The Beauty of Black Star Canyon, Silverado, CA

Black Star Canyon is located a few miles from Disneyland and Irvine Spectrum. It is hidden gem and can only be accessed through walking or biking. It is a place that feels as though you have traveled back in time when California was young and unexplored. Some say that this canyon may be haunted or worse a home base for aliens. Who knows? We did not encounter anything of that sort. In the spirit of Harvest and Halloween, we thought you might enjoy this field trip because of the stories that follow this canyon. 

The canyon is beautiful and inspiring. There is no city lights or noise. The air is clean and crisp in the mornings. There is a hiking path that takes through beautiful trees. Birds are abundant throughout the canyon. Bugs can be seen and heard as you walk on the path.

One recommendation: We highly recommend that you stay on the walking path because there is one strange thing we found. As you walk further into the canyon you will see an eerie place to the left. It can be described as a bunker or an extreme home compound? Again, we recommended that you visit with others in the daylight not at night because it is rumored that people who live nearby will shoot first. We did see hiking and biking professionals (people who are super athletic.)pass us by. Our experience was tranquil and inspiring.

The best time to travel to the canyon is during cooler weather and early in the morning. If you Google "Black Star Canyon", you will find articles that suggest the place is haunted. My family and I did not experience anything out of the ordinary. We actually felt at peace and stress free. 

Again, do not visit alone because it's such a large place and you can easily get lost. Always travel with food and water when hiking or biking. Watch out for the professional bikers who use this as their training gym. 

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Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are all our own. 

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