Flare Play Gaming System - Special Holiday Offer

We received the opportunity to review a new online gaming system called Flare Play an online demand video game system.  We were sent a 12" x 8" box and inside was a wireless Logitech game control, similar to any you would use today for PC gaming or from a major game system.  Also inside was a very small micro console and 2 wires.  Setup was very easy.  I simply plugged the HDMI cable into the console and then into one of my HDMI ports on the back of my HD TV.  Next, I plugged the small micro USB into to console and the USB cable to the USB port on my TV.  It was that simple.  I turned on the TV and the game system quickly identified my home wireless network prompting me to log in with my SSID secure password.  Using our registered email address and password, the gaming system immediately presented all of the game titles with a over hundred to choose from.

I choose a jet fighter game called Hawx 2, which was incredibly fun.  This game leads you through different missions where you fire missiles at enemy bases, perform routine flight drills and dogfight in training and combat.  Incredible high definition graphics had me engaged with amazing sound and optional vibrating controls.  Additional games I found were Assassins Creed II, Lego Batman, Lego Harry Potter, Farm Simulator 2013, Rabbids Go Home and many more.  This system packs sports, action, simulator and other themes in a very convenient system.

Features of this system include Instant On Demand Play with no discs required.  Family Entertainment; more fun, less waiting.  Unlimited Play, game as much as you want.  Pause and play feature allows you to step away from your game and continue at a later time without losing your game place.  Games for all persons including adventure, action, arcade, simulation, sports and racing.  Easy to plug and play system allowing one to connect within minutes.  Compact and portable system allows you to take the device from place to place without having to carry a bulky system.  This is a great holiday gift idea for the entire family at an absolutely incredible value.
Now through December 31st, Flare Play is offering Field Trip Mom readers a free micro console (A $99.00 Value) with a 3 month subscription for only $30.00.  At $10.00 per month, this is a low cost monthly rate giving you tons of fun games to play on demand.  If you download from I-tunes, the Play Store or rent from Redbox or your local video rental store, you can easily justify this system.  Flare Play is adding new games every month bringing more excitement to this system.  No more buying a $60.00 game a couple times a month for your kids.  No more having to return games to Redbox.  No more scratched disks nor selling unused games to big box companies for pennies on the dollar.  This is Flare Play, the next generation of game systems.  Watch the video to see more on how amazing this system is and use the link below to receive the special blog reader offer! 
Log on today to sign up at:  Flare Play Reader Special
Written by guest blogger and COO of fieldtripmom.com, Tim Bosek.
This is a sponsored post.  Fieldtripmom.com received a game system and a free 90 day trial subscription of their service in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own.

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