The summer adventures of the Caterpillars

We have started our Summer vacation. Already, we are busy caring for a caterpillar. Last week, on our way to the park, we found Joey. Joey is our new roommate. He is a fuzzy caterpillar. When we ran into him, he looked lonely and in need of food, water and shelter according to our kids. So, of course, they asked to bring him home to care for it.  Just like that we became parents to Joey the caterpillar. 
First, we went to the store to find a home and food for the him. It was crazy that there is actually caterpillar shelters that are sold at Walmart or Michael's. It's a net basket with a lid. We were extremely lucky to buy the last shelter on sale. We found that butterfly shelters are in high demand during spring and summer. Look below to find a picture of the shelter we found. 
Our kids have a big heart and so they took Joey with them to the store. They had mentioned that he should have a say in his new home. Of course, we packed him and off he went with us to the store. Joey Caterpillar did get lost in the store for a few minutes. Thank goodness that he was on my son's rain-boots hanging on for dear life. The kids apologized to him for losing him. New home and new roommate are doing well. We found leaves, flowers and milkweed to feed him. 
Every morning our kids wake up and run over to the butterfly shelter. They are hoping to see Joey transform into a chrysalis and then a butterfly.  
We are crossing our fingers everything goes well. Can't wait for a beautiful moth or butterfly to arrive. Happy Staycation!!!

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