Your Community and Your Neighbors

We share this planet with wonderful people that live in our community. They help to shape our kids and influence our families. About (8) years ago I moved to a wonderful community in the Inland Empire. We bought our first house there and started our family. As we got to know our community we found the local neighborhood message board. It was started by a neighbor. Her name is "Susan Cowles". She is of course a community leader and neighborhood advocate. Susan created the message board to bring the community together. The message board has become a great way to inform the neighbors of upcoming events, traffic jams, serious city matters, school reminders and more.  Susan has inspired many people, who have gone on to start other groups, clubs and social message boards.  Because she has been so unselfish, a whole city has been greatly enriched by her idea of bring a community together online. 

Her message board has a monthly free business advertisement to help local businesses. This of course has really helped a small community who is trying to survive this economy. She does it for free. She does not charge or ask for donations. Susan does it to help her community. Eastvale is very lucky to have a neighbor like Susan Cowles who cares about her planet. She really understands what it is to be unselfish and give of her self to help others. We are all so lucky to know Susan Cowles trailblazer, fearless advocate and Photographer!

Susan is also very creative and is a photographer. She has her own website:

Eastvale Photography
Please check it out.... I love her kitty pictures who look so adorable.
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