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Universal Studios Hollywood is a great place to spend your staycation.

We participated in a Staycation this Spring Break. It was so easy and relaxing. It all started one perfect Sunday at 8:00 AM. We drove to Universal Studios Hollywood , about an hour away from our home. The kids had never visited before and they were curiously excited to get on the rides. The minute we arrived and parked the car, it was clear, we would have lots of fun. We could see and feel the excitement of season pass-holders as we watched them running to the front entrance. Once we got inside the park, we immediately headed toward the Kung Fu Panda Adventure ride .  Continue to read this post to find how to get discounts on Universal Studios Hollywood admission prices. The kids were excited when we used our upgraded Express Pass to enter the Kung Fu Panda multi-sensory attraction. It was our first time visiting Universal Studios and using express passes therefore we did not know what to expect. Quickly, we realized that EXPRESS was the way to go.  This benefit is well worth

Wordless Wednesday

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Silva's Fresh Eatery & Churrascaria

Are you looking for an amazing Brazilian BBQ Steakhouse, also known as a Churrascaria , that won't break the bank?  If you are a meat eater, you are in luck because we are about to embark on a foodie's dream.  Even if you have a family member or friend who is vegetarian, you can feel good about your restaurant of  choice.  That place is Silva's Fresh Eatery & Churrascaria!   Come one, take a tour with us. Silva's Fresh Eatery & Churrascaria has been open for about a year and brings fresh and delicious to the table until you throw in the towel.  Let's start with my favorite part of this experience, the Churrascaria.  Behind the buffet counter, you will find the Master Chef awaiting your selection of deliciously cooked meats including sirloin, veal, chicken, ribs and sausage.  The chef pulls the rack of meat off the oven, brushes it with the restaurants secret blend of spices and slices it to perfect right before your eyes.  The juices of the meat are ru

Family Trip to the Los Angeles Zoo for Spring Fling!

At the end of March, we visited the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Garden . It is one of our favorite places to visit during Spring because it is peaceful and full of beauty. The first exhibit we saw was a lovable seal named Ziggy and his friend. Their home is right near the Zoo entrance. As we approached the glass the seals began to come closer in our direction. Standing there we could see how playful they were being with one another. It was relaxing to watch them play. For a few moments everything is forgotten and your mind wonders off into the beauty of nature. After we finished visiting with Ziggy, we ran towards the Flamingo exhibit. There, we all pretended to stand like a flamingo on one leg. It is very funny to  try that pose. These flamingos are, of course, the yoga masters of the zoo and they make it look easy. Next time you visit the zoo try standing  on one leg without falling or  shaking while sticking your head in the ground. Now you see why we call them Yoga Masters