Rit Dye rescues my favorite blouse.

Rit Dye is fabric dye that you can find in your local craft store or Walmart. It is very easy to use at home. I tried it for the first time and was very pleased with the results. Here is my story of how Rit Dye rescued my favorite blouse.

It all started with my favorite blouse needing rescued.  The color had become dingy and old looking.  The fabric it self was in great condition.  I tried to locate a similar garment, but it was out of stock everywhere.  Then I remembered that I had seen something about using dye for fabric. I went to my local craft store and asked the sales clerk about the process. She told me it was very easy and we read the directions together. Just like that I became empowered to dye my favorite blouse.

My blouse came out looking better than before. The dye brighten the blouse and it made it look fresh. After getting such great results, I went back to the craft store for more fabric dye.

I bought white, black, green and blue. I thought why not brighten all of my other clothes? So, I did just that and colored all my blacks, blues and whites. I got a little over confident and made a few mistakes with mixing colors. Don't mix colors unless you know your color chart.

Not too long after my experiment the kids wanted to see their own t-shirts colored. This became a fun and  educational tool for my kids.  We learned about the color spectrum. We colored yellow t-shirts with red and turned them into bright orange new clothes.  As soon as we pulled out the shirts, the boys were amazed and gathering additional clothing that they wanted me to dye.  Laundry was made fun! We tried coloring socks just for fun and them made sock puppets. I hope you try it with your own clothes and get the kids involved to make it a family fun project. 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and ideas are all my own.

Ten (10) Fun Things to do on the 4th of July

Ten fun things to do on the 4th of July. If you like summer then this is the perfect time to be outdoors and enjoy the sun. You can plan every meal outside at the park, your own backyard or at a local beach. Go Stargazing while you camp-out, learn a new skill and go fishing. There is so much to do outdoors. Here is a few tips

1.) Eat a meal outdoors - family barbecue

2.) Take your volleyball to the beach -Beach picnic

3.) Go Fishing learn a new skill

4.) Make chocolate-smores (you can do it in your backyard)

5.) Find a local City Parade and wave your American flag

6.) Bike riding through your neighborhood and ring your bell.

7.) Visit a local festival and enjoy the food and games.

8.) Firework Display; find a city who is displaying fireworks.

9.) Farmers Market go early and find fresh produce to cook at your  4th of July barbecue.

10.) Grab your bathing suit and go to the local swimming pool.
fourth of July
United we Stand. Have a very safe and happy 4th of July.


Free Popcorn at the Movies using your smartphone....

Free Popcorn at the movies by using your smartphone. Locations are Regal, UA or Edwards Theaters just look for the QR symbol at their windows.

Regal Cinemas: Free Popcorn All Summer Long When You Check In!

Regal Cinemas is giving away FREE Popcorn this summer when you "check in" from your Smartphones. That's right, they are giving away 1 million free bags and this is valid at any Regal, UA or Edwards Theaters. You just visit your theater, and then GO HERE on your smartphone to and "check in to get an instant coupon for free popcorn. While supplies last (or 8/31, whichever comes first).



Free downloads, printables and creative toys....

The Internet is full of great resources for educators, teachers, parents and caregivers. Let me share with you a list of fun resources for you and your family. If you have any you would like to share, please email me fieldtripmom @ gmail dot com

Education.com is a website that helps you practice math, reading and science. It is an easy to use site. The website offers free printable as well as other services that require payment. It is highly recommended by teachers and homeschooling.  The direct link is http://www.education.com/

The Toymaker is an artist who shares a few of her beautiful paper toy printable. She offers many more paper toys for a nominal price. This great artist has written books and share her knowledge with other artist.  The direct link is http://www.thetoymaker.com/
paper dolls

Free Coloring pages is filled with great pages that can be printed and used almost anywhere. We have used it to keep the kids entertained at the restaurant.
science math
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The summer adventures of the Caterpillars

We have started our Summer vacation. Already, we are busy caring for a caterpillar. Last week, on our way to the park, we found Joey. Joey is our new roommate. He is a fuzzy caterpillar. When we ran into him, he looked lonely and in need of food, water and shelter according to our kids. So, of course, they asked to bring him home to care for it.  Just like that we became parents to Joey the caterpillar. 
First, we went to the store to find a home and food for the him. It was crazy that there is actually caterpillar shelters that are sold at Walmart or Michael's. It's a net basket with a lid. We were extremely lucky to buy the last shelter on sale. We found that butterfly shelters are in high demand during spring and summer. Look below to find a picture of the shelter we found. 
Our kids have a big heart and so they took Joey with them to the store. They had mentioned that he should have a say in his new home. Of course, we packed him and off he went with us to the store. Joey Caterpillar did get lost in the store for a few minutes. Thank goodness that he was on my son's rain-boots hanging on for dear life. The kids apologized to him for losing him. New home and new roommate are doing well. We found leaves, flowers and milkweed to feed him. 
Every morning our kids wake up and run over to the butterfly shelter. They are hoping to see Joey transform into a chrysalis and then a butterfly.  
We are crossing our fingers everything goes well. Can't wait for a beautiful moth or butterfly to arrive. Happy Staycation!!!


Visit California: Sea World, Aquariums and Universal Studios coupons and deals.

This summer save on visiting California's most famous amusement parks, aquariums, museums, science centers and zoo(s) California offers coupons, discounts, and deals for anyone wanting to plan a vacation, staycation or just a fun day of play. Read on to find out how to get a discount.
A few months ago I signed up for reminders, alerts, and deals on entertainment. Today I received a reminder they are offering coupons on amusement parks such as Monterey Bay Aquarium, Knott's Berry Farm, LEGOLAND, Sea World and more. All you have to do is pick the place your visiting and print your coupon to receive a discounted ticket.
Visit California website coupons and deals will help you save this weekend.
I want to wish you a  great summer field tripping.
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts are my own. Please contact Visit California to get an update on date information as coupons and deals may change periodically. 


Where did the Jellyfish picture come from?

For Easter we decided to visit Monterey Bay Aquarium in Central California. At the aquarium we found some amazing ocean residents. The jellyfish stood out the most, because it seemed as though they were dancing in the water. Up and close it took my breath away to see the beauty of such an interesting creature. There were many more sea and water creatures at the aquarium.  I will post the pictures for you to decide which sea creature is the most amazing.


Summer events - Rummage Sale

Get started on Summer by attending or hosting a Rummage sale. Teach your kids about saving money and making money for things they want. This summer sell toys, clothes and things you no longer need. Look through closets and find things that are in good condition for sale. "Someone else's junk is another persons treasures." You may find that you will feel lighter at home. Which means easier clean up time and a better summer.  Of course the extra money will help you pay for the movies or dinner at a local restaurant.

The field trip on this experience is finding things you have not used in a long time and getting rid of them. To let go of things that are not important is sometimes the hardest thing to do. But remember you can take a picture of your item and still keep it in your heart. You don't need to live in a pile of unloved or unused items.  Let go right now and start a clean summer with extra summer cash. Let me know how you do.

I am on my third day of Goodwill runs and my house already feels lighter.

Best regards,

Field Trip Mom

See you at the next Rummage Sale.