Thrifty's Ice Cream

A long time ago when I was little, in a very far-away place I call Los Angeles, I enjoyed Thrifty's Ice Cream. I still remember being small and reaching up for the Vanilla Ice Cream Cone at the Thrifty’s counter. Often when my parents could not pick me up from school, they would send my uncle to rescue me. We would jump on the bus going into Downtown Los Angeles to get lost in the city, or as my uncle would say, to pay bills and run errands.  I would be his translator and he would pay me in Thrifty’s Ice Cream.  I would get one scoop of Vanilla and my uncle would get one scoop of Strawberry.   We would then walk outside with our ice cream in one hand and a napkin in another.

Outside of the drugstore there were thousands of people walking fast going from one place to another.  Who knows where they were going? But we didn't care because we had our ice cream and for us we would wait for the bus to return home. Standing on the sidewalk at the bus stop, we would talk about what had happen during the day.  I don’t remember our exact conversations; I just remember secretly hoping that the next week he would bring me back again, and sometimes he did.  Those are some of the fun memories I have of my childhood that I still cherish forever.  These memories have helped guide me as a parent.  My uncle made me feel loved and valued as a child through simple and small acts of kindness.  Those are the memories that have helped me to become an understanding parent.  My uncle is older now living far away with his family, but I still remember what he taught me.  Most importantly, he taught me to be kind, to be gentle, to be understanding and to have ice cream during the week to help bond the family.  The most important lesson is to talk to my kids over ice cream and to do it often.

Today, we went for a few scoops of ice cream and catch-up on what is happening in school. I am continuing the tradition that my uncle started so many years ago although some of the flavors have changed and the name of the drugstore has as well.  My kids love Birthday Cake and Black Cherry Ice Cream not my childhood favorite, Vanilla.   The drugstores' name has changed from Thrifty’s to Rite Aid.  Today, you can get a discount card which tracks how many purchases you make allowing you to receive discounts.  Things have changed as time moves on, however I am thankful that Thrifty’s ice cream is still around.  Every time I eat it, it brings me back to amazing and happy memories.  Going today, I can make new memories with Thrifty’s Ice Cream and my children.  Hopefully my children will have Thrifty’s Ice Cream around to make memories with their children too.
I want to wish you a Happy Thursday and may all your dreams come true. 

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