Elements Massage Costa Mesa turns One!

The other day my friends over at  LatinaGeeks invited me to attend a birthday celebration. Elements Massage in Costa Mesa was turning one and they were celebrating. I was excited to finally get a chance to learn first hand about their services. Several of my friends had already recommended their services to me.  I was now going to find out first hand how wonderful their services are for relieving stress.
My car-pooler for the evening was fellow blogger Wendy from Over the Top Mommy. We both were super excited to have an evening of friendly conversation and a massage. When we arrived we were greeted with friendly faces and a gift bag. The bag was from My Fit Foods and is made to store both hot or cold foods.  Inside were several goodies from AlernaVites, Lebrisa Designs and SkinAgain.  The staff handed us a ticket for a raffle along with a time for a mini massage!  The best part, the local community was also invited to attend this birthday celebration, which made for a fun evening of meeting new people.
Photo credit by  TanyaSalcido LatinaGeeks
Walking into their space, we found yummy food from My Fit Foods and drinks from Clean Cocktails as well as fun jewelry by Lebrisa Designs.  The place was full of energy with happy people.  People would go in carrying stress to meet their masseuse and come out standing taller and much happier.  It was very apparent that a good massage will change a person.  You could see stress just melt away after their mini massages.  I could see it in their appearance and their speech.
The combination of food, jewelry and a massage is something that is very relaxing.  This is where there was trouble for me. It was so relaxing that all of my pictures taken are blurry.  I apparently was a little too relaxed and comfortable. 

After my experience at Elements Massage, I know first hand that a massage is necessary for the body to feel rested and stress free.  Next time you feel like you need to feel stress free, I suggest that you get a massage. They do walk-ins and there are coupon offers online.  I wish you a happy stress free year.  May all your dreams come true.  Namaste.