Daddy's Dinner - Part 2

OK everyone...family is hungry, you are tired from a full day at Knott's Berry Farm, the Discovery Science Center or The Petersen Auto Museum.  You can't imagine heating up the house much less getting off the couch from your short 10 min nap but dinner must go on.  Do you A) Spend $30 dollars at Carl's Jr for burgers, chicken sandwiches and salads...not including having to load everyone up so the mess stays there vs the house.  Or B) Follow these quick steps and in 10 minutes produce a master piece.

What you will need:

1 Large Pot and 1 Small Pot
1 Tbsp Vegetable Oil
Last Nights Taco Meat (see my post Daddy's Dinner)
Choice of Spaghetti Sauce
Daddy's Fine China - Dixie 8 3/4" Plates

You guessed it ladies, use that left over taco meat your husband slaved over from the other night and one up him.  He will think you slaved away working harder than he and want to compete for the title.  Your kids will brag that Mom just one upped him causing that male competitive nature to kick in and Viola!  You have a personal chef every other night of week.

In a pot, place hot water from your hot water dispenser, tap or microwave your bottled water to boiling...it reduces the time on the stove top minimizing that "A watched pot never boils"  Believe me...your tired and you will watch it so save yourself.  Place a large pan with the hot water, a Tbsp of vegetable oil and salt on the stove over high heat.  In another pot, the taco meat and jar of sauce placed over a low heat.  Once the water is at a slow boil, place the spaghetti in the pot so it is submerged and start the microwave timer for 8 minutes for perfect pasta.  Drain the noodles well and serve.

10 minutes and you are done.  Clean plates from the kids and leftovers for husbands lunch tomorrow.  Or....

Turn the tables and pass this on to your husband....add a bottle of wine, kids off to bed and relax...you've earned it.

Guest Post Written by:  Tim Bosek - VP of Operations for Field Trip Mom
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