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You can visit Chinatown, Olvera Street and Union Station all at once. #LosAngeles

Union Station in Los Angeles is located off Alameda Street and East Cesar Chavez. It is a busy location with lots of things to do and many cultures within blocks. There is the Olvera Street Plaza directly across the street from Union Station. Here you can taste the Mexican culture with some delicious taquitos. There are also lots of Mexican made items for sale in the plaza. If you decided that you want authentic Chinese food or culture then walk a few more blocks to and you will find Chinatown. The first thing you will see when you enter is the dragon symbols next to the senior citizen apartment building.   This is on the corner of Sunset Blvd aka E.Cesar Chavez Blvd. and Broadway. Go to the plaza located at the end of Chinatown. It is a great place to see Chinese inspired architecture with a lucky fountain. You will be able to see and hear amazing things in a short period of time. I hope that you take an adventure and visit these hidden treasures that have been in Los Angeles for

Thrifty's Ice Cream

A long time ago when I was little, in a very far-away place I call Los Angeles, I enjoyed Thrifty's Ice Cream. I still remember being small and reaching up for the Vanilla Ice Cream Cone at the Thrifty’s counter. Often when my parents could not pick me up from school, they would send my uncle to rescue me. We would jump on the bus going into Downtown Los Angeles to get lost in the city, or as my uncle would say, to pay bills and run errands.   I would be his translator and he would pay me in Thrifty’s Ice Cream.  I would get one scoop of Vanilla and my uncle would get one scoop of Strawberry.   We would then walk outside with our ice cream in one hand and a napkin in another. Outside of the drugstore there were thousands of people walking fast going from one place to another.  Who knows where they were going? But we didn't care because we had our ice cream and for us we would wait for the bus to return home. Standing on the sidewalk at the bus stop, we would talk about

Wordless Wednesday - Tacos

Time is moving too fast for me....

  The thing about time is that it does not wait. It does not wait for you to decide to forgive someone or to show them you love them. Time does not care about whom you are or where you are in your life. Time just marches on. Time does not take consideration that you are not rich or not healthy. Time does not care if you are old or young, it just continues on and on. As I sit here and see pictures of the loves of my life. I remember how little they were and how fast time is marching on to make them into grown-ups.   I see how young my husband and I look in the pictures and all the love we have for our family. Time is captured in our family pictures. The time we spent on the San Diego beaches when the kids still had diapers or the day my son had to patch his eye. Time does heal wounds. Like the time the little man opened his head on the stairs. Or the time he opened his lip open. Time healed those wounds.   But time is going too fast for me. My kids are growing so fast that I can ba

What we did this past week...