Ben 10 Omniverse 2 Video Game

In stores now for the holiday gift season is the latest installment from D3 Publishers and Cartoon Network, Ben 10 Omniverse 2.  The Field Trip Mom family was given the opportunity to preview this game.  This powerhouse packed game is an all new adventure for your little gamers and will hold the attention of the biggest of kids.
Features include:
  • An All New Storyline -  Players fight against the Incruseans specially created by the writers of Cartoon Network's TV show.
  • Play as your Favorite Characters from the Show - Ben and all of his Omnitrix Aliens are ready to battle against vicious enemies in a multi player co-op brawler mode.
  • New Alien Forms to Discover and Unlock - Join the fight with 10 Aliens on console versions and 17 on the Nintendo 3DS.  Some of these characters include Big Chill, Bullfrag, Rath, Eatle and more.  Every character has their own role to help combat the game to completion.
  • Alien Upgrades - The Omnitrix now selects aliens by class on console, allowing players to store their favorite aliens by size and speed.  Players can then choose them appropriately as needed to battle the enemies.
  • Fight Against the Incurseans - Fight against the Incursean army in an open ended combo based combat system allowing players to perform multi-alien attacks and powerful combinations moves.
System platforms this game can be purchased for include Wii U, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Sony PlayStation 3.   Rated E10+ for mild cartoon violence, fighting and explosions.  
Addicting and entertaining.  Mildly complex for all skill levels, this game has it all.  Our kids love Ben 10 and have been watching since the beginning episodes on Cartoon Network.  They are owners of several other versions for the Wii and 3DS so they were very excited to get the opportunity to play Ben 10 Omniverse 2.  I sat down one evening with my oldest sons Nintendo 3DS to give the game a shot.  There are plenty of instructions in the start of the game to help you understand how to move the characters and tips on various moves.  The instruction manual is easy to understand but my boys don't care to much about reading how to play vs. actually getting down and dirty with the game live.  I played for an hour and a half and it felt like 20 minutes.  This game is very engaging and challenging enough to keep your interest for a long time.  We have had the game for 3 weeks trying it out and still are working through all of the levels.  Our boys are big video game players and whenever the homework is done, they turn to the newest one in the collection.  From the boys at fieldtripmom.com, we highly recommend this game for your little gamers whether they are 10 or 60.  If your kids are Ben 10 fans...this is a must have stocking stuffer or gift under the tree this Christmas!
Written by guest writer and COO, Field Trip Mom.com:  Tim Bosek
This is a sponsored post, fieldtripmom.com was provided a copy of Ben 10 Omniverse 2 for Nintendo 3DS in exchange for this review.

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