Del Real Tortas De Carnitas estillo Michoacan

Del Real Tortas de Carnitas estillo Michoacan are super easy to make and filled with flavor. The main ingredients are pulled pork, re-fried beans and french bread. These main ingredients can be combined with other flavor combinations to change the dish. For example you can use Pineapple and teriyaki sauce mixed in the Del Real pulled pork to make it a Hawaiian sandwich.  Barbeque sauce and brown sugar mixed into the pork can make a delicious BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich. 

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pulled pork sandwich

Ingredients you will need: 

1 Carnitas pull pork Del Real foods
1 Refried Beans Del Real Foods
1 container of Salsa Verde Del Real Foods
6 French bread / Bolillo Bread cut in half.
1/2 cup of Sour Cream
 4 cups of Shredded Cabbage
1 ½ cups of Shredded carrots
1/4 Onion sliced very thin
1 cup Cilantro for garnish
1 cup of Cotija cheese shredded very thin
1 cup of olives (your favorite)
Slices of  Jalapenos (optional)

carnitas tortas

Preparation time 30 minutes: 

Warm the Carnitas and Refried Beans as per the directions on the Del Real package.  Ensure all of your vegetables are washed and the excess water is removed.  While your Del Real food is warming up, start shredding the cabbage and carrots gently tossing together.  Your mixture should look like Cole Slaw. Place them in a bowl and set them aside until needed.  Grate the Cotija Cheese and set in a bowl.  Remove the ends of the Cilantro and chop it up.  You may leave the Cilantro out if you are not a fan.

Once your Del Real Carnitas and Refried beans have been warmed up, you are ready to begin building your delicious sandwich.
del real foods

Start with your French bread and sour cream.  Cut the bread in half and apply a thin layer of sour cream to each side of the French bread.  Then, add a layer of refried beans on top of the sour cream followed by sprinkling on your Cotija Cheese (the Cotija cheese is salty).  The mixture of the sour cream, refried beans and cheese will blend well with the Carnitas.  

del real foods

Follow next by placing the Del Real Carnitas to one side of the sandwich (I use only ¼ cup on my sandwich.)  Adjust the Carnitas distribution to fit your hungry crowd.  Next, add your green salsa on top of the Carnitas (You may also add sliced jalapenos to add a bit  of heat to your sandwich.)  By now, your sandwich should be (5) layers of yum!  To make this sandwich burst with flavor, add your cabbage mixture to the sandwich and garnish with a few thinly slices of white onion and cilantro (optional).

Serve with fresh cut up watermelon or any fresh fruit that is in season. 

*** Feeling like BBQ? Then you can remove the sour cream, Cotija cheese, re-fried beans and green salsa from the recipe.  Mix ½ cup BBQ sauce and ¼ cup brown sugar (Taste it as you add.) to the Carnitas and turn this Sandwich into a delicious BBQ dish. 

Disclaimer: We received free product to create a recipe for Del Real Foods. This recipe is my original creation. My roots are from Michoacan, Mexico and my style of cooking is from that region of Mexico. All ideas and opinions are all my own. 
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