Folk Art and Mexican food at Tio's Tacos in Riverside.

Tio's Tacos Restaurant in Riverside, CA offers great Mexican food and Folk Art. The combination of the two makes for a great family field trip. The owner, Martin Sanchez, has created a unique place for locals to come eat and enjoy art made from recycled bottles, wire, dishes, toys and other unwanted trash. We had heard about the place through a friend who recommended their tacos. 
Tios Tacos
We parked in the back and entered through the Art path. Immediately we were met by several pieces of recycled bottles made into walls. There was so much to see that it was impactful the minute we started the self-guided tour.  The art pieces outside share a common theme of "trash is in the eye of the beholder". 

riverside tios tacos
Tio's Tacos patio is a look into the mind of a creative person who sees possibilities and second chances.  As we walked through the place it was evident that the love of art lives here. Recycled bottles were turned into walls and hundreds of cans became large statues with the help of metal and wire. Broken tiles were repurposed and made into a church dome and so on. It was incredible to imagine that all of the materials were once on their way to the city dump?
folk art
We recommend that you visit with your family. Please be careful with the glass and do not touch any of the pieces, please. 
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