Warm Welcome Home from Crabtree & Evelyn

Call me a rough around the edges guy or an old horse set in its ways...I don't get very excited about products.  I especially am not one to spend handfuls of money on items that, in my narrow minded opinion, I can purchase at Target or Wal-Mart for $1.99.  Call me cheap, thrifty, a typical man...whatever it may be; I am far from the stigma "Metro Sexual!"  You know the strapping young lad who must remove every ounce of hair on his body, has his eyebrows waxed, tans at a salon and spends $60 on a haircut every 2 weeks whether he needs it or not!  NO, NO!  I am not that guy nor are any of my buddies even though I am a middle executive for a Fortune 500 company.  Now, I am not saying those guys are bad nor throwing stones at expensive products, I am simply stating....I am a simple every day guy with not too many worries.  I enjoy time with my family and friends, in a t-shirt and shorts, a beer in one hand and at BBQ chicken leg in the other.  Don't get me wrong, I can clean up with the best of them!

Last week, I came home from a business trip in New York, tired from travel, meetings and the time change.  To my surprise, I was greeted home with a box from Crabtree & Evelyn, makers of quality skin care products for both men and women.  When I opened the box, inside I received the makers West Indian Lime Shave Cream and After Shave Balm.  Alma, as she does with me, explained how she wanted me to take better care of myself, enjoy finer things in life and believed that I would truly enjoy these products.  This being a Father's Day gift from her and our Boys, it was a very nice gift and I was very appreciative.  The products were taken out of their boxes and placed on my side of the bathroom counter.

Monday morning arrived as the blur it normally does and without fail, I reached for my shaving supplies in the cabinet not thinking about my new gifts.  I shaved using my old faithful product line and looked over noticing the new products.  I decided, "Well, already shaved but couldn't hurt to try out the aftershave balm."  I pumped a few beads into my hand and applied it to my face.  There was a very refreshing feel to my face and visibly, just a nice clean glow to my skin.  No sting, no sharp cool sensation, no greasy or sticky feel; just a nice clean, refreshing feel. 

The next morning, I got up and started my routine.  This time, enjoying the balm I had tried the day before, I reached for the shave cream.  The product was very different from what I am accustom to where the cream expands 15 times the volume in my hand.  This was a very simple bead of cream almost like toothpaste but with a silky feel.  As I applied the cream to my face, it didn't lather as I was used to and I began to think that my shave was going to turn into a date with Edward Scissorhands.  I reached up with my razor and began my shave.  As I did, the thin layer of cream seemed to act as a lubricant between my face and the razor.  There was no tugging or pulling only a nice smooth glide.  I rinsed my razor and with very little effort the cream and facial hair rinsed away.  I have a very course beard where the facial hair sticks between the blades making it hard to get a close shave.  With my old product, I found myself spending more time slapping the head of my razor against the sink bowl than I was actually shaving.  This was not the case using the shave cream from Crabtree & Evelyn.  The end result was a very close shave, clean, smooth feel to my face and a clean razor.  I applied my new after shave balm and went about my day!

 A week has past and I haven't turned back to my old products....well OK, my razors are still the old faithful however I have turned a major corner in my life.  I am now looking into additional Crabtree & Evelyn products to enhance my shaving & skin care experience.  Guys, take it from a person who marketing departments hate because I can't be sold by claims!  This product is incredible.  Whether you are a self-proclaimed "Metro Sexual", a "Treat Myself to Quality" or just an "Average Joe" kind of guy, I truly suggest you try these products.

Crabtree & Evelyn has been selling quality skin care products since 1972, turning their brand into a luxurious experience for no more than other name brands you find at your favorite store.  With stores, outlets and retail partners across the nation, you are sure to find excellent products suited for your needs.  Shop online today at Crabtree & Evelyn and you will find quality products such as lotions, balms, shaving creams, bath and body soaps, fragrances and many other bed and bath supplies.  I want to thank both Crabtree & Evelyn and my dear wife for thinking of me and providing me with a new experience and a changed opinion of quality skin products...I am a new fan of your product!

Photos courtesy of Crabtree & Evelyn
This post written by Guest Writer and Chief Operating Officer, Tim Bosek - Field Trip Mom 
Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was exchanged for this review.  Crabtree & Evelyn were very generous in sending me both the shave cream and aftershave balm for my review at no charge.


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