A fun night at Rance's Chicago pizza in Costa Mesa

As a mom, food is always on my mind because I prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for my family.   I also prepare snacks and play date lunches too. Food is a big part of our families everyday lives. Pizza is a big staple in our weekly food budget.  We either have pizza for dinner or the school offers it for lunch at least twice a month.  This tasty dough pie with tomato sauce and cheese makes our family dinners happy and fun. My family and I like to try new pizza restaurants because we enjoy tasting different recipes. When I was invited to visit Rance's Chicago Pizza in Costa Mesa, I gladly accepted.
Recently, I was invited to attend a bloggers pizza party. The party was at Rance’s Chicago Pizza in Costa Mesa.  I was excited to visit with old friends and met new people as well as to try a new place for the family.  Armed with only my hungry tummy, I walked in excited for a new adventure in food.  I was immediately greeted by my friend and a cup of Ice Tea. I could smell the pizza cooking.  This only made my mouth water even more and my tummy start to complain much louder.  Good thing everyone was busy talking and there was enough noise to cover the growling from my stomach. 

A few moments later, I saw freshly made salads, appetizers and the pizza be served.  They were like food masterpieces. I tasted a little bit of everything that was served that evening.  I could taste the love and care that had gone into making the food that was served.  My favorite that evening was the bruschetta and the pan pizza. The bruschetta reminded me of a family recipe that I had tried as a child and it had all fresh ingredients.  The pan pizza had an out of this world crust. The cheese and tomato sauce were fresh and with just the right amounts.  I was almost done with my last pizza bite when the owner suggested I dip my pizza in honey!  Honey? What?  Okay!  I dipped the crust into a cup of honey. The combination of crust and honey was delicious.

The evening ended with me taking leftovers home.  At home, I had three pizza lovers waiting to hear about my experience. To their surprise, they were able to sample the delicious Chicago style pizza.  It was a hit at home too with all the pizza lovers.

Rance's Chicago Pizza restaurant offers take out, take and bake as well as dine in. They are located on Harbor and Baker Street. The address is 1420 Baker Street, Suite B, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. It is in the same shopping center as Target and other popular shopping stores. Right around the corner there is the Triangle Square Cinemas, which offers great deals on new movie releases.
Next time you want to have a great pizza family day, I recommend  you try Rance's in Costa Mesa and travel to Chicago with out leaving California. Have fun and enjoy your meal.
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was invited along with others to a food tasting event. All thoughts and opinions are all my own.