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Earth Day is everyday!

I celebrate Earth Day every day through small acts. The little things that I do at home are carpooling, turning off the lights when not in use and separating my trash. I water my plants with rainwater when possible.  This means that when it rains I put out containers to capture it. I think about Mother Earth every day and I make small changes to help protect her. My purpose is to make this place better for my children and their children. I am not perfect, so sometimes I do use plastic and Styrofoam. When this happens I make sure that these items go directly into a trash to avoid them from ending up in the ocean .   Not littering is one of the most important things you can do to help the Earth. Please do not litter because your trash may end up in our Ocean with our animals. Turning off the lights, separating your trash and shorter showers are super important to being kind to our Earth, however not littering is one I highly recommend as part of your daily routine. 

Elements Massage Costa Mesa turns One!

The other day my friends over at   LatinaGeeks invited me to attend a birthday celebration. Elements Massage in Costa Mesa was turning one and they were celebrating. I was excited to finally get a chance to learn first hand about their services. Several of my friends had already recommended their services to me.  I was now going to find out first hand how wonderful their services are for relieving stress. My car-pooler for the evening was fellow blogger Wendy from Over the Top Mommy . We both were super excited to have an evening of friendly conversation and a massage. When we arrived we were greeted with friendly faces and a gift bag. The bag was from My Fit Foods and is made to store both hot or cold foods.  Inside were several goodies from AlernaVites, Lebrisa Designs and SkinAgain.  T he staff handed us a ticket for a raffle along with a time for a mini massage!  The best part, the local community was also invited to attend this birthday celebration, which made for a fun even

Fun Places to take the Kids on Spring Break

Many kids are out of school starting today for Spring Break.  It has been the longest trimester and many times the kids as well as the parents are tired.  It is the final push to get to summer vacation.  Why not get out of the house this week, have some fun and take a few field trips. Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park - Enjoy Knott's Berry Farm's Spring Bloom where the great people at Knott's decorate the park with loads of spring flowers, Easter eggs and playtime fun.  Enjoy Knott's new Boardwalk rides and all of the fantastic roller coasters, shows and classic rides like the Log Ride and the Calico Mine Ride. Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana  - Continue to teach your children on Spring Break without them knowing at the Discovery Science Center.  Enjoy the science of Bubblefest and Grossology where you and your children will learn fascinating facts about making gigantic bubbles and icky and gross topics the kids are sure to love.  Then go and en

A fun night at Rance's Chicago pizza in Costa Mesa

As a mom, food is always on my mind because I prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for my family.   I also prepare snacks and play date lunches too. Food is a big part of our families everyday lives. Pizza is a big staple in our weekly food budget.  We either have pizza for dinner or the school offers it for lunch at least twice a month.  This tasty dough pie with tomato sauce and cheese makes our family dinners happy and fun. My family and I like to try new pizza restaurants because we enjoy tasting different recipes. When I was invited to visit Rance's Chicago Pizza in Costa Mesa, I gladly accepted. Recently, I was invited to attend a bloggers pizza party. The party was at Rance’s Chicago Pizza in Costa Mesa .  I was excited to visit with old friends and met new people as well as to try a new place for the family.  Armed with only my hungry tummy, I walked in excited for a new adventure in food.  I was immediately greeted by my friend and a cup of Ice Tea. I could smell the p

Discovery Science Center Mega Bubblefest Laser Show XVIII ends April 20th.

Spring is here and the Discovery Science Center has the best show in town. Deni Yang is an amazing Bubble master. He holds a world record for having the most people inside a bubble. His show Bubblefest Laser Show is a hit with all the kids and adults. It is a show filled with bubbles that can dance with rhythm. This amazing show makes science fun to learn. Simple ingredients such as soap and water are turned into magical bubbles. There are little bubbles and giant bubbles that dance on stage. It is truly a must see performance that makes you feel young and full of energy . 

Why I love my new ICU Sunglasses.

A year ago, I started to notice that I was having issues with reading and writing posts. I noticed that I was making many mistakes when writing. I thought I was simply tired due to writing in the middle of the night resulting in my eyesight becoming blurry when reading and writing. Then, on a routine eye appointment for my two kids, the doctor noticed my eyesight was declining. She quickly sat me down in a chair and began examining my eyes. Within minutes, she explained to me that I now needed eye glasses. We went from two kids with glasses to now two kids and a parent all needing prescriptions.  All I could think about was the cost of my new prescription.  I had just spent hundreds of dollars on both my kids eye wear and now I had to do the same for me.

Museums that offer free admission in Orange County, California.

At the beginning of the month many museums through Southern California offer discounts, free admission and special offers. This is a great way to get your family to visit some of the most beautiful museums in Orange County, California. Let me share with you a few of the places that have special offers. 

Celebrity "Peeps Candy" myth buster.

There is a celebrity that is often seen during the Easter holiday. The supermarket's dedicate an entire aisle to this famous candy. It is  well know all throughout the United States. The "Peeps" candies are a marshmallow sugary treat that kids and adults enjoy. It's a squishy, gooey ooey treat.   Myth 1.  It is often said that this popular candy is only found at the local supermarket. This is not a correct statement. You can often find Pink Bunny Peep enjoying a lobster dinner at the local eatery.  However, most of the time, she spends it at the shop Peeps and Company .    Myth 2. This popular seasonal candy does not like fruit. This is an absolute lie! Purple Bunny Peep enjoys working with fruit. As you can tell by the picture the Peep is having a great time. Myth 3. All marshmallow candies are the same. All marshmallows are not the same. There is a rainbow of Peeps. Find the right one for you.     Myth 4. Peeps only like chocolate

Coming soon....The Peep Show