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Only the brave teach!

It's back to school month. Most teachers are getting their classrooms ready for the next ten months. Their hopes are that all the planning they did during the summer pays off. Most parents do not know that state budget cuts have really impacted our public school system. These cuts don't allow for classroom supplies students need.  Basic items like Kleenex, pencils, and paper are no longer in the budget.  In Irvine, CA, we have an increase in the student population due to city growth and development.  Our schools are busting at the seams. Our middle school has 1100 students among grades 7th and 8th only. Teachers are given the bare minimum as a result of these budget cuts.  While many parents don't understand why teachers are asking for donations, the reason is quite simple.  Schools with higher student academic performance receive less funds from the state because the state feels the budgetary needs must go to areas with lower test scores to ensure those students can be p