Happy School Year!!!

School is now in session and a new year has begun. As we go through this year we focus on homework, getting to school on time and eating healthy. This year for me will be very different. I have two different drop-off times and two different pick-up times. My time is even more precious then ever. But I will not stop volunteering at my children's school. Last year I saw a great need for extra hands in every single class. Every class has too many kids, not enough teachers or teachers aids and not enough money for supplies. It is not any easy decision for so many reasons. But I only get to be a parent once. There is only one chance to get it right. Everyday for the next year I will continue to make education interesting and fun. Field trips are my way of bring classroom education to life. I want to encourage you to do more with your kids. Try to volunteer in the schools at least once this year. Volunteering will make a difference in your life and in your child's life.  Go ahead and have a great school year!!!

Ocean Institute, Orange County Zoo and Irvine Regional Park

Stay tune more coming up......
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