Celebrity "Peeps Candy" myth buster.

There is a celebrity that is often seen during the Easter holiday. The supermarket's dedicate an entire aisle to this famous candy. It is  well know all throughout the United States. The "Peeps" candies are a marshmallow sugary treat that kids and adults enjoy. It's a squishy, gooey ooey treat.  

Myth 1.  It is often said that this popular candy is only found at the local supermarket. This is not a correct statement. You can often find Pink Bunny Peep enjoying a lobster dinner at the local eatery.  However, most of the time, she spends it at the shop Peeps and Company.   

Myth 2. This popular seasonal candy does not like fruit. This is an absolute lie! Purple Bunny Peep enjoys working with fruit. As you can tell by the picture the Peep is having a great time.
Myth 3. All marshmallow candies are the same. All marshmallows are not the same. There is a rainbow of Peeps. Find the right one for you.  

Myth 4. Peeps only like chocolate.  Not the case, pink bunny peep is enjoying a bubble bath of whip cream.

Peeps marshmallow treats come in several shapes and flavors for all to enjoy.  Add them to decorate cupcakes, fruit cups, S'mores or eat them on their own.  Add a Peeps marshmallow to your kids cup of Hot Chocolate for a fun filled spring time drink.  Making Yams or Sweet Potatoes with your Easter Ham, why not add some Peeps.

Peeps are the fun filled Marshmallow candy that you grew up with as a kids.  However, Peeps now have additional flavors including chocolate Peeps.  Easter is right around the corner, go out and pick up some Peeps treats for your family today. 

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Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. I received product for review only. ALL thoughts and ideas are all my own.