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If you love history then you will find this exhibit very thought provoking. The mystery of Cleopatra is filled with twists and turns. She was considered a very intelligent woman as well as a seductress. According to history she dated two of the most powerful men Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony.   Rumor has it that she died by her own hand using a snakes bite. Who knows what the truth is because most of her story was written by her enemies. But there is one fact that can not be disputed. She was the Queen of Egypt. 
In 1992 the journey to discovery the lost Cleopatra began off the coast of the Mediterranean. Franck Goddio is leading an underwater excavation to recover artifacts from Cleopatra’s empire along with Dr. Zahi Hawass. Both were instrumental in finding and bring more than 150 artifacts from under the sea and by land. Bring to light what life was in Alexandria when Cleopatra walked this earth.  (69–30 B.C. (Ptolemaic period)
 Cleopatra, the last great Pharaoh before Egypt succumbed to Roman opposition, lived from 69–30 B.C. (Ptolemaic period) (Gold is still the most beautiful metal.)    

 A sphinx made out of Stone. The face is believed to represent Ptolemy XII, father of the famous Cleopatra. The sphinx was found during excavations in the ancient harbor of Alexandria.  

The necklace.
A beautiful piece that might have been worn by Cleopatra the Queen of Egypt

Not allowed to use cameras with flash I was only able to take this picture of the 16 foot tall colossal statues. Standing there next to these large stone statues of the Ptolemaic King and Queen I felt a sense of royalty. These statues stood guard before the temple of Amon at Heracleion.

The exhibit is here at the California Science Center of Los Angeles. I suggest you go and find out for yourself how incredible these artifacts and statues are in real life.

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The Cleopatra Movie 1963 - Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton


Andrea said...

That looks amazing! I'll have to put it on our summer bucket list!

Romina said...

We've been to the CSM just once last year and my preschooler loved it. Maybe it's time to take another field trip. I'll make sure to bring hubby so he can watch the kiddos while I explore the Cleopatra exhibit. Thanks for sharing.