Why I love my new ICU Sunglasses.

A year ago, I started to notice that I was having issues with reading and writing posts. I noticed that I was making many mistakes when writing. I thought I was simply tired due to writing in the middle of the night resulting in my eyesight becoming blurry when reading and writing. Then, on a routine eye appointment for my two kids, the doctor noticed my eyesight was declining. She quickly sat me down in a chair and began examining my eyes. Within minutes, she explained to me that I now needed eye glasses. We went from two kids with glasses to now two kids and a parent all needing prescriptions.  All I could think about was the cost of my new prescription.  I had just spent hundreds of dollars on both my kids eye wear and now I had to do the same for me.
I was sad and concerned about how my life would be without perfect vision. Having to depend on glasses to see the world was now new and scary.  My kids must have noticed my sadness and they both began to cheer me up.  They talked to me about how I was now able to get a lollipop from their doctor for being such a good patient.  Just then, I noticed that my two kids had been struggling with their vision for a while and not once had they complained or shared their fears about it.  It hit me like a ton of bricks all at once.  My new experience was not so new.  I had been living it in some way through my kids. My kids were so loving and so compassionate that they hugged me and told me that everything would be okay.  I smiled and agreed that now I was going to be just like them and have fun eye glasses.  It was all better as we all walked out of the doctor's office.  I was so shocked that I completely forgot to thank our eye doctor for taking me without an appointment.  I was completely lucky to have loving kids and a caring doctor. 
My first pair of glasses were so ugly that I refused to be photographed wearing them.  All I could afford were these large 1970 bifocals that made me look thirty years older than I actually am.  The first time I wore them around my friends, I could hear the shock in their voice. The stares were even worse.  My husband hated them as well.  It was like people knew that I was uncomfortable with them and they would try to avoid the conversation that I had new glasses.  Back then, it was hard to deal with the faces I would get when they would stare at my ugly glasses.  I actually looked like a character that belonged on The Carol Burnett show. 
Fast forwarding to today, now I am no longer uncomfortable with my second pair of eyes.  I am happy to say I have upgraded and have moved on from the ugly pair of eye glasses I used to wear.  I have even found different styles for different fashions. My latest pair, I love, are the Sunglasses bifocal by ICU.  These sunglasses allow me to be in the sun without my eyes hurting.  There is no struggling to read while outside with these amazing sunglasses.  The added bonus is that they are very affordable.  They are so cute and make me look a little younger and hip like my true self. 

My new shades will not make me Katharine Hepburn but I am closer to looking like Sofia Vegara.  Okay, I am closer to being able to read and look fashionable with ICU Bifocal Sunglasses.  The best thing about the this whole new adventure is with ICU the prices are reasonable.  The pair I am wearing retails for $25.95. Compare that to my super ugly glasses that I hated wearing which cost $300.00 and were non-refundable.  I wish I had known about ICU much sooner than now. I could have saved so much money.  Now, you don't have to spend fortunes to get the eyewear you need.  I hope my story will help you stay fashionable while saving money. 
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received product for review. All thoughts and ideas are all my own. This post is not intended to give medical advice or diagnosis any medical condition.