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Wordless Wednesday

Ehrmann 's Mixim Greek Yogurt

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Ehrmann MIXIM. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Ehrmann MIXIM. All thoughts and opinions are all my own.  Recently, I was hungry late one night, so I reached for a cute heart-shaped container with the words Cherry and Chocolate. Next thing I know, I was smiling uncontrollably because of the cute container and the refreshing ingredients.  I started to read the label and it said that it had NO artificial colors or preservatives.  It has 10 grams of protein and zero trans fats.  This is important for me these days as I am trying to eat healthier.  It was my last Ehrmann MIXIM Greek Yogurt. As I took every bite, I could taste the combination of the creamy yogurt, the sweetness of the cherries along with the bitter sweet chocolate bites.  I ate the entire container with a smile.  It hit the spot for my late snack. I felt guilty because I ate the last one leaving nothing but a fond memory and my rush to hide the evid

You are invited to attend a free Valentine's Day Ehrmann MIXIM Launch Event. #MIXIMLOVE

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Ehrmann MIXIM. They has been making delicious yogurt for almost one hundred years. Now they are in California and they want to share their delicious fat-free Greek Yogurt with the public. MIXIM Love is happening on February 14th the launch event to introduce (6) delicious flavors.  The line of creamy Greek yogurt MIXIM comes from techniques used in a three-generation old family recipe.  They carry the following flavors which are fat-free  Blackberry with Pomegranate and Granola with Dried Fruit, Mango Pineapple and Coconut Almonds, Strawberry and Granola, Raspberry, dark and white chocolate, Cherry and Black chocolate curls and last is the Honey Coconut with honey. 

Last Minute gift ideas for Valentine's Day.

Last minute gift ideas for Valentine's Day!!! Disclaimer: Sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts are all my own.    "Be my Valentine!" How do you say I love you? I use books to help carry my message of love and inspiration. This weekend I have been reading "Love is me buying you this book" by Waldo Pancake, "I Love you Because" by Marianne Richmond, "50 ways to say you're Awesome" by Alexandra Franzen, "I love you" Sourcebooks Casablanca. All of the above books are sitting close to my bed. This weekend, I read them to my kids and my husband before they went to bed. In the morning, I read one page to make me feel the love.  Below are my favorite quotes and they are inspirational me.  Thes quotes really made me smile.

Whole Foods Love Story: Fall in love with hand-picked ingredients.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Whole Foods Market Huntington Beach. On February 11th, 2014, Whole Foods is hosting a fun filled evening of tasting sweet and spicy hand-picked ingredients that tell their love story. Every department will have a complimentary tasting that will romance your taste buds. The evening will be filled with yummy ingredients that will fill your heart with happiness and love. They will teach how to make a few delicious treats to make for your Valentine. Come to discover your own food love story.   Bonus item:  In-store raffle to win tickets for a Valentine's dinner for two. Enter for a chance to win and dinner could be on Whole Foods Market. Here is a peek at what you should expect. The complimentary tastings will have specialty items such as Pepperlane Sweet and hot fruit spreads paired with tangy goat cheese selected by a Cheese Expert. Then you will find decadent combinations of fresh nuts paired with California Rancher's Caju