Only the brave teach!

It's back to school month. Most teachers are getting their classrooms ready for the next ten months. Their hopes are that all the planning they did during the summer pays off. Most parents do not know that state budget cuts have really impacted our public school system. These cuts don't allow for classroom supplies students need.  Basic items like Kleenex, pencils, and paper are no longer in the budget.  In Irvine, CA, we have an increase in the student population due to city growth and development.  Our schools are busting at the seams. Our middle school has 1100 students among grades 7th and 8th only. Teachers are given the bare minimum as a result of these budget cuts.  While many parents don't understand why teachers are asking for donations, the reason is quite simple.  Schools with higher student academic performance receive less funds from the state because the state feels the budgetary needs must go to areas with lower test scores to ensure those students can be provided the same opportunity as other students. 
So the trends you are now seeing include new teachers posting wish lists for the basic necessities of their classroom. These lists are made for parents who want to help their students thrive. The list is usually labeled, "donations". These donations will help make life easier for every student in the classroom.

More experienced teachers have felt the impact of some parents complaining about donating school supplies.  So too often, these teachers hear, "I pay my taxes!" so they will quietly post a small message on the whiteboard for parents to ask how they can help. They make no announcement of the needs unless someone asks. They have learned to go without; funding upward of $2,000 of their own pay check for these basic needs for your child.  Some will simply let the students wipe their runny noses on their sleeves. If parents don't donate Kleenex, then where is the child to get one.  Cleaning wipes help ensure your child doesn't get the flu from her or his classroom neighbor. All donations immediately benefit your child. 

We implore you to help our public schools by donating classroom supplies or gifting a small gift card to your child's teacher. Just ask the teacher how you can help! You will be surprised to know how little they really need to make life easier for you and your child.  See this heart warming video for the extremes some teachers have gone for your child. 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and ideas are all my own. I am not brave enough to be a teacher. Just a fan.