Rit Dye rescues my favorite blouse.

Rit Dye is fabric dye that you can find in your local craft store or Walmart. It is very easy to use at home. I tried it for the first time and was very pleased with the results. Here is my story of how Rit Dye rescued my favorite blouse.

It all started with my favorite blouse needing rescued.  The color had become dingy and old looking.  The fabric it self was in great condition.  I tried to locate a similar garment, but it was out of stock everywhere.  Then I remembered that I had seen something about using dye for fabric. I went to my local craft store and asked the sales clerk about the process. She told me it was very easy and we read the directions together. Just like that I became empowered to dye my favorite blouse.

My blouse came out looking better than before. The dye brighten the blouse and it made it look fresh. After getting such great results, I went back to the craft store for more fabric dye.

I bought white, black, green and blue. I thought why not brighten all of my other clothes? So, I did just that and colored all my blacks, blues and whites. I got a little over confident and made a few mistakes with mixing colors. Don't mix colors unless you know your color chart.

Not too long after my experiment the kids wanted to see their own t-shirts colored. This became a fun and  educational tool for my kids.  We learned about the color spectrum. We colored yellow t-shirts with red and turned them into bright orange new clothes.  As soon as we pulled out the shirts, the boys were amazed and gathering additional clothing that they wanted me to dye.  Laundry was made fun! We tried coloring socks just for fun and them made sock puppets. I hope you try it with your own clothes and get the kids involved to make it a family fun project. 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and ideas are all my own.
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