top of several challenges for loads of fun.   

Sender One photo senderoneftm_zps47b49339.jpg

Do your kids love to climb on everything; everywhere?  Have you ever admired the art of rock climbing and never knew how to start?  Have you plateaued in your current workout?  Are you still looking for those lean, ripped muscles while having the strength to support your body weight upside down by one hand?  Sender One is the place for you, offering that and much more.
The Field Trip Mom family was invited to participate in Sender One's Funtopia and Rock Climbing facilities. When we arrived, we were instantly greeting by the helpful staff who strapped us into our climbing harnesses.  We watched a short video on the appropriate do's and don'ts inside the facility and we were off to enjoy some climbing.  I was escorted over to a maze wall by one of the staff members who picked me for this climb.  The wall was a 40 foot tall maze with pegs that you could move through the maze.  The object; while you climb the wall, try to move the pegs to the top where there was a large hole for them to fall safely back to the ground for the next climber.  You had to really focus because the maze had several dead ends which made you rethink your climbing and movement of the pegs through the maze.  Our oldest son loved playing on the Funtopia letter wall and the firemans' ladder climb.  This climb was a 4 story building with ladders at various angles.  He had to use the window ledges and the ladders to reach a button near each window to extinguish the fires inside.  He was so confident climbing up all of the 40 foot walls.  He then climbed up to the top of a platform 30 feet in the air and jumped to grab onto a body bag hanging in mid air!  See this activity in action in the video below.

Funtopia has several walls to climb, all with a varying degree of difficulty.  One wall has rotating disks so as you grabbed onto the rock hold, you had to control your core muscles to ensure the disk stayed in place for you while you journey up the wall.  Our youngest son enjoyed climbing up 1 ft by 1 ft padded pillars at an increasing incline until he was standing 30 feet in the air.  Once at the top, he would jump off onto a bulls eye target on the floor below as the cables slowly lowered him to safety.

 photo b400865f-249c-425b-ace0-7aae9eab62e6_zps6bbdf58e.jpg

We were then invited into the party room for a quick pizza refuel which is available for birthday parties and corporate events.  The party room had plenty of space for a large group.  We had 25 people in our group and the room had plenty of seating for everyone.  In talking with the staff, they have several local restaurants that work with Funtopia to bring delicious meals to your party.

 photo SenderOneFuntopiaOC_zpsb6154138.jpg

Finally, we were taken over to the Sender One side of the facility which was host to towering 50 foot walls with cliff type ledges and a cave where you could test your true strength.  We were locked in and allowed to climb our way to the top while one of the staff members kept us secured by ropes from the floor below.  The facility is lined with 24 inch foam mats for safety and the presence was of friendship, learning, strength and fun.  An amazing arena with nearly a hundred climbers practicing their craft in a gigantic facility.  Want a true workout?  Looking for fun and a great facility to host your next event?  Check out Sender One!  Take a look at a 360 degree view inside their facility.

You can find everything you need to know about Funtopia and Sender One at their website listed below.  Birthday party and event hosting prices are available as well as a full description of all of their services and Yoga schedules.  Sender One has beginning, intermediate and advance climbing classes as well as yoga and fitness training.  If you want a fun activity for the family or want to learn a new sport, Sender One will surely deliver.

Sender One is located at 1441 Village Way Santa Ana, CA 92705.  Conveniently located off off the 55 Fwy and McFadden next to the Roger Dunn Golf Store.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Don Roberto Jewelers Grand Opening Invitation for you! #DonRoberto

Sponsored post for the great people of Don Roberto Jewelers.
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You are invited to Don Roberto Jewelers grand opening.

10335 Magnolia Avenue. Riverside, Ca 92505.

When: July 26th, 2014

Time: 1:00pm

La Raza Radio Station will be there playing music for all. There will be an ipad Raffle that you can enter. Come and celebrate with us!
 photo a8304a10-24fd-44a5-aa40-fa5707a85594_zpsf302e2ea.jpg

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Don Roberto Jewelry photo donrobertojewelry_zps366eb74e.png

Pretend City: The Road to the Future.

Pretend City Children's Museum has lots of fun activities this summer.  The museum is full of hands-on learning exhibits. Children are encouraged to drive throughout the city in toy cars. August is "The Road to the Future" month. They will be exploring roads, a pretend construction site and other activities. Parents will be encourage to ask their kids about their hopes and dreams. It is a fun place for young families. Read about our most recent visit to find out more:
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are all my own.

 photo b1b499b6-cdcd-49cb-ac43-3a337a3743cb_zpsf74e3958.jpg


On this post I am hosting a chance to enter a giveaway for (2) Tickets to Pretend City Children's Museum. This giveaway is open to all U.S. residents ages 18 years or older. 
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