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Serrano Creek Park a fun place to play and explore nature.

Right outside of Irvine, California in between homes and businesses, there is a small quiet park. It is filled with large trees and a small creek. The park offers a playground area and facilities which are open to the public. This is a perfect place to have your kids run, jump and explore nature. We often take the kids here to look for butterflies and squirrels. We do not suggest playing in the creek because the water looks a little suspect but it is still visually appealing to the overall scenery. The fallen leaves and branches on the ground could be turned into natures treasures for children to explore. The park connects to Serrano Creek Trail which is approximately 13.3 miles.  We suggest you bring a picnic lunch or snacks because you won't want to leave Serrano Creek Park. It has some of the most beautiful trees and walking trails. The trees cover you in a gentle shade and protect you from the sun. This park is truly nature in the midst of the city.  You can visit the pa

Groupon Coupons are here to help you save money.

Groupon coupons are here to help us save money on life's essentials, travel and entertainment. Our family  uses coupons to help make our dollars stretch. For us, every dollar matters. We clip coupons, search for promo codes and find deals before we open our wallets.  This week, we are using the free Groupon   site filled with coupon codes, discounts and special offers. Today, we are using them to save on Back to School Shopping at Target .   Groupon is   working with 9,000 retailers to give shoppers over 70,000 discount opportunities.  This means there is savings for every style of shopper. Disclaimer: Sponsored Post. #AD Old Navy , HomeDepot , JcPenny and many more well-known brands are on the Groupon site offering discounts on your next purchase. We recommend reviewing   the complete site to see all of the coupon choices allowing you to maximize your discounts.  Some of the deals require email sign-up. It only takes a few minutes to sign-up to see the coupons start r

Unplug and reconnect while looking for Blue Whales in Long Beach.

Recently, Aquarium of the Pacific and Harbor Breeze took us out in search of Blue Whales. This was not our first trip and we knew what to expect. The kids and I felt comfortable sailing away on a perfect Tuesday morning. What would happen next was truly unexpected. As we sailed away, my children sat and enjoyed the view. They quietly nestled onto the top deck, smelled the ocean breeze and searched for wild life in the sky and sea. They seemed at peace and connecting with nature. It was weird! They weren't asking a million questions or feeling anxious. Previous trips in search of whales in the Pacific Ocean had not been this quiet. With a very calm demeanor they  would look into the vast ocean hoping to high-five a Blue Whale. Ahhhh....after an hour, I realized that they were not connected to the television, cellphone or video game. We were unplugged and reconnecting with our surroundings. It was beautiful to see our children be one with nature. Disclaimer: Sponsored post.

FBI urges consumers to be aware of privacy risks with internet connected toys.

News that you need to know about toys with cameras, voice sensory and other multimedia capabilities.  "The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released an article on the privacy risks associated with Internet-connected children's toys. FBI warns that Internet-connected toys may contain "sensors, microphones, cameras, data storage components, and other multimedia capabilities - including speech recognition and GPS options" that may put the privacy and safety of children at risk due to the disclosure of personal information. FBI recommends that consumers read user agreement disclosures and privacy practices for information on how a toy's data may be used." Video source:

Public Pools and Water Parks in Southern California.

Pool time! Take your kids to a local public pool or water park to get away from the heat. Southern California offers many opportunities for playing in the water. In this post, you will find Lakes, Splash Pads, Public Pools and Water Parks for every budget. All you have to do is bring your own sunscreen and beach towel. We have put a list together that covers most of Southern California. Please take a minute to look it over. Remember to call ahead to ensure times and dates of operation. As they may change throughout the year.  Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. Things you will need to bring with you is: beach towels, sandals, sunscreen, water and snack money. Some locations allow outside food while others do not. Make sure to check their website before arriving. We usually pack a picnic lunch in an ice cooler and then we eat in the car. This helps us save a little money on eating. Some places offer pizza, pretzels and drinks for purchase.  Important things to keep in mind. I