Family - Time to see the eye doctor

School has started for some and for others school will start soon. What is very important is that you have your eyes checked regularly. Specially important when starting school. Kids usually don't know how to communicate that they are having trouble reading the board or books. So by having a routine eye check-up it can help to identify any problems and eventually help save future vision damage.

On a routine checkup we found eye vision concerns and we began to see Dr. Althea Molarte an Ophthalmologist. She has cared for our two kids and has helped improve their vision over the past 3 years. This summer we began by going to our appointment to find out if the patching and glasses had helped. Always a serious moment for us.

Here is the latest visit with Dr. Molarte.

 Dr. Molarte is a very calm quiet person with lots of  funny stories. She is very gentle with kids and understanding. She has great manners and does not push or force kids to do anything. My kids adore her and find her office very interesting. She has an eye ball, a screen, funny letters and a BIG candy dish. This is all according to my kids. I just think it is a doctors office.  But I always find it interesting that we both have two boys and we always connect on that level. She is a mom first and foremost. As I hear her mom stories I realize that she cares for kids first as a mom and then as a doctor. Her love and compassion come through when she visits and cares for my kids, her patients. Our last visit brought great news and not so great news. But I feel confident that Dr. Molarte will get us through this medical eye ordeal. After all  her hubby helped us with our oldest when he needed surgery. Both great parents, great Doctors and both have your childs best interest at heart.

 Well I got off track. My message to you is go see an eye doctor today or at least soon. I love my eye doctor. I hope you find one just as caring as my eye doctor. But don't take it the wrong way, if I don't share my doctors contact number. I would like to keep her to myself for as long as possible.  Stay healthy!!!

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