Del Real Tortas De Carnitas estillo Michoacan

Del Real Tortas de Carnitas estillo Michoacan are super easy to make and filled with flavor. The main ingredients are pulled pork, re-fried beans and french bread. These main ingredients can be combined with other flavor combinations to change the dish. For example you can use Pineapple and teriyaki sauce mixed in the Del Real pulled pork to make it a Hawaiian sandwich.  Barbeque sauce and brown sugar mixed into the pork can make a delicious BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich. 

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pulled pork sandwich

Ingredients you will need: 

1 Carnitas pull pork Del Real foods
1 Refried Beans Del Real Foods
1 container of Salsa Verde Del Real Foods
6 French bread / Bolillo Bread cut in half.
1/2 cup of Sour Cream
 4 cups of Shredded Cabbage
1 ½ cups of Shredded carrots
1/4 Onion sliced very thin
1 cup Cilantro for garnish
1 cup of Cotija cheese shredded very thin
1 cup of olives (your favorite)
Slices of  Jalapenos (optional)

carnitas tortas

Preparation time 30 minutes: 

Warm the Carnitas and Refried Beans as per the directions on the Del Real package.  Ensure all of your vegetables are washed and the excess water is removed.  While your Del Real food is warming up, start shredding the cabbage and carrots gently tossing together.  Your mixture should look like Cole Slaw. Place them in a bowl and set them aside until needed.  Grate the Cotija Cheese and set in a bowl.  Remove the ends of the Cilantro and chop it up.  You may leave the Cilantro out if you are not a fan.

Once your Del Real Carnitas and Refried beans have been warmed up, you are ready to begin building your delicious sandwich.
del real foods

Start with your French bread and sour cream.  Cut the bread in half and apply a thin layer of sour cream to each side of the French bread.  Then, add a layer of refried beans on top of the sour cream followed by sprinkling on your Cotija Cheese (the Cotija cheese is salty).  The mixture of the sour cream, refried beans and cheese will blend well with the Carnitas.  

del real foods

Follow next by placing the Del Real Carnitas to one side of the sandwich (I use only ¼ cup on my sandwich.)  Adjust the Carnitas distribution to fit your hungry crowd.  Next, add your green salsa on top of the Carnitas (You may also add sliced jalapenos to add a bit  of heat to your sandwich.)  By now, your sandwich should be (5) layers of yum!  To make this sandwich burst with flavor, add your cabbage mixture to the sandwich and garnish with a few thinly slices of white onion and cilantro (optional).

Serve with fresh cut up watermelon or any fresh fruit that is in season. 

*** Feeling like BBQ? Then you can remove the sour cream, Cotija cheese, re-fried beans and green salsa from the recipe.  Mix ½ cup BBQ sauce and ¼ cup brown sugar (Taste it as you add.) to the Carnitas and turn this Sandwich into a delicious BBQ dish. 

Disclaimer: We received free product to create a recipe for Del Real Foods. This recipe is my original creation. My roots are from Michoacan, Mexico and my style of cooking is from that region of Mexico. All ideas and opinions are all my own. 


Mission San Juan Capistrano family field trip.

California is rich with history. All you have to do to find it is walk outside your door and explore Mission San Juan Capistrano. It is a 239 year old monument that offers 10 acres of gardens, fountains, and structures. Take a Saturday morning to explore the past.
San Juan Capistrano
If the walls could talk? What would they tell us about what happened to the Native Americans, Mexicans and Father Junipero Serra. Saint Serra established 9 missions and converted about 5,000 Native Americans before his death in 1784. He died and was buried at his headquarters Mission Carmel, just outside of Monterey.
Mission San Juan Capistrano
These photos are of the ruins of the great stone Church at Mission San Juan Capistrano. It took nine years to construct the great stone church. In 1806, the church opened it's doors to San Juan Capistrano Catholics who had been in a smaller building that could barely hold them. It was a great accomplishment for the people of San Juan Capistrano.  Unfortunately, six years later an earthquake would claim it and (40) of it's church members attending mass on December 8th, 1812. The church was never rebuilt. Today, we can see the hard work that went into the construction. 
As you walk through the great ruins at Mission San Juan Capistrano, take a close look at the materials they used to build the walls of the church. You can still see the seashells, rocks and other hard materials that were used to create the walls of the Mission. It is very inspiring to see how a seashell can survive 239 years.
History California
Walking around the Mission you get a feeling of peace and serenity. It feels like you are seeing the beginning of our history in the State of California. We suggest you visit the Mission this Spring when the flowers and fruit trees are in full bloom. You won't be sorry that you made the trip.

Happy travels... The Bosek Family.

Natural Products Expo West 2016

Anaheim Convention Center is hosting the largest food expo. Natural Products Expo West 2016 was jumping this year with several new products. Our taste buds were in organic heaven the entire time we visited Expo West. As you know, Expo West has been one of our go to events for several years. We review, test and taste organic products, then share our results with you to help you shop smarter and stay within your budget. This year, we found some delicious, high fiber and healthy snacks. Let me start with Mission® Certified Organics Tortilla Chips. They are made with masa ground from organically grown corn. The tortillas are then  cooked in organic oil and topped with fresh sea salt. 
While at the Expo West Hall, we tasted the Mamee stacked potato crisps and Dragon fruit in a pouch. Both were delicious and full of great ingredients. These products are Non-GMO, gluten free and Vegan friendly. Both products are great for packing in lunchboxes and on the go healthy eating. Ask your grocery store for these organic products. They are sure to change your eating habits!
Organic Snacks
Vegan Bacon Bits, Love Beets and Spinach Wraps were also tasty and healthy. All of the above products are organic and full of healthy ingredients.  Beets, Beets and more Beets, the more you eat them, the better you feel. One of the amazing things that happened in our house is the kids fell in love with BEETS!!!  They are in love with beet juice, beet snacks and beet anything because of the colorful packing. Who knew that beets could be so lovable and delicious as well as healthy for the entire family! 
Non GMO Snacks
Fresh coconut water from the Vietnam fields via @Hamona USA, Boxed water (Boxed Water, an eco-friendly and BPA-free alternative to bottled water) and fresh fruit bars are great products to take on your next travel adventure. The coconut stays very fresh if you freeze it right in the shell. The fresh coconuts were brought all the way from across the world to be sold at our local markets. The boxed water was the perfect size to pack in my children's lunch box. The boxed container sparked a conversation between the kids about going  BPA-Free. It made for a fun lunch experience for my kids at school. Pure bars are filled with only great fresh ingredients and are Non-GMO, gluten free and vegan friendly. They are the perfect bite for an afternoon snack. Our whole family are now fans of the Pure Bar. 

This is a small sample of products that Expo West had to offer. We are still testing and sampling organic products. Please continue to stop by to read about our latest food adventure.
Disclaimer: We reviewed food products for a period of six weeks. Not a sponsored post. All thoughts and Ideas are all our own. No fruits or vegetables were hurt in the making of this blog post. 


Ratchet and Clank iconic PlayStation video game comes to the movies.

Ratchet and Clank, the iconic video game is coming to a theatre near you on April 29th, 2016.  Take a sneak peek at the movie here and you will see how fun and educational it will be for your entire family.  The movie is entertaining as well as educational.  Ratchet and Clank, the two main characters, walk us through forming new friendships, believing in ourselves and self-discovery. As these two partner up to save the galaxy, they will encounter many obstacles that they will need to overcome. Read on to find valuable resources that can help your child learn.

We attended a movie preview at the Google offices in Venice, California.  Google L.A. and Focus hosted an interactive film event for approximately one hundred students from the Downey Unified School district.  After the movie was over, the students were able to ask questions.  The panel included two game developers, movie animator, director of the movie and two voice actors (Ratchet and Clank).  The Q & A was amazing because the kids asked some amazing questions. 
ratchet and clank

After the Q& A with the panel of Ratchet and Clank experts, the audience was treated to a special introduction on animation. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math were very much present during this event.  Here, the films lead animator walked us through the process of creating Ratchet and other characters.  The kids were amazed at the entire process of animation. 
The fun continued as the audience was asked to participate in game.  The game was to design a new weapon that Ratchet and Clank would use in their next adventure.  The students were given markers and a blank piece of white cardboard to start their design.  Immediately, kids formed friendships and ideas started forming.  Soon, the kids were in teams brainstorming.  It was wonderful to watch young minds at work. 
They were given about 15 minutes to get their ideas on paper and present to the judges.  The youngest student at the event was a third grader.  Age did not matter in this competition. 
The competition was exciting!!!  The team that won made a technology glove for Ratchet to use in his next adventure.  The voice actors, the movie director and the entire panel along with Ratchet were on hand to thank the entire audience for coming to their interactive movie premiere.  The experience was incredible for all of us as well as the Downey Unified School District because we could see Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math come together in the movie. 

Bonus: Computer Science Education Resources that can help your child learn 

Find more pictures on Fieldtripmom nstagram https://www.instagram.com/fieldtripmom/

Disclaimer:  We were invited to a private preview of the movie. We did not receive any compensation or prizes. All thoughts and opinions are all my own. Allied Hispanic 


Travel must have is Salonpas pain relief patch.

California is a beautiful place to live and visit because the sun is always out. Our family often travels to historical sites, museums, Regional Parks or entertainment places made for family fun. As parents, we have to be energized and ready to hike, walk, jump and play with our two kids during these fun travels. Most of the time, we are able to be completely active and in great spirits. There are times however when our bodies have pain. "Oohh my lower back", shoulder, foot or neck. It's Murphy's Law, not feeling good usually happens when you have tickets to a limited engagement event and have spent a significant amount of money on. Not going because you do not feel well is just not an option. The kids are looking forward to the event and really, you are too. Taking medication that will cause you to be drowsy is worse because you need to be alert for the experience. What to do? We started using Salonpas pain relief patch to save the day!!!

Both my husband and I had the opportunity to test Salonpas patches. They easily adhere or spray onto all parts of the body. The results of using Salonpas were incredible for us. It gave us complete day and overnight relief while allowing us to travel, sit in the car and move around with more comfort. We became fans of the product and we have added it to our emergency bag for travel. We would like to recommend that if you experience pain in your lower back or anywhere on your body, to try out these products first before taking oral medication. Your liver and stomach will thank you for it.

Salonpas gave us temporary relief of our aches and pains.  We are now doing Yoga and changing our diet to help reduce the chances of chronic pain.  As parents to young children, we can not afford to be down with the aches and pains of age or soreness of a strained muscle.  Salonpas helped us to be more active and stay healthy.  We tested the product over a period of (8) weeks and personally used them on our own bodies.  The patches tingle with a warming sensation and have a light menthol scent.  We were very happy with the results and will continue to use this product to help us with our travel and occasional muscle aches.

Disclaimer: Sponsored post. All thoughts and ideas are all my own. We are not medical professionals. Please consult with your doctor before using any products to reduce pain. 


Point Fermin Lighthouse San Pedro, California.

San Pedro, California is home to the historical Point Fermin Lighthouse. Point Fermin Lighthouse was built in 1874 and was active until 1941. This Victorian style lighthouse was the creation of draftsman, Paul J. Pelz, who went on to design (6) lighthouses in total for the United States. This architectural beacon was very important to early California settlers due to the high volume of ships arriving daily with supplies. Lighthouses traditionally helped seamen determine their position at sea and warned them of any danger ahead. Today, we have approximately (30) lighthouses spread out throughout the California coast however only a little over a dozen remain open to the public. Point Fermin is a rare place to visit and very easy to access.

This early Victorian architectural style lighthouse is a simple design decorated with a gabled roof and horizontal siding. The lighthouse served as symbols of strength and safety for the people who battled the sea. Point Fermin Lighthouse site and museum is open to the public free of charge. All are welcomed to visit and explore this historical site.
Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the ocean breeze after your tour of the lighthouse. Remember, they are only open Tuesday through Sunday from 1 PM until 4 PM. They may be closed for holidays or other events. Always call or check their website before visiting to ensure a great visit.

Getting to the Fermin Lighthouse:

Point Fermin Lighthouse
807 W. Paseo Del Mar
San Pedro, CA

**The Point Fermin Lighthouse is located on the south side of San Pedro, just west of where S. Pacific Avenue reaches its southern end. Children under 40 inches tall aren't allowed in the tower.

Approximately, 25 plus lighthouses still remain on the California coast. Only a dozen lighthouses still remain open to the public. Here is a list of lighthouses that remain open to the public.

There is an added bonus. Point Fermin is a great spot to watch whales during January through May. Keep exploring your city or the world. 

Best regards,

Bosek Family