Irvine School Board Elections ~ Who's your Choice?

Field Trip Mom had the opportunity to meet this years candidates running for three seats on the Irvine School Board. The candidates running are:
 Paul Bokota an Irvine businessman
 Lauren Brooks, an educator and businesswoman
 Margaret Brown, a school planning director
 Omar Ezzeldine, chair of the city’s finance commission and an educator
 Carolyn Inmon, a retired teacher
 Michelle Ollada Alipio, a school nurse
 Michael Parham, incumbent and School Board president
 Bob Vu, an educator, scientist and entrepreneur
Cyril Yu, OC Deputy District Attorney
We met up with the candidates for various Q & A sessions with parents and teachers to hear their ideas and solutions to the issues as related to our challenged State school budget and other related issues.  Additional, we reached out to all of the candidates for responses to some more personal one on one questions to determine who they are outside of the office in an attempt to get to know them better.  Here are some of the responses:
From Michael Parham:
Do you think Field Trips are important?
YES! Some of my greatest experiences as a child were on field trips to places like Yosemite, the beaches of Northern California, and to Miwuk Village Indian Camp. Children learn by doing and seeing, and that necessitates getting out into the world beyond the classroom.
What was your favorite Field Trip?
Yosemite, for a full week in 7th grade
Why are you  wanting to be on the School Board?
I believe in public schools and I also believe that all of us have an obligation to perform some type of public service.
Why are you the best candidate?
Over the past 8 years on the school board I have shown my leadership by helping to bring our schools into the 21st century, initiating energy savings worth more than $10 mm, improving the scores of our most challenged students, providing a safe and equitable learning environment for all, with a focus at all times on fiscal responsibility.
Who are your biggest supporters?
The teachers (ITA), classified staff (CSEA), retired Superintendent Gwen Gross, and many local leaders.
What part of the day is the most important to you?
Dinnertime! I love to eat, and especially with my family.
What do you think are the most important challenges in education today?
Figuring out a way to move beyond assessments to focus on relevant learning that strengthens critical thinking and team work.
If elected, How will you balance your family life and your new demands?
As always, very carefully, but family comes first.
Why should every American vote this year?
Because to remain strong, America is dependent on an involved and educated voter.
Share your most memorable education moment?
Meeting the class greeter in a Northwood High Special Ed class. A child with severe autism "greeted" me when I walked in and handed me his business card that said he was the class greeter. Priceless.
What is your favorite hobby?
Playing drums.
What is your favorite book to read?
Master and Margarita, by Bulgokov.

If you are in the IUSD, take the time out before the elections to get to know your school board candidates.  There are three seats available this year so learn as much as you can about each candidate before the election.  Understanding their positions on key topics, personalities and ideas for bettering the future state of the schools in Irvine are critical to your kids and the future leaders of our community, government and businesses.  Blindly choosing a candidate, only sets you and your children up for increased concerns with the State school budget and programs in which your children attend as a result of the City of Irvine's excellent assistance provided to the school district.  Get informed before you vote!  If you haven't registered go to https://rtv.sos.ca.gov/elections/register-to-vote/ and do so today.  There are only a few days left to register.  On behalf of Field Trip Mom, we wish to thank the IUSD and all of the candidates running for our school board for their time and answering our questions.

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Strictly Sail in Long Beach Boat Show Oct. 18th - 21st

Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach may end up looking a bit different to you as you walk along Shoreline Village Drive the weekend of October 18th and 21st.

Strictly Sail Long Beach will be taking over Rainbow Harbor then.  Bring your family and loved ones to this fun event where you can learn as much as you can about sailing, take lessons on paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, and more.  You’ll even get to test drive these out at Rainbow Harbor.

There will also be a ton of luxury cruisers and sailboats docked at Rainbow Harbor where you will get the chance to explore and tour.  Over 60 will be there.

Opportunities will be available to take a Harbor Cruise on “Pinky,” the honorary sailboat on behalf of Susan G. Komen.

There will also be a sailboat simulator for you to try out on land on what its truly like to sail a boat along with seminar and clinics where you can learn all about sailing techniques or continue to master your own sailing skills. 


Adults: 10 dollars

Kids 15 and under: FREE with an adult paid admission.



Shoreline Village is located at the south end of the Long Beach Freeway (Interstate 710). Follow the signs to the Aquarium of the Pacific, then merge onto Shoreline Drive. Follow Shoreline past the Aquarium and Pine Avenue, then turn right onto Shoreline Village Drive.


Visitor Show Information

Dates & Location

October 18–21, 2012
Shoreline Village at Rainbow Harbor
401 Shoreline Village Drive
Long Beach, CA 90802

Show Hours
Thursday, October 18: noon–7pm
Friday, October 19: noon–7pm
Saturday, October 20: 10am–7pm
Sunday, October 21: 10am–6pm
For more information you can go to their link: Strictly Sail Long Beach


Field Trip Mom Friend and Contributor - Jamie Gall is a Minnesota Girl who has landed herself into the big city of LA.  You can find her at http://mngirlinla.com where she talks photography, wine, books, exploring around LA, and product reviews that tend to cater around food. 


Daddy's Dinner - Part 2

OK everyone...family is hungry, you are tired from a full day at Knott's Berry Farm, the Discovery Science Center or The Petersen Auto Museum.  You can't imagine heating up the house much less getting off the couch from your short 10 min nap but dinner must go on.  Do you A) Spend $30 dollars at Carl's Jr for burgers, chicken sandwiches and salads...not including having to load everyone up so the mess stays there vs the house.  Or B) Follow these quick steps and in 10 minutes produce a master piece.

What you will need:

1 Large Pot and 1 Small Pot
1 Tbsp Vegetable Oil
Last Nights Taco Meat (see my post Daddy's Dinner)
Choice of Spaghetti Sauce
Daddy's Fine China - Dixie 8 3/4" Plates

You guessed it ladies, use that left over taco meat your husband slaved over from the other night and one up him.  He will think you slaved away working harder than he and want to compete for the title.  Your kids will brag that Mom just one upped him causing that male competitive nature to kick in and Viola!  You have a personal chef every other night of week.

In a pot, place hot water from your hot water dispenser, tap or microwave your bottled water to boiling...it reduces the time on the stove top minimizing that "A watched pot never boils"  Believe me...your tired and you will watch it so save yourself.  Place a large pan with the hot water, a Tbsp of vegetable oil and salt on the stove over high heat.  In another pot, the taco meat and jar of sauce placed over a low heat.  Once the water is at a slow boil, place the spaghetti in the pot so it is submerged and start the microwave timer for 8 minutes for perfect pasta.  Drain the noodles well and serve.

10 minutes and you are done.  Clean plates from the kids and leftovers for husbands lunch tomorrow.  Or....

Turn the tables and pass this on to your husband....add a bottle of wine, kids off to bed and relax...you've earned it.

Guest Post Written by:  Tim Bosek - VP of Operations for Field Trip Mom


Daddy's Dinner

Calling all Mommies, Calling all Mommies!  Share this post with your husbands and the next time you are working late, stuck in traffic coming home from the latest event or really simply tired and don't have the energy to do a thing, pull this out....No Man can screw this up!  Now, although I have a little culinary gift in me (self taught, wife, sister, mom and grandmother inspired and a father who wasn't afraid to try), I repeat, your husband cannot screw this up.  Dads-Use fine china as I did here by Dixie and cut the clean up in half as the kids can easily help!

This little dinner recipe gets a healthy meal in your kids with minimal pain and complaints and will have them begging Dad for more!  A win for you ladies!

What you need:
1 Large Fry Pan / Flat Iron Pan or Second Fry Pan / Chopping Knife / Cutting Board and Wooden Spoon / Spatula
1 pound of lean ground turkey
1 Tbsp Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil or Vegetable Oil (your choice)
2 Medium Mexican Squash or Italian Squash
1 Medium Head of Broccoli (produces approximate 10-15 normal bite size florets)
Shredded or Crumbled Cheese of your choice
Salsa (your choice - optional)
Corn Tortillas
Lawry's Seasoning Salt
Fruit or Vegetable of your choice that can be eaten raw
Diet 7 Up (optional)
What to do:
Place the fry pan on stove top over medium heat.  While heating, start by chopping off both ends of the squash, discarding them, washing them completely under cold water, then chop them into small chucks no larger than you pinkie finger nail.  Easiest way to do this is cut the squash into strips, 1/4" thick, then cube those strips.  Oil should be hot by this time, place oil in the pan and heat.  Shouldn't take but 30 seconds, place the ground turkey in the pan.  Chop the broccoli into finger nail sized small bites and place both the squash and broccoli in the pan with the turkey.  Season the combination with the seasoning salt.  You should be able to see a good thin coating of the seasoning over the entire pan but don't over do it. 4-6 shakes should be good...you can always add more at the table if needed.  Fry the combination in the oil crumbling the turkey using the wooden spoon.  Cook the mixture until the meat in complete browned, with no pink showing.  Mix the combination often to ensure everything cooks.  You know you are close to done when the vegetables are turning translucent and tender.  Turn down the heat to low and heat the second pan on medium high placing the corn tortillas in the pan to warm...turn them often so they don't burn.  Trick-Place 6 or 8 tortillas in a paper towel and heat them in the Microwave for 1 Minute or until warm.  Turn the stove off on all pans.  Place 1 or 2 tortillas on a plate and with your wooden spoon dish a spoonful on each tortilla.  Place grapes, strawberries, carrots, cucumbers or other sliced fruit / vegetables on the plate as you side dish and serve the kids with a small cup of Diet 7 Up. 

Kids will be excited to get soda as a treat, additionally it will help them get the veggies down.  The fruit or veggie side is simply something the kids enjoy that will take their focus off the veggies in the tacos.  Hide the veggies in the meat with the cheese if you can.  If your kids are like mine...they don't like cheese, you will have to rely on the side and the soda as the thing that makes them forget about the veggies in the taco.
A healthy, fast dinner in 20 minutes or less dependent on your skills in the kitchen.  A tasty soft taco that will fill you up and get your kids trying something new.  I have to give the majority of credit to Alma for her delicious inspirations daily....thank you for taking care of us boys.
Written by guest blogger:  Tim Bosek - VP, Operations of Field Trip Mom