Part II Long Beach, CA - Aquarium of the Pacific


Learning about Ocean Science has never been so much fun. Throughout the Aquarium of the Pacific we are reminded to be mindful of where we dump our trash. Why we should care about the Ocean and what we can do to help. Kids are shown through video and shows that we can make a difference. As well as through art throughout the Aquarium.  Change is necessary to keep our Earth healthy. 


Long Beach, CA - Aquarium of the Pacific ~ Ocean Science Center

Tuesday August 23, 2011 Long Beach, CA
  • Part I - Aquarium of the Pacific was our field-trip for today. It began really early this morning at 8am. We were the first to arrive to attend an opening before regular hours. We were greeted by friendly kind employees. I was excited to see my kids explore the Aquarium with their curiosity. They went to see the sharks almost immediately. Little boys love to see dangerous animals. We then visited with the King Crab who seemed to be talking or stick out their tongue. I was not sure.  As we continued to explore we found large tanks with turtles and unicorn fish. Every time we turned a corner there was something new to see.
Hammer Head Shark

King Crab trying to break out of the Aquarium.

Turtle during feeding time.

Patch to add to your educational collection.

Spending one day really was not enough to see it all. I know I will be going back. My kids learned so much. I was really proud of them. We came home and they drew pictures of their favorite Aquarium fish. I really recommend that you take a moment to visit the Aquarium. If you can buy a season pass. It is the best deal for a family of (4).  Otherwise try to get your PTA to schedule a field -trip for your classroom. Your kids will benefit from this great hands-on educational facility.

Field Trip Details

School Group Admission
(10 person minimum)

Fall and Summer Seasons$6.00/participant
Spring Season (March 1 –June 15)$7.50/participant

Classroom and Theater Programs
(Includes Aquarium Admission, 20 person minimum)

Fall and Summer Seasons$9.00/participant
Spring Season (March 1 –June 15)$10.50/participant
All school programs are led by an Aquarium educator and take place in the Boeing Learning Center, the watershed classroom, or the Honda Theater.
* The above pricing applies to schools accredited by the California Department of Education for visits by student-teacher groups in conjunction with school curriculum. After-school programs, extra-curricular school clubs, day-care affiliated programs, and other non-accredited organizations are not eligible for these rates. An additional charge applies to AP Bio classes/College lab (2 hrs).
** Cancellations made more than 30 days prior to visit date will not be subject to cancellation fees. Cancellations between 15 and 30 days prior to visit date will be charged 50% of the estimated total. Cancellations made within 14 days of visit date will be charged 100% of the total to the credit card or purchase order number given at the time of booking. No-shows will be charged 100% of the total.


Special Edition: Free Field trips Offered at the Los Angeles County Fair

FairKids Field Trips Teachers of classes from preschool through eighth grade may bring a chaperoned school group to the Fair, free of charge. School trips are held Wednesday through Friday, beginning Wednesday, Sept. 7. Groups visit various educational Fair exhibits, including Jurassic Planet, FairView Farms, California’s Heritage Square, America’s Kids, Millard Sheets Center for the Arts and many other exhibits. Special shows and events are scheduled specially for the FairKids program. The educational extravaganza offers teachers and students hands-on experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. Must be reserved in advance. Subject to availability, call (909) 865-4075.



Logan's Candy hosts Candy Cane Demonstrations - Sign-up now

More Information is coming on this event...stay tune!
As August starts, so does the winter planning. Crafters begin to start on the Christmas gifts and Christmas retailers begin to plan ahead. This week begans the sign up for a fun activity. Logan's Free Candy Demonstration. What you receive is a private how to make candy canes. They use their hands to shape and mold the candy canes. All kids should see the art of hand making candy canes.


Graber Olive House - Planning ahead our next fieldtrip

A few years back we were lucky enough to go on a field trip to "The Graber Olive House". The Graber Olive House has been open since 1894. It is located in the city of Ontario, Ca. A very beautiful and peaceful place where you can experience fresh olives being canned. The public is welcome to come during their olive season to see the entire process. This process usually begins in October. We recommend that you call ahead before traveling to the olive house because dates may change. 
Credit: Graber Olive Photo 

Call ahead to make arrangements. The fall is the best time to tour the facility.  If you visit the olive house make sure to take lots of pictures.

10 Freeway to Euclid Avenue, South to 4th Street, East 1-1/2 blocks to 315 East 4th Street.
Open Daily (except major holidays)
Mon - Sun 9:00 - 5:30
Graber Olives

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. All thoughts and ideas are all my own. Photos are from the Graber olive website. 


What's cooking.....

I wanted to share a few things I have made in the kitchen. I have been trying to work on my kitchen skills.

Catching Butterflies at Descanso Gardens

Exploring nature with the family was on the calendar today. Descanso Gardens is located in La Cañada Flintridge, near Pasadena. It is a beautiful place to watch butterflies and run into squirrels. My family had a great time walking through the gardens. I will let the pictures tell the story.


Your Community and Your Neighbors

We share this planet with wonderful people that live in our community. They help to shape our kids and influence our families. About (8) years ago I moved to a wonderful community in the Inland Empire. We bought our first house there and started our family. As we got to know our community we found the local neighborhood message board. It was started by a neighbor. Her name is "Susan Cowles". She is of course a community leader and neighborhood advocate. Susan created the message board to bring the community together. The message board has become a great way to inform the neighbors of upcoming events, traffic jams, serious city matters, school reminders and more.  Susan has inspired many people, who have gone on to start other groups, clubs and social message boards.  Because she has been so unselfish, a whole city has been greatly enriched by her idea of bring a community together online. 

Her message board has a monthly free business advertisement to help local businesses. This of course has really helped a small community who is trying to survive this economy. She does it for free. She does not charge or ask for donations. Susan does it to help her community. Eastvale is very lucky to have a neighbor like Susan Cowles who cares about her planet. She really understands what it is to be unselfish and give of her self to help others. We are all so lucky to know Susan Cowles trailblazer, fearless advocate and Photographer!

Susan is also very creative and is a photographer. She has her own website:

Eastvale Photography
Please check it out.... I love her kitty pictures who look so adorable.