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Reinventing yourself for 2021

Day 290 since we started shelter in place.  My word for 2021 is REINVENTING! In a few short weeks, all will be different because we will have a new president and a vaccine to fight THE PANDEMIC. In a few months, spring will bring with it a glimmer of hope that life will be normal again. One thing is for sure, change is heading our way in a consistent and rapid manner.  We will need all the patience and compassion that is left in us to survive and move forward.  To navigate  it all, it seems that new skills are necessary in the POST PANDEMIC era. This is where reinventing oneself is crucial to surviving.     Here is where you should start: Write down your goals and dreams for the future and look at it everyday. Create a timeline  Calendar time to plan your reinvention Find your strengths and explore how to use them to your advantage. Identify your weakness and be honest with yourself. Ask yourself what needs to change now to improve yourself. Network with your family and friends. Ask fo

Change the world with just one act of kindness.

I am ready for a kinder and happier 2021. I want to encourage you to find compassion in your daily routine.  Please consider doing these twenty-one kind acts: 1. Just listen. 2. Send a virtual hug 3. Send a happy text 4. Send out a kind emails, letters or tweets.  5. Give someone a compliment. 6. Help clean up, without being asked. 7. Leave flowers on neighbors door.  8. Hold open the door for the person behind you. 9. Bring Coffee to a co-worker. 10. Encourage a friend or family member. 11. Make peace and promote it.  12. Strike up a conversation with a stranger. 13. Let someone into your lane while driving. 14. Pay for the person behind you in line. 15. Give your time some one in need.  16. Use Thank you and Please daily. 17. Play Christmas songs or inspiring music.  18. Stop Complaining! 19. Pause before you speak,  and choose words with positive intention. 20. Run and errand for someone you love.  21. Love Mother Earth and Pick up litter!