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Disclaimer: Sponsored post. Esther Rock shares her families personal experience with the OG Dolls. Product Review. Our Generation Dolls story by Esther Rock guest writer.
Our Generation Dolls have met the mark for us. While both my daughters (ages 6 and 3) were excited to open the doll and accessories, my six year old was particularly smitten. This darling doll named Hally came into our lives when I could barely tell anymore what my daughter liked to play with. She had left the preschool toys behind and was ready for something new. This doll is perfect for this new stage she is in and I expect she will actively enjoy this line well into
her tween years.

The details are abundant with these dolls. The faces, hairstyles and outfits are adorable. The 18" dolls will certainly last long enough to be passed down to little sisters or kept for memories sake. Several dolls have a story to tell, which comes with the doll in a hard cover chapter book as well as props pertinent to her story. The Hally doll came with the book "One Smart Cookie", a gym class outfit, a functional backpack, paper report card, a doll sized yet functional notebook, fortune cookie with fortune, and a Chinese take-out box. The price point is excellent. Dolls start at $18.99 (doll only) and go up to $31.99 for the ones that come with a book and accessories. We also received the R.V. Seeing You Camper ($60 retail) which has all my daughter needs to go on many adventures with her new "friend". There are many other reasonably priced accessories available that little girls will enjoy picking out to extend play in many areas of interest. One improvement in the line I would like to see would be more ethnic choices in the dolls. There are Caucasian dolls with many different hair and eye color combinations. There are also Latina and African American inspired dolls. However, there is certainly room to grow in this area. The other small issue I have is that while the doll and most accessories are durable, items like the paper report card, paper fortune in the fortune cookie and the take-out box are likely to be things that get lost or ruined quickly unless used with care. My girls loved that they were part of the package though, because details make playtime more immersive.

A few more things that I am particularly impressed with was the fact that for every purchase, whether a doll, accessory set or an outfit, 10 cents will go to the charity Free the Children's Power of a Girl Initiative. This cause helps to provide an education for girls in developing countries. Also, Our Generation Dolls cares about the environment.
They use recycled and earth friendly materials in the packaging. Finally, the Our Generation website shows girls who are making a difference in their communities and beyond. This is a great teaching moment to share with my daughter and encourage her to dream of not just what she might become but what is possible to do right now!
 Our Generation toys can be found online on their website or at your local Target Stores.

OG website: http://ogdolls.com/
Target: http://www.target.com/p/our-generation-dolls/-/A-13426772

Guest Writer: Esther Rock is a wonderful mother of (2) beautiful girls. Her days are filled with  endless fun and love for family. She reads, crafts and cooks meals.  When she is not taking care of her family, she loves to take her family to festivals around town. Her goal is to continue to learn and experience new things in her community. She was great for sharing her personal experience and I want to say thank you. Esther thank you so much!
**Pictures were shared by Esther Rock and Our Generation.
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