Lunch with the Grandparents - When they live far away

The kids and I had a lunch date the other day. When I asked where they wanted to go, they said Souplantation.  I asked why they were so excited about the place. My little one said because it is the place where grandma and grandpa took us to lunch when they came to visit. It was great to hear that although the grandparents live far away that my kids hold them close to their hearts.

As we walked through the line I pushed the veggies. Making this a great moment for getting some green veggies in their bodies(they hate them). I pushed the salads and the fruit. I was so grateful in that moment that the Grandparents loved salads. Because my kids had seen their grandparents eat healthy they felt they too had to eat healthy, while at Souplantation. We all loaded our plates and sat down to eat. Salad, pasta, soups and lemonade to drink was on our table. We talked about the last time we came with grandma and grandpa and what fun we had eating.  It was great to know that memories are made sharing a meal.

That day I realized that small moments can make big impacts. Today we will be going to Souplantation to make another memory. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for making Souplantation one of our favorite places to eat. Miss you and we all love you very much!!

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