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Upcoming Events for Every Family Calendar

Field Trip Mom wants to share some exciting upcoming events for all to attend at the Irvine Great Park.  Check your calendars and pencil in some time for these exciting events.  Tell them you heard about it at Field Trip Mom! MOVIE IN THE PARK Saturday June 30th at Dusk, The Irvine Great Park will be hosting a movie on the lawn night featuring Kung Fu Panda 2.  This is a free event.  Bring a picnic dinner or the park will have food available for purchase.  The Great Park is located at Sand Canyon and Marine Way and can easily be reached by the 5 and 405 freeways.  The movie will be projected on a giant outdoor screen on the lawn adjacent to the Farm and Food Lab.  The venue opens at 6:30 PM however the park is open all day for the Orange Balloon, Farm Lab & Merry Go Round.  For more info please visit the web site at: or call 866-829-3829. CHILDREN'S GARDEN WORKSHOP On the 2nd Sunday of the month, Now through December 9th, 2012.  T

Playing in the Mud at Adventure Playground.

Summer is here and Field Trip Mom is out in force going to the first of many learning adventures for the summer.   Today’s adventure found us driving down the 405 freeway to Huntington Beach.   We decided to take our adventure to the dirtiest adventure we could find and what better than Adventure Park in Huntington’s Central Park.   This park is a summer time must with several exciting features. Central Park is located near the cross street of Goldenwest and Talbert. A s we entered the park, the parking lot is mostly covered with the state of the art solar panels allowing for renewable energy to all of the components of the park.  Inside the park, is a large lake, jungle gym, sports complex, the Huntington Beach library and he main reason for our adventure…. Adventure Park. Adventure Park is an enclosed area of the park in which kids can get as dirty as they wish.  There are 4 tree houses that kids can climb on.  Additionally, admission allows them to use a hammer and saw,

Cleopatra - California Science Center

If you love history then you will find this exhibit very thought provoking. The mystery of Cleopatra is filled with twists and turns. She was considered a very intelligent woman as well as a seductress. According to history she dated two of the most powerful men Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony.   Rumor has it that she died by her own hand using a snakes bite. Who knows what the truth is because most of her story was written by her enemies. But there is one fact that can not be disputed. She was the Queen of Egypt.  In 1992 the journey to discovery the lost Cleopatra began off the coast of the Mediterranean. Franck Goddio is leading an underwater excavation to recover artifacts from Cleopatra’s empire along with Dr. Zahi Hawass. Both were instrumental in finding and bring more than 150 artifacts from under the sea and by land. Bring to light what life was in Alexandria when Cleopatra walked this earth.  (69–30 B.C. (Ptolemaic period)  Cleopatra, the last great Pharaoh befo