Kids are growing and changing all the time. Having a regular doctors check-ups are a must. I realized how quick things could change a few years ago. My child was going to start Kindergarten and I took him to his regular doctor before school. The doctor gave my child a clean bill of health. As the summer began I notice my child would fall often and that he no longer enjoyed swimming. I thought he was being difficult and was acting out. To my surprise the school noticed an alarming change to his vision. I received a notice asking that I get an eye specialist to see him.

My husband thought it was a mistake. He was very upset that we had to pay for a specialist to give him an eye test. (But this is another story.) So we went to a Pediatric Ophthalmology,  Dr. Althea Molarte.  She immediate informed us that he had a severe change in his eye sight and that he needed treatment. After (2) years of eye therapy (glasses and patching), my child has slowly overcomed his vision problem. There is a great chance for 20/20 vision in the near future.

The success came because we caught it early and we took immediate action. Kids are very vulnerable and need regular doctors check-up.  So get in the habit to get regular check-ups and you may save your family's health.

I hope to see you at the doctors office. Take care, Alma
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