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Planning for summer is important to secure memorable moments.  My family and I have been talking, planning and looking forward to exploring Southern California more this summer.  There are only thirty-five days until we are officially on vacation.  There is so much to do this summer that planning will be crucial to having amazing fun.  So far, we have our beach towels, swim gear and summer clothing ready to go at a moments notice.  The car has been serviced and new tires have been bought.  Now we have to pick where we will go.  There are a few places that we will re-visit and others that will be new experiences for all of us.  I wanted to share our personal list of places to visit and must see places this summer, here are just a few.

California Science Center - Lots of things to see and experience for kids. Keeping science on the mind during summer is helpful.  There are several exhibits that allow you to do hands on learning.  Don't forget the Space Shuttle exhibit.  
Discovery Science Center - This is located very close to Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm.  It is a great place to learn about the science of Hockey, smart food selections and has a dinosaur hunt.  Wear comfortable shoes because there is lots of walking.  You will need water too because the dinosaur hunt is outside.  Lots to see and explore.
Medieval Times - This is a show that engages the audience with knights in shining armor in a tournament and battle.  It is an experience that will promote questions and conversation about the Middle Ages.  There is so much to see and explore.  Costumes, food and tournament area  are all great for discussing what happened in the middle ages.

The Autry Museum - Enjoy panning for gold and learning about the Wild West.  The museum has many unique exhibits to see.  The kids will love the green room.  There they can ride a small mechanical horse and appear on a screen with scenes from a movie.  The museum has a small farmer's market on Saturdays with lots of yummy food. 
Knott's Berry Farm - You really need to get season passes for this fun amusement park to enjoy it all summer long.  It has lots of rides for all ages.  This summer new rides have arrived and some upgrades.  They have great shows, food and shops.  

Disneyland California - The parks are so large you will need a few days to see it all.  The parades and rides are so fun.  The lines during summer are long, so be patient and wear comfortable shoes.  I recommend that you try the Clam Chowder Bowl for dinner.  Don't forget to see the "It's a small world after all" ride.

The above is just a small list of fun places and things to do this summer.  They are places I have personally visited  and I highly recommend.  Now I am going to share with you a few places I want to see this summer.  Maybe  you will want to see them too:

The Bob Baker Marionettes - I want my kids to experience this fun show.  I was lucky during my childhood and my elementary school walked my entire class on a field trip here.  I have fond memories of this show and the whole day experience.

Forest Lawn Museum - I have heard wonderful things about their exhibits.  Looking forward to experiencing award winning exhibits.

California LEGOLAND - They just opened a hotel in the park.  I have heard many great reviews of the place and my kids have it on their must do this summer.

I will be sharing more of fun places and field trip ideas in future posts that will make your summer special and memorable. Sign-up to get updates and  be the first to know what is happening in Southern California.

Disclaimer: You must wear comfortable shoes and sunscreen. Have a happy summer.
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