Summer events - Rummage Sale

Get started on Summer by attending or hosting a Rummage sale. Teach your kids about saving money and making money for things they want. This summer sell toys, clothes and things you no longer need. Look through closets and find things that are in good condition for sale. "Someone else's junk is another persons treasures." You may find that you will feel lighter at home. Which means easier clean up time and a better summer.  Of course the extra money will help you pay for the movies or dinner at a local restaurant.

The field trip on this experience is finding things you have not used in a long time and getting rid of them. To let go of things that are not important is sometimes the hardest thing to do. But remember you can take a picture of your item and still keep it in your heart. You don't need to live in a pile of unloved or unused items.  Let go right now and start a clean summer with extra summer cash. Let me know how you do.

I am on my third day of Goodwill runs and my house already feels lighter.

Best regards,

Field Trip Mom

See you at the next Rummage Sale.
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