Have I Ever Told You? by Shani King

When our kids were little, my husband and I would read them stories at bedtime. Some of our favorite books were funny and memorable. The titles were, "If you give a mouse a cookie?", "Horton hatches an egg." and many more. We would make funny voices as we read the books. As the kids grew-up,  we started having them read to us. One book that my son is reading to us is "Have I ever told you?" by Shani King. You are probably wondering why our son is reading this to us? 
We have the kids read silly and funny books to us to keep the magic of reading.  Of course, our kids are now reading more intense books that discuss history, politics and math. Some of their current reads are very boring but necessary for their education. Having our kids read to us books like, "Have I ever told you?" helps to make family time silly and yet educational.  As they read, this book actually sparked conversation about using uncomfortable words.  The book talks about doing the right thing and being brave to discuss any topic they have questions about.  As a result, our boys wanted to discuss why adults and some preteens / teens use foul language. We engaged in some very interesting and insightful dialog after reading the book.  

This book has a great message of be kind, thoughtful and you can achieve anything you set your mind to. The pages are filled with great reminders for both children and adults of what this world needs more of everyday. We hope that this books captures your heart just like did ours.

Amazon says:"This little book holds the message of dignity that every child on this earth needs to hear: You are loved. You matter. You make me smile. You make me the happiest person in the world, just by being you."

  • ISBN-10: 0884487199
  • ISBN-13: 978-0884487197
We are also reading, "Miss Pinkeltink's Purse." A story about a lady with no home but a big heart. A little girl will change her situation.  "Nobody is too small to do something BIG!"  

Another great book to read with your kids and teach compassion towards others. 



Taking care of your skin includes your beautiful hands.

A few months ago, I had a real scare. I found myself at the Dermatologist office because the skin on my hands and legs had burns. Clearly, I was allergic to some thing I was applying to my skin or a food I was eating. My beautiful legs and hands were damaged. The first thing my doctor asked was if I used sunscreen. I do but only on my neck and face. She was disappointed to hear that I did not care for my hands and legs the same way as my face and neck. In that moment, I realized that taking care of my health included my skin as well. I left the doctors office with a list of things I needed to do and a prescription for ointments. I have to admit, I cried all the way to the pharmacist because I never saw my skin so fragile as that day.  The next day, I went looking for gloves that would cover the burns on my hands. I went to several stores but found nothing I could really use everyday. I did find sweaters with attached finger-less gloves.  It worked for a little while but I really needed something detached for when I went to get my nails done or driving. I was desperate to find something that would fit my hands. 
Voila, I was offered to test ManiGlovz. Finger-less gloves that protect your hands from the UV and LED Rays. I felt so relieved that I finally had something I could use to protect my hands while I was going through this horrible medical problem. 

ManiGlovz come in many colors and styles. They are easy to carry in your purse. The fabric is soft and it feels cool on your skin. Reading the story that a dermatologist created  the gloves to protect the hands was comforting news for me. These gloves made me feel a little better about myself because it covered the damaged skin on my hands. 
The bonus to wearing the gloves was that friends and co-workers thought I was being fashion forward. I received many compliments on them. It really helped to bring my spirits up. 

This experience has opened my eyes to better caring my skin. I will from now on make every effort to use ManiGloves to protect my hands from harmful elements.

I really recommend that you consider taking care of your skin with more love and kindness. You are worth having excellent skin.