Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The summer adventures of the Caterpillars

  • We have started out Summer vacation and it is been very busy.  Last week we started to walk to the park and enjoy the birds and trees. On the way there and the way back we found caterpillars. It has been a fun adventure with these fuzzy bugs.  On the first day the kids were excited to feed them, play with them and watch them. But as time is passing by they have left them alone. Good thing for the caterpillars. Except for yesterday when my little one decided to leave their house open and one escaped. We thought we had lost the little caterpillar and were super sad. But we still had the one left and it was better then none. To our suprise, we found the lost caterpillar. We found him on a car ride to the grocery store? Yes, he was in the car. My little one was having trouble finding his shoes, so he wore his rainboots to the store. When he got in the car he was saying that his boot was wet (yuke). I told him to take off the boot. As I was driving away from our home he screamed "Mom I found the caterpillar. He was in my boot!"  Ha? Okay the boot was near the caterpillar house. But the boot was in the house near the door and the caterpillar house was outside the door. I don't know what happen, but both caterpillars are back in their home eating cabbage. I guess everything is back to normal in the caterpillar home and in ours :)
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