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NEW - Disney Pixar's CARS Micro Drifter

New to the toy store is Disney's Pixar Cars Micro Drifter. The kids fell in love with the toy cars at first sight. The cars were fast and easy to carry in one hand. The test area for the kids was filled with all (60) Cars Micro Drifters.   A very micro CAR that speeds through the super motorized speedway.... Three micro CARS come in one package that are priced at approximately at $6.99. The CARS Micro Drifters are handsome and super fast. The kids will want to collect all of them.  The speedway will cost approximately $39.99 depending on where you go. This is a great gift for kids 4 years and older, due to the size of the toy.  They are so small that you could hold (5) CARS Micro Drifters in one hand. (Please make sure they do not go in your little ones mouth.)   All the characters were available to be seen at a recent Mattel toy launch.      Will you be a CARS Micro Drifter collector?  There are (60) reasons why you should consider collecting them soon.   The

We will never forget 9/11

I will never forget the day. I wish I could, but it's too hard to block it from my memory.  Although I was not there in person, I witnessed it through the news and watched in horror the second attack as it was happening on live TV.  The thought of us going to war and sending innocent soldiers haunted me.  After time passed, I would cry when I saw a military uniforms.  It was hard for me as an American as I love my country and the people in it.  I struggle answering, Why so much hate from others? Why does war have to happen? Why harm innocent people?  I wish kids did not have to witness losing family and friends for the cause of a religion that hates others.  I never want to understand why it is okay to kill innocent people in the name of religion.   Take a moment of silence to pray for the persons of the 9/11 tragedy, their family and friends.  Pray for our soldiers and rejoice those who have served us bravely and placed their bodies in the line of danger for our freedom.  Let us

Happy School Year!!!

School is now in session and a new year has begun. As we go through this year we focus on homework, getting to school on time and eating healthy. This year for me will be very different. I have two different drop-off times and two different pick-up times. My time is even more precious then ever. But I will not stop volunteering at my children's school. Last year I saw a great need for extra hands in every single class. Every class has too many kids, not enough teachers or teachers aids and not enough money for supplies. It is not any easy decision for so many reasons. But I only get to be a parent once. There is only one chance to get it right. Everyday for the next year I will continue to make education interesting and fun. Field trips are my way of bring classroom education to life. I want to encourage you to do more with your kids. Try to volunteer in the schools at least once this year. Volunteering will make a difference in your life and in your child's life.  Go ahead and