Last Minute gift ideas for Valentine's Day.

Last minute gift ideas for Valentine's Day!!!

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"Be my Valentine!"
How do you say I love you? I use books to help carry my message of love and inspiration. This weekend I have been reading "Love is me buying you this book" by Waldo Pancake, "I Love you Because" by Marianne Richmond, "50 ways to say you're Awesome" by Alexandra Franzen, "I love you" Sourcebooks Casablanca. All of the above books are sitting close to my bed. This weekend, I read them to my kids and my husband before they went to bed. In the morning, I read one page to make me feel the love.  Below are my favorite quotes and they are inspirational me.  Thes quotes really made me smile.

This excerpt from "I Love You" book:
"Love life and life will love you back. Love people and they will love you back."  written by Arthur Rubinstein

Excerpt from "50 ways to say you are awesome" book:
"I'm so happy we're sharing the planet in the same Historical Era.!"

Excerpt from " I Love You Because" book:
I Love you for accepting the various versions of me... silly me, questioning me, whiny me, happy me and irrational me. 

Excerpt from " Love is me buying you this book": 
"When we have a hug I always imagine you're doing one of those looks over my shoulder like in a soap opera, hence me always hugging you when we're between two mirrors."

Everyday I will make it a habit to read one page to help me get inspired.  I will be exercising my mind and my heart to to help me show the love to all.  I urge you to think about buying love books to inspire you and your family. Give a love book to someone with a personal note and make them smile too this Valentines Day. 

These books can be found online at Amazon.com, Barnes and Nobles as well as your local retail stores.   I hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day talking about love and giving hugs. I wish you a very happy  Valentine's Day 2014. 

Want to find similar books check out Sourcebooks.

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