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Words of Encouragement

Field Trip Mom Log  DAY 210 - MID-PANDEMIC  This past year has been extremely strange, stressful, memorable and life altering. As you know, the pandemic shelter in place began in mid- March and things have not been the same. It has been chaotic between the store shortages, long lines to get into grocery stores and closures of most of your favorite stores and eateries. Trying to keep life as normal as possible, we visited the pick-your-own blueberry farm in late May. It was an outdoor event that was full of families trying to get out to decompress with their loved ones. It would be another two months before we could feel safe enough to go to the raspberry farm to pick fruit. These two outings made us feel a little bit better about the future. In a normal year, we average about 3 field trips per month, frequenting factory tours, museums, gardens, amusement parks and other social gatherings not to forget high school and club sporting events.  It has been a little disappointing not being a