Labor Day Weekend - Things to do

Just a brief Labor Day around town fun events.

Los Angeles County Fair - It is that time again to have fun at the fair. There are rides, food, contests and music. During the day is the best for young families. Wear comfortable shoes and lots sunscreen. Be prepared to walk long distances. They charge for parking so bring cash.  Information from their link:

Daily Highlights
Opening Day, Friday Aug. 31
Today’s hours:
3 p.m. - midnight

Today’s Deals:
- $1 admission from 3-6 p.m.; $1 22-oz soft drinks from 6-9 p.m.; $2 carnival rides from 6-9 p.m.; $2 carnival games from 9 p.m.-midnight
- Season Pass: presented by Walgreens, $24.99 for ages 6 and older at participating Walgreens
- Ralphs Any-Day Tickets: admission tickets $10 for adults, $6 for ages 6-12, comes with exclusive unlimited carnival ride wristband ($35). Restrictions apply. Presented by Ralphs.
- Costco Savings Pack: $54.99 for 4 any-day tickets, one parking pass and 44 carnival ride/game tickets. At participating Costco store.
- Children 5 and younger are free everyday.

Orange County International Food Fair - There are several things happening here is what Friday August 31, 2012 will look like:

Main Stage
  • Mango
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • The Who Revue

All-American Street

  • Flashpoint6pm-7pm
  • The Wild Adults

English Street Stage

  • The Big Boy Band
  • The Big Boy Band

German Street Stage

  • The Europa Band
  • The Europa Band

Greek Street Stage

  • Synthesi
  • Synthesi

Irish Street Stage

  • American Wake
  • American Wake

Mexican Street Stage

  • Latin Lowdown
  • Latin Lowdown

Polynesian Street Stage

  • The Eliminators
  • The Eliminators

Childrens Street Stage

  • Chelsney Thompson
  • Sweet Mojo

Orange County Great Park - Flights and Sounds Summer Festival

Admission is free, but parking is $10.00. So pack-up your car and head down to the OC Great Park to have some great fun with your family. Bring a blanket and watch the kiddos run around having fun, while you hear music. Arrive early it gets very busy.
The  Lavay Smith and Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers at 8:15pm. will be playing on the lawn.


Whatever you decided to do this weekend make sure you have fun and spend it with your family.

Happy Labor Day,

Field Trip Mom



Just hot off the email box. I got a notification that a fun event will be happening here throughout Southern California. The  debut will be at the Los Angeles County Fair September 3, 2012 with several appearance throughout Southern California. There will be a TV finale September 30th  on the Food Network channel. Here is a brief description about the event which was taken from The Art Institutes email:

Culinary Arts students to battle it out with Food Truck favorites in four cities

The Art Institutes (Ai) Food Truck Tour coincides with the third season of Food Network’s hit reality competition series The Great Food Truck Race, which can be seen on Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. through the September 30 finale.  Culinary Arts students from The International Culinary Schools at The Art Institutes will be asked to battle local food truck favorites. The trucks will each be challenged to create a dish that includes the same ingredients.  Celebrity chefs, including James Beard Award-nominees Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, plus contestants from previous seasons of The Great Food Truck Race, The Lime Truck and Sky’s Gourmet Tacos, will be on-site to judge the matchups.  

The Art Institutes (Ai) Food Truck Tour – Event Information
The community is invited to enjoy The Art Institutes (Ai) Food Truck Tour experience at several venues. The truck will make its debut at the Los Angeles County Fair on September 3 and make an additional community appearance on the Huntington Beach Pier on September 15.
The cooking battles will be held at Art Institutes’ campuses at the following locations at no cost to attend:

Cooking Battle - September 5, 2012
4:00 – 8:00 p.m.
The Art Institute of California - Inland Empire, a campus of Argosy University
674 East Brier Drive
San Bernardino, CA 92408

Cooking Battle - September 8, 2012
1:00 – 5:00 p.m.
The Art Institute of California - Los Angeles, a campus of Argosy University
2900 31st Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Cooking Battle - September 13, 2012
4:00 – 8:00 p.m.
The Art Institute of California - Orange County, a campus of Argosy University
3601 W. Sunflower Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Cooking Battle - September 22, 2012
1:00 – 5:00 p.m.
The Art Institute of California - San Diego, a campus of Argosy University
7650 Mission Valley Road
San Diego, CA 92108

Let's go and visit our local ART Institutes of California and have a great food at the same time. See you soon!
As always may your dreams come true and keep field Tripping with your family.

This is not a paid advertisement. Your comments are welcomed and very much appreciated.


Field Trips - Zimmer Children's Museum

I believe everyone knows parents are a child’s first teacher. Every outing is a learning moment and can be considered a family “Field Trip.” With today’s work demands, it can be hard to plan your own field trips. Additionally, with all of the technology that is around us, it is very easy to stay inside the home and simply relax. For many, going outside is not a priority anymore. Most are so busy with other events that we miss big educational opportunities and experiences that we could be broadening our minds and our children’s. Dr. Seuss said, “Sometimes questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”
Field trips with the family or school can bridge the gap between education and hands –on experience. Just look to private and charter schools as examples, you will see that field trips are a vital requirement of their educational curriculum.  
It is here where public schools lack funding and effort to have more access to providing field trips for its students.  Studies published by RAFT, Resource Area for Teaching at www.raft.net, show “Teachers who conduct hands-on learning activities on a weekly basis out-perform their peers by more than 70% of a grade level in math and 40% of a grade level in science.”  
I believe if we had more field trips, education would be more creative and effective in getting kids to successfully graduate high school and college. As well as preparing them to make big differences to communities and life as we know it.  Field trips are crucial for every student to acquire increased knowledge, culture and hands on experience.

1. Educational hands-on learning – First, let’s talk about the hands-on experience that is so valuable in gaining any job in today’s market. As an adult, we are expected to have the experience to be successful at our jobs. Employers expect prospective employees to be self-starters, motivated and willing to jump into a role with little to no training. Why wouldn’t a student become more successful at school and future employment if he/she had more knowledge of a subject matter? If there was more hands-on field trip experience, the student would feel more confident and less stressed towards learning. For example, as a plumber, you can’t learn how to find a leak from a book. It takes the hands-on experience to perfect the art so the leak is found with minimal effort. Only hands-on experience will help with this.

2. Seeing is believing – Experiencing a visit to the zoo may be more memorable than reading about it. For example, seeing a giraffe for the first time will give you an everlasting impression of what super tall really means versus reading about it. Seeing a zoo, a telescope, a nature trail or science museum can help a student connect to the reading material with the field trip making the learning experience more fun and easy to remember. Who doesn’t remember that childhood visit to the zoo when they were in school?

3. Remembering material that has been observed - Another example is your college Chemistry course, although you don’t realize it, half of your learning experience was in a lab. A “Field Trip” to another classroom where you applied the reading material to physical hands-on experiments. After working hands-on with the experiment, wasn’t the reading material placed into perspective and far more clear than simply reading it?

4. A better understanding of the world we live in through active participation via Field Trips - This can help a child be aware of how things are related and how they work together. For example, milk comes from the farm and then arrives at the grocery store via truck. There is a connection between how the milk arrived at the store. Understanding that a grocery store has various vendors who provide services takes the mystery of how milk arrives at the store helping the child become more aware of how the community works.

5. Storing memories for future reference – Field trips can help produce memories that will be used later on in the classroom. Having a previous experience can help understand lesson plans with little explanation. For example, what is a Fire Station? If you have never seen one to understand how it functions, it may cause you to stress if you had a test about it. Visiting a fire station not only takes the mystery out of the learning but allows for questions to be explored and further discussion helping others at the same time.

6. Break from the daily school activities – Looking forward to getting out of the classroom and breaking the daily routine. Children love a fun surprise and a fun adventure. Adventure and fun have been proven to spark the memory allowing for ease of learning and memory retention.

7. Finding out if this is of interest to me – Children will tell you if the field trip was exciting to them and if it was something they will look forward to doing again. This allows for tailoring the learning experience in the future to maximize the learning experience for all.

8. Discovery of the community around us – Who is in our community and who supports us. How are they part of the community and how do I support them. What challenges is the community facing and how those challenges affect us all can spark innovative thinking allowing for greener, more logical advancements and solutions to everyday problems?

Southern California is full of exciting places where learning can be the focal point of the field trip. The Zimmer Children’s Museum is a great place for kids to go to learn that hands-on experience. Kids can try on fireman’s gear, jump on a small plane and pretend to fly or jam with instruments from across the globe. These are just a few of the many fun play areas that enrich a child’s hands-on learning experience. For example:

1. Stage your own show with friends old and new at The Mann Theatre!
BIG IDEA: Identity & Diversity as well as Respect & Dignity
2. Jam with instruments from across the globe at Rhythms of the World!
BIG IDEA: Identity and Diversity
3. Fly a real plane to lands far and near at the Discovery Airport!
BIG IDEA: Identity and Diversity
4. Offer your time, talent and treasure to their world at the Giant Tzedakah Pinball!
BIG IDEA: Philanthropy and Tzedakah, Repair the World (Tikkun Olam)
5. Be a hero on land and sea at the S. Mark Taper Foundation Aid and Rescue Center.
BIG IDEA: Aid and Rescue, Compassion
6. Shop, gather read and feast at the places on Main Street!
BIG IDEA: Community Responsibility as well as Respect and Dignity
7. Serve up cuisines from different cultures at the Blue Bagel Café!
BIG IDEA: Community Responsibility as well as Respect and Dignity
8. Meet your friends and enjoy our own “Greenspace” at the Community Park!
BIG IDEA: Taking care of planet Earth and Tu B’Shevat
9. Build the world of tomorrow in the Construction Zone!
BIG IDEA: Community Responsibility as well as Respect and Dignity
10. Dream about what could be at the Wishing Well!
BIG IDEA: Repair the World and Compassion
11. Navigate this precious resource and discover what depends on it at Water Ways!
BIG IDEA: Taking care of planet Earth and Tu b’ Shevat

Field trips are the gateway to advanced learning. Studies show a direct correlation between learning and hands-on experience. Private and Charter Schools incorporate 3-4 field trips a month into their educational curriculum allowing students to expand their minds. Field trips do not have to be expensive to get the full benefit. Most museums and other businesses have incentives to get groups/schools to their facility. For these reasons, we as parents must take an active role in our children’s’ future. Get off the computer and take your children to a local museum or business for a tour. Help fundraise and bring awareness to our public schools showing how beneficial Field Trips are to the education of our future leaders. Take a stand and petition our government officials to ensure funding is available to schools for field trips. Bring a field trip to your child’s school by volunteering and coordinating an on-site visit by a scientist, poet, artist or mathematician. Get involved in a Field Trip today! 

The Zimmer Children’s Museum has set a goal and is fundraising to provide free field trips to 2500 Head Start and Kindergarten students. Field Trip Mom is asking you to assist with this goal by helping with a small donation. We would like to ask you to support the Zimmer Children’s Museum with a $25.00 donation. We understand some budgets are stricter than others so any amount you are able to provide will help towards a child’s visit to this amazing museum for that hands-on experience with this field trip opportunity. If your budget can support it, a $250.00 donation will help 25 children with their admission and put a smile on their faces. Please donate today and tell them your donation is a result of this blog post by Field Trip Mom. Thank you for taking a stand!

Zimmer Children's Museum
6505 Wilshire Blvd., #100 
Los Angeles, CA 90048 
Front Desk: (323) 761-8984 

(323) 761-8984 
Fax: (323) 761-8990
Email: info@zimmermuseum.org 

Tuesday-Friday: 10am-5pm
Sunday: 12:30pm-5pm
VIB Hour (under 2 only): Wednesday, 9am-10am
Members Only Hour: 
Friday, 9am-10am 
Monday & Saturday: CLOSED 


The Zimmer Children's Museum

The Zimmer Children's Museum is trying to raise funds to help 2500 head start children. As you know Field Trips are very important to help develop the child. Your donation of a few dollars can change the life of a local child. Please help reach their goal of raising $25,000.00.

No donation is too small or too big. Please tell others...

Thanks you!!!


New Adventures in Food - Korean Barbecue

Meat on the grill.
Fresh Salad
 A few weeks ago a friend invited us to join him for dinner. He suggested Korean Barbecue. If you have never been to Korean Barbecue, then you are missing great food. Korean Barbecue is thinly sliced meat grilled on the dinner table. The table has a small grill that you yourself can cook chicken, pork, shrimp and steak. The restaurant will bring side dishes to go with the meal. They are vegetables thinly sliced with a gentle touch of homemade dressings aka sauces. Vegetables used in the side dishes are onions, mushroom, green beans, carrots and other healthy veggies. Besides the side dishes the meal includes a variety of sauces to add to your barbecue meats.

It was the first time that my kids had experienced a Korean Barbecue meal. I was a little unsure how they would take to change. But they were very interested in finding out what everything tasted like at least once. The meat was delicious, but the veggies were still off limits. (They are not big veggie eaters.)  I was very proud that they gave everything a sample and used their manners. They gently push away things they did not enjoy and asked for more of the items they did enjoy. I did not push or demand that they try everything. I just introduced the meal and explained what each item. My kids paid close attention to the adults eating and after a while tried a few more things. Overall they now have a new food experience. Taking the the mystery and making into a fun adventure makes everyone a more balanced person.  A new food adventure is waiting for you, so go ahead and try something new.


Family - Time to see the eye doctor

School has started for some and for others school will start soon. What is very important is that you have your eyes checked regularly. Specially important when starting school. Kids usually don't know how to communicate that they are having trouble reading the board or books. So by having a routine eye check-up it can help to identify any problems and eventually help save future vision damage.

On a routine checkup we found eye vision concerns and we began to see Dr. Althea Molarte an Ophthalmologist. She has cared for our two kids and has helped improve their vision over the past 3 years. This summer we began by going to our appointment to find out if the patching and glasses had helped. Always a serious moment for us.

Here is the latest visit with Dr. Molarte.

 Dr. Molarte is a very calm quiet person with lots of  funny stories. She is very gentle with kids and understanding. She has great manners and does not push or force kids to do anything. My kids adore her and find her office very interesting. She has an eye ball, a screen, funny letters and a BIG candy dish. This is all according to my kids. I just think it is a doctors office.  But I always find it interesting that we both have two boys and we always connect on that level. She is a mom first and foremost. As I hear her mom stories I realize that she cares for kids first as a mom and then as a doctor. Her love and compassion come through when she visits and cares for my kids, her patients. Our last visit brought great news and not so great news. But I feel confident that Dr. Molarte will get us through this medical eye ordeal. After all  her hubby helped us with our oldest when he needed surgery. Both great parents, great Doctors and both have your childs best interest at heart.

 Well I got off track. My message to you is go see an eye doctor today or at least soon. I love my eye doctor. I hope you find one just as caring as my eye doctor. But don't take it the wrong way, if I don't share my doctors contact number. I would like to keep her to myself for as long as possible.  Stay healthy!!!


The Odd Life of Timothy Green - Miss Odeya Rush

Personal Interview August 7, 2012 Field Trip Mom Contributor: Jasmine Hingorani


"The Odd Life of Timothy Green" coming out August 15th!

               As soon as I walked through the door, Miss Odeya Rush, the 15-year- old who plays Jodi in The Odd Life of Timothy Green welcomed me with a smile. We both took a seat and I started gushing about how wonderful The Odd Life of Timothy Green was and the surprisingly ending it had. We both laughed as we shared stories of how it even emotionally affected the men, including her father.  From this, I was able to tell right away that Odeya was very family-oriented. Her parents sat behind her during the interview and she looked back to them a few times when talking about her personal life.Her connection to her family guided her to agreeing to star in the film. Odeya was glad that this film was able to bring families back together in theaters. She also enjoys the fact that The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a sincere film about families.  She is the only daughter out of the seven siblings, and growing up with her brothers, especially her younger brothers,helped her connect really well with her character’s best friend in the movie,Timothy.  Odeya described her character’srelationship with Timothy as a fun and loving brother-sister relationship, “Theymake each other happy.” The audience will be able to gain an insight on their loving relationship because the chemistry between the pair is evident.
                Like any teenager, Odeya loves shopping, getting her nails done, and watching films with her best friends. She loves to stay active, and her favorite activities include swimming, biking, and dancing-tap, jazz, and hip- hop. In the future, Odeya hopes to star in a film where she can incorporate her dance abilities. Odeya and her family often take business trips to southern California and when they are in town, she appreciates the fine dining with the amazing views that Los Angeles offers. Her favorite place in L.A is Hollywood Boulevard, where she can gaze at all the stars hand prints along the sidewalks. She would love to visit Paris and most of Europe one day. And when asked where the most magical place she has been to, she answered Jerusalem. Born in Israel, she appreciates the historical significance of one of the oldest cities in the world.  Odeya has been to the West wall of Jerusalem many times and is always overwhelmed by all the little notes left behind,wedged in the cracks.” There is just something about it, whether it is magical or just faith,” she explains. And “magic or faith” is exactly what The Odd Life of Timothy Green portrays for the Green family. Her beautiful persona as a young actress and as the character, Jodi, is definitely highlighted in this summer’s “must see” Disney film, The Odd Life of Timothy Green coming out August 15th!

Rush, Odeya. Personal  Interview. August 7 2012.

Jasmine Hingorani - Contributor for Field Trip Mom

Jasmine grew up travelling all over the world, visiting many European and Asian countries by the time she finished high school. Travelling at a young age empowered her with a vast knowledge of many cultures, including her own Chinese and Indian culture. She went to the University of California, Irvine from 2006-2010 and received a B.A in Film and Media Studies. Her ideal career would be to travel around the world while producing films. She loves watching all kinds of films that range from documentaries to action films. Any film that has great cinematography will catch her eye. Some of her (random) favorite films include The Atonement, The Dark Knight, all the Iron Man films, The Tale of Two Sisters (original version) and 16 Candles. Besides watching movies, she loves to focus on fitness by being active in running, hiking, and Yoga.. Her philosophy when it comes to working is "Do what you love to do so it would never be considered as a job"


Lunch with the Grandparents - When they live far away

The kids and I had a lunch date the other day. When I asked where they wanted to go, they said Souplantation.  I asked why they were so excited about the place. My little one said because it is the place where grandma and grandpa took us to lunch when they came to visit. It was great to hear that although the grandparents live far away that my kids hold them close to their hearts.

As we walked through the line I pushed the veggies. Making this a great moment for getting some green veggies in their bodies(they hate them). I pushed the salads and the fruit. I was so grateful in that moment that the Grandparents loved salads. Because my kids had seen their grandparents eat healthy they felt they too had to eat healthy, while at Souplantation. We all loaded our plates and sat down to eat. Salad, pasta, soups and lemonade to drink was on our table. We talked about the last time we came with grandma and grandpa and what fun we had eating.  It was great to know that memories are made sharing a meal.

That day I realized that small moments can make big impacts. Today we will be going to Souplantation to make another memory. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for making Souplantation one of our favorite places to eat. Miss you and we all love you very much!!


Photographs Tell the Story - Summer Field Trip to #Tanaka Farms 2012

Tanaka Farms of in Irvine, Ca offer the best garden experience. They have watermelons, strawberries and corn growing in the middle of a city. The kids and I had a fun time tasting fresh watermelon and strawberries. We rode on farm vehicles and saw bugs flying like butterflies. My kids experienced so much goodness that they want to come back to Tanaka Farms. I enjoyed buying fresh produce. Sharing my pictures of the day. Please leave a comment if you have any questions. 

Raising Children

If I Had My Child to Raise Over Again
By Diane Loomans

If I had my child to raise all over again,
I'd finger-paint more, and point the fingers less.
I would do less correcting and more connecting.
I'd take my eyes off my watch, and watch with my eyes.

I would care to know less and know to care more.
I'd take more hikes and fly more kites.
I'd stop playing serious, and seriously play.
I would run through more fields and gaze at more stars.

I'd do more hugging and less tugging.
I'd build self-esteem first, and the house later.
I would be firm less often, and affirm much more.
I'd teach less about the love of power, And more about the power of love.

May you find peace and happiness at the end of the day....

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