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LEGOLAND Holiday Snow Days is happening now.

Last week was my son's birthday.  Every year, we struggle to find something to do for him.  This year we were blessed, he had a week-long of celebrations.  It started on Monday with a visit to LEGOLAND Holiday Snow days.  We saw over 22,000 LEGO models and more than 57 million bricks at LEGOLAND California Resort.  My son was over the moon running around experiencing snow along with riding roller coasters.  The extra bonus was that he got to play with his favorite toy, "Legos".  We visited the LEGOLAND Hotel and received a pleasant surprise of various Lego builds, Lego Characters and a Lego play castle.  There is even an elevator with a disco-ball that played dance music.  The kids danced as we explored the hotel.  The hotel is one of a kind with many kid friendly surprises. We don't want to give away all the fun details so you will have to see it for yourself.  Just know that there are talking Lego characters and much more . Right now during the Holiday

Flare Play Gaming System - Special Holiday Offer

We received the opportunity to review a new online gaming system called Flare Play an online demand video game system.  We were sent a 12" x 8" box and inside was a wireless Logitech game control, similar to any you would use today for PC gaming or from a major game system.  Also inside was a very small micro console and 2 wires.  Setup was very easy.  I simply plugged the HDMI cable into the console and then into one of my HDMI ports on the back of my HD TV.  Next, I plugged the small micro USB into to console and the USB cable to the USB port on my TV.  It was that simple.  I turned on the TV and the game system quickly identified my home wireless network prompting me to log in with my SSID secure password.  Using our registered email address and password, the gaming system immediately presented all of the game titles with a over hundred to choose from. I choose a jet fighter game called Hawx 2, which was incredibly fun.  This game leads you through diff

Ben 10 Omniverse 2 Video Game

In stores now for the holiday gift season is the latest installment from D3 Publishers and Cartoon Network, Ben 10 Omniverse 2.  The Field Trip Mom family was given the opportunity to preview this game.  This powerhouse packed game is an all new adventure for your little gamers and will hold the attention of the biggest of kids. Features include: An All New Storyline -  Players fight against the Incruseans specially created by the writers of Cartoon Network's TV show. Play as your Favorite Characters from the Show - Ben and all of his Omnitrix Aliens are ready to battle against vicious enemies in a multi player co-op brawler mode. New Alien Forms to Discover and Unlock - Join the fight with 10 Aliens on console versions and 17 on the Nintendo 3DS.  Some of these characters include Big Chill, Bullfrag, Rath, Eatle and more.  Every character has their own role to help combat the game to completion. Alien Upgrades - The Omnitrix now selects aliens by class on cons