Unplug and reconnect while looking for Blue Whales in Long Beach.

Recently, Aquarium of the Pacific and Harbor Breeze took us out in search of Blue Whales. This was not our first trip and we knew what to expect. The kids and I felt comfortable sailing away on a perfect Tuesday morning. What would happen next was truly unexpected. As we sailed away, my children sat and enjoyed the view. They quietly nestled onto the top deck, smelled the ocean breeze and searched for wild life in the sky and sea. They seemed at peace and connecting with nature. It was weird! They weren't asking a million questions or feeling anxious. Previous trips in search of whales in the Pacific Ocean had not been this quiet. With a very calm demeanor they would look into the vast ocean hoping to high-five a Blue Whale. Ahhhh....after an hour, I realized that they were not connected to the television, cellphone or video game. We were unplugged and reconnecting with our surroundings. It was beautiful to see our children be one with nature. Disclaimer: Sponsored post.
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We were excited about just being in the moment with only the sea breeze and the sound of the waves. Family field trips like this one really help to open our eyes to our surroundings. Nature is so beautiful! 
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The trip was filled with first moments but unfortunately no Blue Whales this time. We saw for the first time an ocean sun-fish aka Mola. He is a fish that has a strange body. The mouth of the sunfish is small and its teeth are fused together to form a "beak." We had never seen anything like it before. As we continued our search for Blue Whales, we encountered several dolphins feeding and playing near our boat. They were just like curious toddlers, playing and dancing. As we sailed back, the Coast Guard flew low overhead and waved to us! It was really exciting because we had never experienced that before either. Not finding Blue Whales was not disappointing because it was still an unforgettable adventure. We hope to go again soon on another ocean adventure to find whales, dolphins, ocean sunfish and bird life. In the meantime, we will have to hold on to our memories of this great peaceful adventure.
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