Kream Kong Ice Cream is making people happy one scoop at a time.

This summer was filled with adventure and lots of great food. Recently, we were invited to a media event for Kream Kong Ice Cream, an organic ice cream truck.  My family and I were so excited to attend the event's secret location because we had heard so many great things about this organic ice cream.  We jumped in the car and fought through rush hour traffic to enjoy this fantastic treat! 
ice cream
When we arrived, the ice cream flavors available included vanilla, cookies & cream, and strawberry. Kreme Kong offers other flavors on a rotating schedule. Some of these flavors include Ube, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Red Velvet, Avocado, Cookie Butter, Matcha, and Banana Cream Pie. 
For our visit, we chose the Organic Strawberry and Cookies & Cream ice cream.  Kream Kong hosts some incredibly yummy toppings.  Our cream included Cinnamon Toast Crunch, crushed Oreos, Fruity Pebbles, and chocolate sauce.  Delicious ice cream with amazing toppings will bring the kid out in everyone.

To find out more information on where to find them, follow them on Facebook.  Look under their events page for their scheduled locations.  Check out these upcoming events:  

Halloween Fest in Villa Park on October 27th from 4 PM to 7:30 PM.  Location: Villa Park Towncenter 17801 Santiago Blvd. Villa Park, CA.

Also, Come out for Street Food Tuesday, Oct 30th from 5 - 9:30 PM.  Kream Kong will be located at 5800 Lincoln Ave. Cypress, CA.

Arrive early to ensure you get the best selection of flavor combinations!

Facebook: /KreamKongIceCream
Instagram: @kreamkongicecream
Twitter: @KreamKongIC


Borrego Springs Serpent Sculpture road trip.

Artistst, Ricardo Breceda, has brought to life giant metal sculptures that reside in the open land of Borrego Springs. These works of art are giant size. Some are about 350-feet long and approximately 40-feet tall. They are impressive to see first-hand. Photos do not do just to the art pieces just sitting in the middle of sand. A well planned road trip is necessary to visit all 130 full-sized metal sculptures.  We visited a few on a one trip. After the trip, we were left with wanting to visit again. Continue reading to get more information on how to plan your road trip. 
Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce and visitor center offers information these beautiful works of art. Make sure to stop by their office to get information on where to eat and a map of the 130 free standing steel sculptures. 
Borrego Springs at night is beautiful.  Just look at these beautiful images that were captured this past spring. 

Directions to Borrego Springs Dragon/ Serpent location: 
1624 Borrego Springs Rd, Borrego Springs, CA 92004

Sky Art Desert Sculpture Garden Galleta Meadows Estate, location:
1299 Borrego Springs Rd, Borrego Springs, CA 92004

Borrego Springs Scorpion Sculpture location:
700-898 Big Horn Rd, Borrego Springs, CA 92004

Giant Eagle sculpture location:

3800-3898 Anzio Dr, Borrego Springs, CA 92004
Make sure to check weather conditions before traveling to Anza Borrego Desert.

Road trips can sometimes have a few surprises. We suggest to pack a lunch and snacks as well as making sure you have enough gasoline in your vehicle. Have fun exploring Southern California this holiday season. 

Solvang, Old Mission Santa Inez and one Ostrich farm.

Solvang, California located north of Santa Barbara is a beautiful weekend trip to take your family. The city is well-known for their Danish-style architecture, food, and shops.  It is also host to a beautiful Spanish mission.
The Old Mission Santa Ines was built in the early 1800's Franciscan Church and welcomes all. Besides having great architecture and rich history, Solvang is home to an Emu and Ostrich farm which is a must see. Your kids will love this place but it is great fun for the whole family.

610 E Highway 246
Solvang, CA 93463
(805) 686-9696

The farm is host to Ostriches & Emus which will reach out to you for food. In the shop, you can purchase a bowl of feed for the feeding.  I do not recommend kids younger than 10 years old to feed the birds because Ostriches do bite.  They are also very aggressive eaters. Make sure you follow the rules and watch your children at all times. Warning: Kids will not want to leave.
The Emus are slightly smaller birds but have a Jurassic Park / Dinosaur quality to them.  These birds have a signature growl and can run extremely fast!  Listen for their signature call.  If you have ever been to a chicken or turkey farm, you can tell by the signature smell in the air.  This farm was very clean, no odor and very fun to feed the birds.
Ostriches lay eggs the size of cantaloupe melon.  These eggs are full of protein, have more egg whites than chicken eggs and hold the equivalent of 20 large eggs.  The shell is very thick and hard to crack, unlike a chicken egg. We spoke to the farm owners who tell us how healthy and delicious Ostrich eggs are.  Take a trip to the City of Solvang and make sure to visit the Ostrichland USA Ostrich Farm.

For more information:https://www.solvangusa.com/